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Description from extension meta Show URLs when you hover over links into a webpage.
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Description from store This extension will show up the url of the link you're going to click. You are probably asking yourself why this extenions was made for...well this, believe it or not, were made because modern browsers like Google Chrome are going to hide at the most the status bar of the url you're going to click. So i hope with this that you're going to know more where are you going to surf to. But this extensions will not end up here, we're going (yes, this is not only my idea) to add some more nice features, so don't forget to come visit this page. Thanks for trying, as always comments or suggestions are appreciated :) CHANGELOG: - 0.3: Add support for target=_blank links. Updated libs and more. - 0.2.2: the tooltip was not shown correctly on mouseover. - 0.2.1: updated to work with latest versions of Chrome - 0.2.x: more to come :) - 0.2: As promised here's the first update with some new nice features like: - Now you can set the tooltip to be viewed also as a statusbar (with configurable position) or keep it as a simple tooltip - Added a timeout to the tooltip to be shown - First SEO Tool: Domain Highlighter (to understand better if you're are going to surf into the same website or not). - 0.1: First initial version. Links are shown up on mouseover. SOURCE-CODE: https://github.com/julianxhokaxhiu/chrome-link-revealer THANKS TO: - Simone Righini, http://www.goatseo.com, The inventor of the idea - Luca Conti, http://www.patonza.net, Support for some next features that will come
Latest reviews (2019-10-26) Dougal Merchant: This extension does exactly what I need it to do and that is highlight high level domains of a link to prevent possible spoofing on web pages. A great product! Thank you very much. (2019-06-27) Aaron Brand: Chrome URL preview became buggy on my extended monitor. I didn't realise how much I relied on the preview until it wasn't there. But this little extension has returned it reliably on both monitors with the added bonus of having the display in my line of sight, as well as the domain highlighted (in choice of custom colour). You just made my day! (2017-06-19) Russell Sereno: Failed the 1st test. (2016-12-31) Alec Brown: Does what it says which is perfectly fine but wondering if you couldn't add a feature to indicate if the link has been followed too? The reason I'm looking for this function is that links originate now from many things other than basic text and thusly have no indication of A) Being a link to follow and B) Indicating if that link has been followed already or not. (2015-11-30) Boyko Yordanov: Does not show properly utf8 (cyrillic) urls. (2015-10-26) Burak B: it does not reveal what bit ly adress is going to what real url must show the real url (2015-08-05) Jas Jean: Perfect Thank you!! (2015-04-28) Gary Aspinall: Great, would give 5 stars if I could choose the width of the tooltip. (2015-03-10) Slava Syrota: Отлично работает. Весьма удобно. (2015-01-10) Kenny Vee: Just recently for me, Chrome stopped showing URLs reliably. Sometimes they show up when I hover over a link, other times they do not. This has solved that problem. If there were more options to change the look (width and window color), I'd give it five stars. Since I'm stuck with a gray window that can get kind of tall with long links (and have no idea how to find the stuff that someone else has mentioned changing to customize the extension for themselves), I give it four stars. (2014-12-10) I need to see links, this app just do it. Nice piece of work... thanks a lot... (2014-10-17) Samuel Tremblay: I spend a lot of time on the web searching for many things about my job and I'm always interested by the source of hyperlinks that I find. This extension is simple but it do the job nicely and this is exactly what I want. Thank you! (2014-10-11) Paul B.: I'd like to see a more transparent tooltip rather than the current heavy brown. But the tooltip is showing while hovering over even normal links, so I am uninstalling. (2014-09-20) Darko Aqua: Edit: Thanks to Marcus Viar's tip, I also modified CSS rules to make it wider. Excellent & Fast extension, highly recommended. (2014-04-09) Davide Jeffer Pasqualato: Almost perfect ... let see if they get my suggestion and this will change to the top rate! Thanks! I really missed this easy and fast way to check links! (2014-03-10) Imre Nagy: Thank you! This is something that Google should build back as a core feature. It's really bad that we have to use extensions for it... (2014-03-05) D.M.J. March: Looks fine, new google took this away (??!!?) in an age where online security is an issue already ? Why would google even do this, should be great for this extension tho ;) Hope its not tracking every link I visit :P (2014-03-03) Lionel Tilmont: You've saved my life as Chrome was no more showing URLs at the bottom ;) EDIT: it is messing with my extension Hoover Zoom somehow... (2014-02-27) Emmanuel Gessler {old account}: Very Good and very clean. Really like it! (2014-02-25) Rob Fuller: Great! After the update to version 33, Chrome is no longer showing link URLs at the bottom of the window, but this app has replaced that functionality. (2014-02-24) Michael Phillips: Works Perfect Version 33.0.1750.117 m (2014-02-23) Marcus Viar: Works Great! Mostly, I made a few changes to my copy. I changed some of the CSS rules in jquery.qtip.min.css to make the tooltip background white (easier on the eyes). In the options I set it to display the tooltip in the top right of the page. But ran into problems with links in the top right of the page being covered by the tool tip so you can't click them. My solution was to edit script.js to turn the tooltip off when you hover over the actual tooltip, then turn back on when you move your mouse away. Overall, it's a great replacement for when Chrome's default URL in the status bar quits working. (2014-02-21) Konijn 2004: Does what the tin says, while looking good. (2014-02-12) Bernhardt Lauerhart: Excellent app, this saved my butt after the URL hover status bar in chromium got all screwed up and refused to show up anymore thanks to an ill-advised update to the newest version which i did. Since the tooltip function can be disabled too this app will essentially replace the old hover bar in the lower left corner for me from now on. (2013-11-19) Allan P. Soares: Great, thanks.

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