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Better Pull Request for GitHub

Description from extension meta Add a file tree to GitHub Pull Requests
Image from store Better Pull Request for GitHub
Description from store Make GitHub Pull Requests better with a file tree view and other UX improvements - Browse pull requests with an IDE like file tree - Private repositories support out of the box - GitHub Enterprise support - Other goodies: review viewed files, resizable tree, expand to full width and more This is an open-source community project and is in no way affiliated or endorsed by GitHub. For suggestions, issues and contribution, see https://github.com/berzniz/github_pr_tree
Latest reviews (2019-10-11) Nathanie1: Nice addition to the toolkit (2019-08-28) Jordi Albarral: Great extension, it totally changes the Github PR experience. Good job guys (2019-08-27) Nicolas Klarman: A must have ! Thank you (2019-07-19) Denys Suievalov: Very useful (2019-07-08) Rowan Harrison: Great, absolutely needed for any efficient use of github's PR. (2019-06-30) Luong Vo: Excellent (2019-06-23) Ernest Suryś: Must have, cant say much else (2019-06-09) Cory Cunningham: Exceptional extension. Makes code review so much more coherent. Especially on bigger Pull Requests. (2019-05-15) bigwheel k: グレート。OctotreeがPRの画面でどうにも使いづらくてファイル選択のたびにページ遷移を起こすことに頭を痛めていたが、これがすべて解決してくれた。 (2019-04-26) Alex Wolden: Seems like a great tool, but I can't click on the filenames to go right to the file after I scroll down the page a bit. I have to scroll back up to the top to make the filenames clickable again. (2019-04-12) Art Z: Very helpful extension. It's really helps to review code. And now active file is highlighted. Maybe make not reviewed filenames bold? (2019-04-11) Andrew Meikle: Awesome stuff, love the dark mode and the diff stats! If the border around the file explorer could be dark too - then it would be perfect. Still a great tool! (2019-04-09) Armin Mahban: Really awesome! Bitbucket got it right with their file tree on the left and this extension gives github the same functionality. Some ideas: 1. Would like to see a setting for auto expand. 2. Bitbucket has already seen files in bold, and once they're clicked/scrolled past the file names are un-bolded. (2019-02-28) Hadar Grubman: I would love to see a checkbox for marking reviewed files (2019-02-26) Tim Hockin: Just started using it, but it seems better than the alternatives. I'd really like a way to configure defaults - e.g. always go to widescreen mode. (2019-02-14) Please Github, make this feature native! In the meantime this extension is amazing. (2019-01-25) very helpful for review efficiency and file context. (2018-09-11) Yijia Zhan: Day and night difference in code reviewing! (2018-03-27) Steeve P.: Time saver, god bless Tal ! (2018-02-12) Pedro Mass: Really helpful for reviewing pull requests, not so much at looking individual commits. For individual commits, it blocks out the commit message trying to show the tree. Bad PR tree. Bad. You can do better. (2018-01-31) Oliver Lassen: Great extensions when viewing PR's.

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