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Description from extension meta Allows you to make specified domains STAND OUT or DISAPPEAR from Google Search results.
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Description from store Changelog 1.0.11 bugfix 1.0.10 improved performance 1.0.9 far more efficient and now compatible with Firefox 1.0.6 syncing is working again (SSL'd connection to sync server) 1.0.5 updated to support new version of Google Search 1.0.4 added support for https://encrypted.google.com/ 1.0.3 significant performance improvements 1.0.2 added support for Google Instant About Google Search Filter This extension is mainly targeted at developers who run API or problem focused searches over and over again. There are usually a handful of sites whose results we prefer, and a handful of sites whose results are poor or worthless. Google Search Filter allows you to specify (in developer-friendly fashion) sites whose results you would like see highlighted and sites whose results you never want to see. In case you use multiple installations of Chrome, this extension allows you to sync your configuration across all installations. Here is a sample configuration: # Make these domains stand out in results +en.wikipedia.org +stackoverflow.com +github.com +api.rubyonrails.org # SPAM - never show these results experts-exchange.com The extension will ask for permissions on all sites because the current Chrome extension manifest doesn't allow us to ask for permission only on google.* (so that the extension works internationally). To avoid littering the GUI with buttons, the Google Search Filter button only appears when running searches on Google. THIS EXTENSION IS IN NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH GOOGLE
Latest reviews (2019-09-22) Stefano Maroni: Al momento - settembre 2019 - l'estensione funziona perfettamente. Posso evitare che nelle mie ricerche compaiano i soliti siti pieni di fuffa generica e quelli che vorrebbero che disattivassi adblock (legittimo per loro impedirmi di procedere, legittimo per me evitare che mi riempiano le pagine di ricerca). (2019-08-16) Warmuser: Finally! These extension works perfectly!!! It's Amazing for occulting some annoying websites on the Google search pages. (2019-08-01) 半仙: Best filter ever. (2019-06-26) Miguel Ángel Palacios González: Últimamente no funciona. La desinstalé, la volví a instalar y no me deja acceder a la configuración, me aparece como sombreada y no me deja pinchar en ella para configurar los dominios a resaltar (2019-06-26) leepton hais tee: finalmente grazie a questa estensione riesco a omettere dalla ricerca i libri , alibaba, ecc eccezionale per me (2019-05-13) Snow Man: Works exactly as described. Brilliant way to stop sites you never want but always see in the search results. (2019-05-07) Jeffrey Miller: Doesn't actually work. Just lets you set permissions for what sites it can read results on, there's no actual way to open and customize your filters. (2019-03-26) Malachi Davis: Only rating because I can't ask a question without doing so. I can highlight search results with + but can't seem to filter out any results. I have tried different combinations of # SPAM, -, spacing and anything else I can think of. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! P.S. I'd gladly give this Extension 5 stars if the filter out function works. (2019-03-16) Vitalijs Komarovs: Есть пара неудобств, но всё работает! 1. Окно открывается только на странице поиска, на конкретном сайте не откроется. 2. Заблокированный вами сайт всё равно будет появляться в шапке поисковой страницы. Поэтому, я просто прибил шапку при помощи AdGuard. Немного неудобно, но буду надеяться что плагин разовьётся и научиться фильтровать и шапку. (2019-01-23) Karios Kasra: Helpful in filtering out notoriously garbage websites from search results. Google abandoned their version but this one works better. (2019-01-04) Varion Piggichon: It's not filtering out even though I did as shown. (2018-10-23) Giuseppe Pergolesi: In realtà non nasconde i siti non voluti ma si limita a colorare lo sfondo di verde! (2018-10-03) Илья Старков: Блок не работает (2018-09-26) Jessee Meadows: Really useful for filtering out domains that you would typically ignore at the top of search results. (2018-09-12) fuwa foowa: Love it. (2018-07-14) Hominida Vida: La utilizo mucho, es realmente útil. (2018-07-14) Javier López Comesaña: Funciona. Ya no tengo que utilizar el absurdo recurso del signo (-) para filtrar dominios abusivos. (2018-05-29) Евгений Закаржевский: Согласен с предыдущими отзывами. При нажатии на кнопку расширения под ним появляется белое окно, и начинает дергаться влево-вправо. Дальше ничего не работает. (2018-05-24) David Bleiler: great (2018-05-23) S K: При нажатии на кнопку расширения под ним появляется белое окно, и начинает дергаться влево-вправо. (2018-05-23) Алексей Лончаков: При нажатии на кнопку расширения под ним появляется белое окно, и начинает дергаться влево-вправо. Дальше ничего не работает. (2018-05-18) John Weiss: Broken. When i open toolbar button, it just blinks endlessly. Doesn't work. (2018-05-05) Randy Henry: The extension is greyed out and so is the Options menu on my Google Pixelbook. I can't add any sites to the extension rendering it worthless. (2018-04-29) Ben Lawson: Could not add any search criteria, which is the whole purpose of this extension! I guess it's just to put another icon in your bar to look pretty? (2018-04-16) Fitlete Nation: Works amazing. By far the best search filter extension you can have. You can have multiple search profiles to which makes it possible to hide or highlight different sites depending on what you are looking for. It saves a ton of time when you can avoid specific sites that might sit high in results from traffic and SEO optimizations.

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