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Description from extension meta Extends the developer tools to debug form fields on the page. Creates a panel to debug all forms. Export form states to JSON.
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Description from store Developer Tools Extension panel to debug form elements for an inspected page. This extension creates an additional panel in the chrome developer tools to show a running list of form inputs and current values. Useful for debugging form data elements. View hidden form fields, dropdown values, checkboxes etc as well as inputs and textareas. * View/Edit form elements as they are changed. * Save/Load all form data for a page * Export and Import form data to JSON ------------- Releases ------------- v1.3.0 Updated U.I, renamed to form tools, as it is more than just viewing now. v1.2.0 Added Saving/Loading of form elements v1.1.1 Added Import/Export to JSON v1.0.9 Moved FormViewer from elements panel sidebar to its own panel for more screen real estate. v1.0.8 Fixed to work with later versions of chrome (using runtime over extension) v1.0.5 Added ability to edit values within sidebar, just click on value, change and press enter. v1.0.2 Initial Release - view only
Latest reviews (2019-06-06) Coding With Abdul Rehman: Not Working (2018-12-05) M. Blu.: It doesn't work. It send me in the chrome store. For better form-debugging look here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail//lmglffpnjekeloehgkamfdkhjonohblj (2018-09-07) Jesus: The button to use it doesn't appear in extensions bar (2017-10-24) Kostika D: Doesn't work. When I click it on the menu it just takes me to the chrome store. (2017-03-25) Ali Hurworth: Didn't work (2016-06-06) Raymond Holland: I always get "Something went wrong with attempting to initialize form elements on the page. Please close and than reopen the inspector to re-try." message. (2016-05-07) ギキ: I like it. BUT NOT SUPPORT winjs forms (2016-02-25) Ivan Gadea Saez: No funciona. (2015-05-28) Aaron Li: great form tool (2015-05-12) Aron Duby: if it worked it would be great, but it doesn't on win7 (2015-02-06) Erich Nascimento: Very useful! Show all fields from form. (2014-06-20) Keith Tyler: Broken. All it shows me is a facebook ping url. No forms or form data. (2013-07-08) Paul Reny: Neat! Thanks!

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