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Postlight Reader - Clear away the clutter from all of your articles. Instantly.

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Description from store The Postlight Reader extension for Chrome removes ads and distractions, leaving only text and images for a clean and consistent reading view on every site. Features: - Disable surrounding webpage noise and clutter with one click - Send To Kindle functionality - Adjust typeface and text size, and toggle between light or dark themes - Quick keyboard shortcut (Cmd + Esc for Mac users, Alt + ` for Windows users) to switch to Reader on any article page - Printing optimization - Sharing through Facebook, Twitter and Email

Latest reviews

  • (2023-09-25) Mark K.: Some websites resist when the user opens them as pages to read. In particular, the site begins to display text that is not what is visible on the site page. Sait shows useless "garbage" text. This is veiled trolling, social engineering to force site visitors to open its page along with junk advertising and spying trackers. This application does not know how to deal with this, and therefore is often completely useless.
  • (2023-09-21) Zoran M: Good to simplify reading on Chrome, but for Kindle it needs more work. You need to be able to have the title at least. Now it's just one long random number. Is it possible to save the parsed document elsewhere and us it with other readers?
  • (2023-08-29) Pat MySecret: Primarily geared to Kindle Users. Extension updated Updated March 2, 2023 Light/Dark, Font, Text Size options. Ben, it works in a standard sense, but I don't use Kindle which is it's main purpose.
  • (2023-08-28) Natali Natali: Задумка хорошая, но при открытии сайтов приходится нажимать на расширение чтобы оно работало...автоматически не запускает
  • (2023-08-17) Matt Wilson: Doesn't work on Edge or Chrome. Bummer. I click the icon and the icon goes dark. I right click the icon and select "Open in Postlight Reader" and nothing happens. And I see no troubleshooting or FAQ on the developer's site.
  • (2023-08-10) Benuel Ganesan: Send to Kindle feature is showing the document now as "anonymous", random numbers as title and for a single article a "table of contents" feature. Not sure why.
  • (2023-07-31) Adolfo Grosso: How to switch to dark mode?, I can't find that option Cómo se cambia al modo oscuro?, no encuentro esa opción.
  • (2023-07-13) Tiago Cazali Magalhães: PERFEITO!!! Essa extensão é ótima para ler textos ou qualquer outra coisa na internet sem ser perturbado por anúncios. Recomendo 100% é simplesmente perfeita! Parabéns!
  • (2023-07-03) Dani: app doesn't work, button doesn't work.
  • (2023-06-22) Dory Helio: Excelente!!
  • (2023-06-09) School “School” School: half the time the button doesn't click
  • (2023-06-05) Walter Kovacs: Задумка красивая, но реализация не удалась. Вот, к примеру, статья на этом сайте https:// medum.ru/izoniazid-tabletki (уберите пробел после // при переходе). Тут приложение создаёт одну небольшую страницу для чтения, а весь остальной текст пропадает без возможности перехода к нему, только если отключить само расширение совсем.
  • (2023-05-26) Leona Dorothy: Sadly, this doesn't seem to work anymore. Doesn't matter what site I try to use it on, it only shows a white screen -- no text.
  • (2023-05-01) Сергей Петриков: Из плюсов - вместо белых букв на ченой странице теперь можно получить внятно читаемый текст на светлом фоне, без бокового меню, да и шрифт крупнее и четче Из минусов - иногда пропускает часть страницы и нет навигаци, чтобы перейти на следующуу страницы надо закрыть расширение, перейти на след страницу и опять включить ( Linux Mint Crome )
  • (2023-03-30) Chris Vydas: 7 megabytes!? What in the world made this extension 100 time larger than all the extensions in the webstore... Severely bloatware.
  • (2023-03-13) Ádám Bagaméri: Displaying a page translated with Google Translate in the reader because it only knows the original
  • (2023-02-18) Chris: Data privacy feels very loose, and access must be granted to all websites. You must read an additional "Postlight Reader Terms of Service" to begin using the extension.
  • (2023-02-05) monkey: اضافة جميلة جدا وكاملة ومجانية
  • (2023-01-30) Tech Mode: A very important addition when reading articles and the most important thing is to read in dark mode.
  • (2023-01-18) Othman Djuliarso: It works. Opens in postlight reader is great. HOWEVER, after closing the postlight reader, the original site's format is broken. Need to refresh after everytime I close the postlight reader to see the original format.
  • (2023-01-07) Debjoy Chakraborty: Send to kindle feature is great, thanks for that
  • (2023-01-05) Matthew Lowery: Good but I wish it would sync with the browser's light or dark mode.
  • (2022-12-18) Evgeny: It works, but you need to refresh a page after install this extension
  • (2022-10-28) Cindy Bahl (Cindy): Used to love it but over time it became less functional and more buggy. I use browsers Chrome and Brave.
  • (2022-10-26) Raúl Sevilla: Muy útil. Es una funcionalidad que tendría que tener Chrome de forma nativa (como ya la tiene Firefox)
  • (2022-10-25) Andrzej Cedro: It is my favourite extension for Chrome. After years of not using it, I use it again when I have Kindle App on my android reader. It will be fine to have the same application with "send epub to" my PocketBook, "send PDF to" ... etc. I will check how it works on ChromeBook and maybe on Chromium on Raspberry Pi.
  • (2022-10-19) Cameron Harvey: I don't usually write reviews at 3:00 in the morning but i really love this extension for reaserach and school.
  • (2022-10-18) EpicKeyz Music: Loved it! Please, add Cyrillic sans serif support. Thanks!
  • (2022-10-01) KZO 999: This extension is almost perfect, but have a bug and is incompatibility with the others extension, please resolve that or include things like a highlighter, translator and notes. Thanks!
  • (2022-09-29) Hugues Doillon: Dommage il n'y a pas de liste de domaine pour activer toujours l'extension
  • (2022-09-20) Dmitriy Relax: Chrome. Всё было отлично 2 недели, потом перестал работать, переустанавливать пробовал
  • (2022-09-20) Jenny Kung Stoldt: Doesn't work, like everyone else is saying. Nothing happens when you click on it. It might have worked at some point in the past....
  • (2022-09-19) ripp: Mercury Reader was the best extension in the World! It not only presented the text in an easy to read manner it also allowed me to read For Pay articles. I got an update yesterday to Postlight Reader that wasn't the English version. I removed and downloaded the English version but did not help. It does not do anything. I click and click but nothing happens. PLEASE ALLOW ME TO GO BACK TO MERCURY READER.
  • (2022-09-19) Chris F: This stopped working on my Chromebook!
  • (2022-09-19) Gambit Cavalcante: Eu adoro essa extensão, ela facilita demais minha vida, porém, parou de funcionar.
  • (2022-09-19) Martin Schülbe: War mal gut. Seitdem es nicht mehr "Mercury Reader" heißt, funktioniert es nicht mehr
  • (2022-03-22) Caio Lucas: ajuda de mais, otimiza muito o tempo
  • (2022-03-21) Norah Kay: Way better than googling something and clicking on an article that has an insane amount of ads and even more pop ups.
  • (2022-03-16) Rommus Choi: 요즘 눈이 안 좋아져서 뉴스 같은 거 보는데 문제가 많았는데 이 앱하고 screen shader라는 앱을 같이 사용하니 한결 보기가 편해졌습니다. 좋은 프로그램 만들어줘서 고맙습니다.
  • (2022-03-04) Ayush stark: when i use its send to kindle featue, i dont get the article directly into the kindle, i have to verify it everytime from my email even though i have added (mercur[email protected]) to my approved emails in kindle settings
  • (2022-02-16) Naomi Colvin: Too few options for page color and typography, plus the comically oversized header that covers four lines of text and makes it impossible to use the page down key, makes this largely unusable, which is a shame as it works on more sites than instapaper text, which is far superior in looks and usability but hardly ever can access the site I'm actually looking at
  • (2022-02-15) H C: http://www.ftchinese.com/,it's not working 。
  • (2022-02-08) BlueXky: works very well
  • (2022-01-31) No 1: Excellent tool, making articles easier to read and analyze.
  • (2022-01-27) Vince Aggrippino: Mercury Reader also removes images that are part of the content.
  • (2022-01-17) Suryakant Singh: world best web page reader extention.... i like it and gives 5 star...⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • (2021-12-15) Salvatore Maniaci: The reader is great, but it can only be activated twice per refresh. Click one - turn it on - good Click two - turn it off - good Click three - turn it on - good click four - turn it off - formatting gets messed up on page; must refresh
  • (2021-11-07) Тимур Миннигалиев: Не работает. Пытается переключится, но то картинки только грузит, то только текст. То совсем соседнюю ссылку открывает. Выключены все блокировщики. Яндекс браузер
  • (2021-10-29) Александр Иванов: Увы, на странице с открытым FB2 в Яндекс.Браузере так и не завёлся. Хотя, вряд ли разработчик ориентировался на Я.Браузер.
  • (2021-10-11) Scott Rod: I can't consider this plugin for reading tech articles. It completely strips out developer code blocks. Firefox's native reader also suffers from this. Also, the images would be better presented as block instead of inline.


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