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Description from extension meta Restyle the web with xStyle, a user styles manager. With xStyle you can install themes & skins for many sites and create your own.
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Description from store Restyle the web with xStyle, a user styles manager. With xStyle you can install themes & skins for many sites and create your own. If this extension does not have the language you want, you can help us translate this extension on Transifex: https://www.transifex.com/sytec/xstyle/
Latest reviews (2019-06-08) Marko Gonchar: Please fix export to usercss, it doesnt work with my style at all. https://userstyles.org/styles/171511 (2019-02-20) Rainbow Warrior Princess: This is the best (and only) alternative to Stylish & Stylus when using the styles on userstyles.org! It is even compatible with freestyler.ws ! I switched to this extension because I had the serious bug in Stylus - but which can occur both in Stylus and Stylish - that all installed userstyles are gone after a crash of chrome (can also happen after an update of chrome - which happened to me with Stylish). https://github.com/openstyles/stylus/issues/278 Advantages of xStyle ************************ - XStyle can import saved json files exported by Stylish and Stylus (and can export of course too) so that all these userstyles are installed. Attention: Takes a while (no progess bar) after the userstyles appear in the overview of installed userstyles (Suggestion to add progress status or display "Please wait" message). - Has the special ability - in opposition to Stylish and Stylus - for configuring the installed userstyles comfortably via "Advanced" button without having to go to the userstyle site in order to change, respectively modify the configuration! The only feature I strongly miss: ************************************ A "Sort" button to sort the installed userstyles after either the installation date (newest first), update date (newest first) or alphabetically. (2019-02-07) 0ink super: 感谢开发者 提供云端备份的功能 对于美化强迫症来说简直了 (2018-12-05) lecx1205: 每次从xstyle更新tieba style都会出错,然后需要重新安装 (2018-10-18) Mohd Faizan: All Styles Gone :( Wasted hours of work (2018-09-08) Anwarul Islam: It is awesome <3 (2018-07-30) 梁上教授: 不支持修改字体https://userstyles.org/styles/100473/004-forcemyfonts-chinese-firefoxchromeie-catcat520 (2018-04-15) Therese Villemure: The best Userstyle Manager I've found so far. (2018-03-05) 吕邦华: 在userstyles网站没有安装选项,每次都提示安装stylish。。。 (2017-11-18) Carl Chang: Contains all useful functions provided by stylish with additional support for cloud sync. Perfect! (2017-11-02) 寒枫: 好用 (2017-09-04) YunSheng Huang: 我覺得很棒,已取代stylish (2017-09-04) 何駿傑: 感謝Firefox吧的維護 (2017-09-02) Itian Trad: 很好的擴充功能! (2017-09-02) 九天之羽: 我觉得泷涯退位后,可以对他执政生涯做个总结:一个为chrome写扩展的勤奋的吧主,在他当政期间,Firefox成功转型。 T吧:没想到你个浓眉大眼的 --吧奸回忆录 (2017-09-02) Zi Xerath: 很棒棒噢

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2019-03-08 / 3.1.2


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