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This extension applies various tweaks to the github pull-request code review pages.

Image from store Pretty Pull Requests (Github)
Description from store This extension will add various features to the diff view on Github's pull request pages. Supports both files changed and commit diffs. Current Features: - Click on the file name to collapse a file, or collapse from bottom up via an added button - Collapse/Expand all - Collapse/Expand all that match a regex pattern - Collapse/Expand added/removed lines - File tree view allowing you to collapse a directory, or jump directly to a file diff - Github Enterprise Support (set your URL via right-clicking the address bar icon, and going to 'options')

Latest reviews

  • (2018-03-06) Adam Short: Works well, would be nice if right clicking the diff folder wouldn't expand the folder, should only be left click that does it.
  • (2017-12-07) Gord Allott: works once in a blue moon
  • (2017-01-09) Colin Ross: Great extension! Would be nice to be able to expand or minimise all diffs at once as sometimes I want to see them all without having to click to expand each file.
  • (2016-11-04) Tan Duong: No longer work for recent version.
  • (2015-04-18) Roman Gromov: Why this is missed on GitHub? Must have feature..
  • (2015-04-10) Staffan Eketorp: doesn't seem to work
  • (2013-08-19) Chris Daviduik: This extension is the Boardwalk of Monopoly!
  • (2013-05-06) Jesse Redl: Should be part of the base pull request on git hub...
  • (2013-04-22) Graham Holtslander: I use it almost every day. Super.
  • (2013-04-21) Graham Holtslander: Very very handy extension. I use it every day!
  • (2013-04-19) Jason Coutu: Yes! GitHub Pull requests will never be a code review tool, but this makes pull requests usable for non-trivial changes.

Latest issues

  • (2017-01-30, v:2.10.3) Filename changes
    The tree-view is awesome, precisely what I was looking for, but I noticed a minor bug: When long filenames are changed, the tree view includes the 'arrow' and both filenames (new and old), that transforms all filenames and folder names into `...`, even though there is a lot of space in the window...
  • (2017-01-17, v:2.10.3) Tim Hockin: Collapse doesn't show up for some files
    I can't pin down which files or why, but I only get the collapse button for some files. Clicking the file name renders very badly for other files.
  • (2017-01-09, v:2.10.3) Adam Tourkow: Collapse All
    Would love a "Collapse All" button to do just that!
  • (2016-10-24, v:2.9.0) Brad L: Not working on GH Enterprise?
    Extension lights up, but files don't seem to collapse. no file tree mentioned in overview. Etc. Just doesn't seem to actually work. Is there additional documentation?
  • (2015-09-11, v:2.5.0) John Foulkes: Collapsing broken
    The collapsing of text files seems to have broken on the latest version of github enterprise
  • (2015-08-17, v:2.4.0) Kristopher Williams: Broken URL
    the developer website URL is broken in the chrome webstore for the plugin. I 404's on http://yatser.github.io/prettypullrequests/ Just wanted to let you know.
  • (2015-03-31, v:2.1) Jonathan Langevin: Add support for ignoring whitespace
    Github supports adding ?w=1 to the URL params of a PR or a diff, so you can ignore whitespace. It would be great if you added a toggle to the page to turn whitespace on/off (which would simply reload the page with the URL param removed or added).
  • (2015-03-26, v:2.1) Tim Hockin: Looks great, why the wide permissions
    I really want to use this extension, but the "all data on all websites" permissions scares me away. Why does it need to be so broad?


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