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Bitbucket Diff Tree

Description from extension meta Extension to display diff tree for Bitbucket
Image from store Bitbucket Diff Tree
Description from store Bring the DiffTree back from Bitbucket Server to Bitbucket Cloud v1.0.5: ---------- * Support showing code changes as a tree structure in the following pages: - Branches - Create pull request - View pull request * Allow enable diff tree extension permanently v1.0.6 ---------- * Allow collapse/expand the diff tree region v1.0.7 ---------- * Navigate to corresponding comment when clicking on the "new comment notification" area at the bottom right corner * Display diff tree when the viewer selects "ignore whitespace" v1.0.8 ---------- * Option to compact empty middle packages * Show diff tree on commits page v1.1: * Allow collapsing / expanding all folders * Fix for tab size and nasty css bug which breaks alignments v1.2: * Track files have been reviewed by clicking on the "..." icon on the left of the files v1.3: * Show new version indicator for Bitbucket Diff Tree v1.3.1: * Fix bug: Should navigate to the correct file based on the hash of the url (if any) v1.4: * Allow resizing the diff tree v.1.5: * Allow searching files and folders v1.6: * Unset the "reviewed" status of a file if its contents changed v1.7: * Allow filtering files by reviewed, unreviewed and commented statuses
Latest reviews (2019-08-29) Roman K: Спасибище огромное. Атласяны не смогли в UI, и Вы выручили) (2019-08-22) Igor Venturelli: This is very nice! Could have a dark/night mode to work fine with Dark Reader extension ;) (2019-06-17) Son Hoang: Thank you for writing this. It helps me a lot with huge PRs. (2019-04-16) Амаль Алтыбаев: Like годное расширение (2019-03-26) Wow, this is a huge improvement for code review. Must have if you use Bitbucket! (2019-03-01) Brandon: Doing what Atlassian seems incapable of doing. Thank you! (2019-02-18) Juan Carlos Rengifo: Really cool extension! (2019-02-15) 유재상: 아주 좋음 (2019-01-29) Phượng Nguyễn Duy: Very helpful extension bro :), Thanks a lottttt (2018-11-25) This is a very helpful add-on in my daily work. Thanks a lot! (2018-08-26) Kirk Sutton: I wish it would display what files have merged conflicts. (2018-08-14) Nathalie Lessard: Save my reviewer life! (2018-07-06) Сергей Белозёрцев: Первые впечатления положительные :) (2018-06-13) Sergej Logis: Makes Pull Requests review SOOOO much easier! 👍🚀 (2018-04-20) Wannes De Backer: Excellent (2018-04-13) Adam W: I rarely rate stuff, but this time, I have to. THANK YOU! (2018-04-06) arsalan ahmed: It only shows one file of the pull request and hides all the others. Its buggy. (2018-02-20) Thamaraiselvam T: Awesome, It makes my code review time so easy , Really love it. Thanks to developer <3 (2017-12-04) Leo Dujmov: KORISTI (2017-11-13) Aliaksandr Master: The best plugin in my chrome! helps me review code faster (2017-08-04) dan kocoj: This is an A+ extension for Bitbucket Cloud - as a former Bitbucket Server user it was driving me crazy that Bitbucket Cloud does not include a diff tree view (at least that I could find). (2017-06-08) Danh Vo: I have a commit with lot of files and changes. Normal Bitbucket loads up and slow down chrome in scrolling. But with this extension, it work fabulous because I can collapse and focus only on certain files. (2017-05-12) Great, but when a filename contains a '+' it gets changed by %2 and the file wont open. (2017-02-14) Brad Zeitner: Very nice - would be helpful if the tree floated and stayed on the screen as you scrolled down when reviewing large files. (2017-01-10) shuai zhang: Cool! It would be better if it include source structures!

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