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Google Apps Script GitHub Assistant

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Manage your gas code with github/github enterprise/bitbucket/gitlab

Image from store Google Apps Script GitHub Assistant
Description from store Manage your Google Apps Script code with your favorite scm(github/github enterprise/bitbucket). Feature: - Push/Pull code between github and Google Apps Script - Sync your code to public/secret Gist - Works with "Embedded" scripts (Scripts that are bound to SHEETS, DOCS, and FORMS) - Create github repo, branch and file from Google App Script IDE - Show diff when pull/push - Support choose files to pull/push - Support commit comment when push - Support Github, Github Enterprise, Bitbucket and GitLab - Support two-factor authentication(only for Github and Github Enterprise) - Support directory(with slash in filename) - Support Github Organization, Bitbucket Team and GitLab Groups. - Google Apps Script native ui Attention: - The *Pull* is not work actually the same as Github, since Google Apps Script do not have revision info, the *Pull* will just fetch your code from github and OVERWRITE(not merge) to the project. - This extension do not use Google Drive API, so it do not need Google Auth, and can support embedded script which node-google-apps-script is not support. Changelog 4.0.6 - Use unicode icons - Highlight current repo Changelog 4.0.5 - Fix broken due to internal RPC update Changelog 4.0.4 - Fix broken due to internal RPC update Changelog 4.0.3 - Fix .gs pulled as .html Changelog 4.0.2 - Remove support for hosted GitLab Changelog 4.0.1 - Fix an undefined error when file not existed Changelog 4.0.0 - Add support for GitLab (the addition permission requested is for GitLab) Changelog 3.3.6 - Fix extension not work with AppsScript Color 1.0.1 Changelog 3.3.4 - Fix url issue in 3.3.3 Changelog 3.3.3 - Support corporate google apps account. Changelog 3.3.2 - Fix push/pull not work with embedded script. Changelog 3.3.1 - Fix GAS's PRC change. Changelog 3.3.0 - Support manifest file with a new config item. - Fix unexpected deletion when push to Github. Changelog 3.2.2 - Fix bitbucket connection error when there's too many repo. Changelog 3.2.1 - Bug fix. Changelog 3.2.0 - Add ignore file pattern option. Chaneglog 3.1.0 - Add an option to support change file type to sync(upload .gs file as .js). Changelog 3.0.3 - Fix login github with email not work. Changelog 3.0.2 - Fix dismiss link now work. Changelog 3.0.1 - Add relogin warn. Changelog 3.0.0 - Support bitbucket.org. - Show repo's full name (with user/organization) in dropdown list. - Support create repo under Github organization or Bitbucket team. - Fix create new branch from current branch. - Fix several minor bugs. Changelog 2.0.5 - Bug fix. Changelog 2.0.4 - Bug fix. Changelog 2.0.3 - Add star option when login. Changelog 2.0.2 - Fix delete files failed sometimes. Changelog 2.0.1 - Support create private repo from extension. Changelog 2.0.0 - Support file deleted and rename. Changelog 1.0.1 - Support use access token to login. Changelog 1.0.0 - Add Gist support. now you can sync your code to gist(public/secret). - To use gist, you must re-login to create a new access token which has the gist permission, or manually add gist scope in your current github access token. - Simple usage: select 'Using Gist' in repo dropdown list, and then select gist id in Gist dropdown list. Changelog 0.1.9 - make error message more clearly when try to create branch in empty repo Changelog 0.1.8 - change gwt call to newest version Changelog 0.1.7 - fix minor bugs Changelog 0.1.3 - change github scope to 'repo' to support private repo Changelog 0.1.2 - fix bug: follow Github API's Link header to get all repos/branches

Latest reviews

  • (2019-11-04) Davis Jones: It's simple and reliable. Great job!
  • (2019-08-16) Simon Byrne: AMAZING! TAHNKS :)
  • (2019-01-14) Jean-Guy Avelin: very good tool. Works well and allows you to put your code on github (private repo). Too bad it's not originally proposed by Google.
  • (2018-12-15) Louis Thomas: Great app ! It will be better if there is a .gitignore, and can commit files with .html extensions for exemple.
  • (2018-11-19) hirory: こんなに簡単にgitの恩恵を受けられるとは!最高です!
  • (2018-11-16) Joel Balmer: So easy to setup, so clear how to use. Love it!
  • (2018-11-10) Christopher Webster: I love this app.
  • (2018-10-23) worked perfectly
  • (2018-06-28) Panos: AMAZING!!
  • (2018-06-18) sige matu: すごい 本当にすばらしい! Bitbucket利用ですが全く問題ありません。 ありがとうございます。
  • (2018-06-12) Vincent H: Super tool, bravo et merci!
  • (2018-04-22) Totally cool tool. Thank you very much for putting this together. Works like a charm with BitBucket.
  • (2018-04-15) SHIVAJI BODKHE: waww
  • (2018-04-02) Hernán de Soto: Amazing tool. Google should reward this user and implement it as a default in their IDE to be taken more serious. Also in their Github you can see that the developer is very active when bugs appears. Thank you!!
  • (2018-03-07) どっかのげんちゃん。: 一回使い始めたら手放せません。 大変素晴らしいツールをありがとうございます。
  • (2018-02-27) Jeff Ereau: Simple et puissant, on se demande comment on s'en est passé jusque là. Rend le dev Google Apps Script de plus en plus pro.
  • (2018-02-11) Manoj Kumar Bhagat: nice
  • (2018-01-31) Alan Wells: I'm using it to push/pull private repos to BitBucket. This tool has saved me a lot of work, and made my life easier.
  • (2018-01-22) Asim Boruwa: This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!
  • (2017-12-15) Pierre - A. Tomson: Ajoute une fonctionalité qui devrait être presente de base sur google script
  • (2017-11-06) Jeff M: This extension is so useful it hurts! A GREAT extension.
  • (2017-10-11) Andrew Roberts: Fantastic extension! I can finally easily get my Apps Script into Github.
  • (2017-10-04) brenden adamczak: This is the best extension on the store. It make writing google app script possible. The only thing that i wish could happen is if you could mark a files that you never want to be pushed. Just like how gitignore files work.
  • (2017-05-26) Jordan Rhea: Great tool that I have been needing!
  • (2017-03-07) Kris Hogh: Love it! Thank you thank you thank you! Can I donate?

Latest issues

  • (2019-10-29, v:4.0.6) Jonathan Wolter: Isn't working today - gitlab
    Shows error `Failed to get user info.` Also Chrome console is showing this error, which looks may be related. Tried authenticating via API and user/pass to gitlab. Cross-Origin Read Blocking (CORB) blocked cross-origin response https://gitlab.com/api/v4/groups?per_page=25&private_token=[redacted] with MIME type application/json. See https://www.chromestatus.com/feature/5629709824032768 for more details.
  • (2019-10-26, v:4.0.6) César Augusto Gómez Rodríguez: Complemento no realiza "push"
    Desde hace un par de días he estado teniendo inconvenientes con el complemento; y sucede que al momento de hacer PUSH de mi proyecto aparece el mensaje "undefined" en la parte superior de la pantalla.
  • (2019-09-16, v:4.0.6) Bendegúz Kovács: Does not push all files to github
    I have a Google Apps Scripts project with 8 .gs files inside. I set up the extension and tried to push everything into a new repo. However, only 5 of the 8 files made it to the repo, and I cannot seem to push the rest. When I click push code I see 'everything is already up to date'. If I edit something in one of the files which are uploaded, I can track and push changes, but if I edit the 'left out' files, nothing happens.
  • (2019-06-12, v:4.0.6) Rene De Beer: Organization repos
    Does plugin support repos of organizations linked to a github profile, can see my public and private repos, but not my Organization's repo?
  • (2019-05-22, v:4.0.6) Andy Matodzi: EXTENSION NOT PICKING UP MY GIT PRIVATE ACCOUNT
    Hi, can it be used to pull/push private repos to github as well? It seems as if the extension can't read those
  • (2019-05-15, v:4.0.6) Peter Badinka: Unknown Error
    Google Apps Script GitHub Assistant stopped working - Unknown Error.
  • (2019-02-12, v:4.0.6) Nishant Srivastav: can we create chrome extension using google app script?
    can we create chrome extension using google app script?
  • (2018-11-27, v:4.0.5) Cannot login with Bitbucket
    Hi, I installed the tool, but during login page under bitbucket, it keeps saying Can not login, please check your username and password. Im 100% sure the credentials are correct. Is there some sort of issue currently that is preventing from login?
  • (2018-11-14, v:4.0.5) Is there an user manual?
    Hi, thank you so much for the extension. I have just installed it and logged in with my GitHub account, but I cannot see any new button of the extension in the screen. How can I start using the extension? Thank you very much
  • (2018-08-29, v:4.0.4) Pull issue
    Hello Thank you for your plugin I updated all files via my ide (idea), & when I try to make a pull, I get a red flag : Update file failed Is there a solution to solve this problem ?


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