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Redesign the web with Stylus, a user styles manager. Stylus allows you to easily install themes and skins for many popular sites.

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Description from store Redesign your favorite websites with Stylus, an actively developed and community driven userstyles manager. Easily install custom themes from popular online repositories, or create, edit, and manage your own personalized CSS stylesheets. Features * Versatility of theme installation options. Stylus supports installs from popular online repositories. Additionally, styles can now also be installed from .user.css or .user.styl URLs (see Usercss format documentation in our github wiki). * A backup feature for your entire database of installed styles which is compatible with other userstyles managers. * An intuitive and configurable automatic update function for installed styles. * A highly customizable UI, including theming, optional layouts, icon and badge color choices, along with many other tweaks. * Two different optional code validators with user configurable rules. Useful Links * Beta version: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/stylus-beta/apmmpaebfobifelkijhaljbmpcgbjbdo * Source code: https://github.com/openstyles/stylus * Video tutorial: https://youtu.be/fCVvGwoF5cQ * Chat room: https://discord.gg/tzXVNJz * Frequently asked questions: https://github.com/openstyles/stylus/wiki/FAQ * Technical bug report: https://github.com/openstyles/stylus/issues * General discussion and bug report: https://add0n.com/stylus.html#reviews * Localization: https://www.transifex.com/github-7/Stylus/dashboard/ Permissions Stylus uses only a small subset of each permission. As you can see in WebExtensions API documentation or simplified tutorials, there's no way to apply any modifications to a web page without gaining the full access permission to that page. Stylus is mostly used to apply global themes, which is why it requests a global permission. In the future we might be able to implement a more granular approach but it's not exactly trivial. * Read and change all your data on the websites you visit - required for the style elements to be added into the page, not to access any of your data. Privacy Policy Unlike other similar extensions, we don't find you to be all that interesting. Your questionable browsing history should remain between you and the NSA. Stylus collects nothing. Period. See https://github.com/openstyles/stylus/blob/master/privacy-policy.md

Latest reviews

  • (2024-02-12) santiago melcon: Muy buena pero cuando busco me aparece por
  • (2024-01-17) B TB: The last update (today, Jan.17th, along with Vivaldi update) broke it. Styles don't load, can't create a new style either (the link in the toolbar button dropdown menu is dead). Will update the rating when it's fixed. Thanks.
  • (2024-01-11) 小光尼リーロン: 感謝,我的YT和漫畫站,都多虧這個管理器,搭配很多人寫的各種CSS調整版面,整個簡潔舒服很多
  • (2023-11-20) Logan: This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT EXTENSIONS I'VE HAD EVER. They allow me to tweak websites, I used this for a 2013 YouTube layout transformation, I've made websites look a thousand times better, I've even wrote my own userstyles before (logan on userstyles world, id 430), basically if userstyles never existed, I wouldn't have as good as an experience on the internet I have now.
  • (2023-11-11) Kyomaku: super awesome! love that i can force dark mode onto any website i want. gone are the days where i have burned retinas by bright white websites!!
  • (2023-09-26) Levi Leitner (TheMasterOfEverything): I didn't understand it at first, but it's cool
  • (2023-09-20) 우히힝히: 가아끔 바로 적용안되서 뻘짓하긴 하지만 좋음
  • (2023-09-19) Michelle Glittermum: i dont know on how to get the styles but its confusing on how to open it and try to get it at the same time, i tried to watch the youtube video but it didnt help. if anyone knows how to do it please reply
  • (2023-09-09) j: It's awesome, very good, the best thing is that it doesn't collect your data too, unlike the other ones. Very simple to use too. 10/10
  • (2023-09-09) Enhar Mert Sevim: Uygulamaların arka planı değişiyo çok iyi tavsiye ederim
  • (2023-09-09) Among Us plushie videos and Hot Wheels: its hard to figure out how to get themes ngl
  • (2023-09-05) Rogelio Angulo: aplicación top, tema oscuro en las webs que no lo tienen
  • (2023-08-22) iky d feniix: para mudar a cor dos links visitados para vermelho. @-moz-document regexp(".*") { a:visited { color: red } }
  • (2023-08-13) G. Ryon': todo perfecto
  • (2023-07-15) Haydar Alyassery: wait how did you get in the page?
  • (2023-07-04) Krzysztof Łęcina: Absolutely perfect!
  • (2023-06-20) Vaingloriant: Goodbye Stylish, hello Stylus!
  • (2023-06-19) Joey: 完美替代stylish(臃肿怪异、晚节不保)
  • (2023-06-12) And raon: Отличное расширение для стилей, в опере устаревшее, если что, было раньше, сейчас не знаю.
  • (2023-06-01) Lee T.: great Stylish alternative, been using it for a while now
  • (2023-05-29) Leon Tang: 好用,满足了我的需求,还可以配合这个插件(Enhancer for YouTube™)一起食用,效果会更好。
  • (2023-05-19) Jesse McDonald: Everything Stylish use to be. It just lets you write offline CSS for pages, no hassle, no bother, no spam. Thank you for being a viable replacement when Stylish killed its self.
  • (2023-04-01) A W: Perfect extension for creating custom CSS quickly and painlessly, does everything I want it to do
  • (2023-03-25) Benjamin Huang: 在Chrome 111.0.5563.1111版中,Stylus1.5.29與Google MAP 衝突,請改善
  • (2023-03-19) V: Болели глаза от сраного Гугл Транслейта с выжигающе белым фоном. Сделал за 5 минут чёрным. Тупо установил расширение и там уже была готовая темная тема для ГТ, скачал и установил ее. Полёт нормальный.
  • (2023-03-18) Jovani Gómez López: Excelente opción alternativa al Stylish, gratis y mantiene el estilo antiguo de interfaz, pero mejorado.
  • (2023-02-22) Forums Stinkz: this is the go two extension for theming sites. solid 8/10 because there is some questionable themes ive seen. but overall good extension
  • (2023-01-31) g g: why did it download something on my laptop, i saw the download bar thing appear at the bottom but i dont see it in downloads or google downloads
  • (2023-01-26) Ian Pan: Best extension to add custom CSS. So glad this exists!
  • (2023-01-13) joao: funciona perfeitamente
  • (2023-01-07) Mohamed Alfalo: This is the extension to use if you want to add user CSS. I hope it stays the same.
  • (2022-12-16) InSync: The "URLs starting with" and "URLs matching the regexp" don't work. Everything else's fine though.
  • (2022-11-30) Alex Merrick: What an impressive extension, this has been very useful for our team that syncs together the CSS styling updates!
  • (2022-11-27) ლAixaლ: es muy buena, pero cuando pongo un stilo random me salta pono :/
  • (2022-11-16) Christoph Rackwitz: THIS is the extension to trust, even if it has fewer users. get educated about the history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stylish stay away from "Stylish", it was sold to some analytics/SEO company. they likely gather all kinds of data on your surfing behavior and sell it.
  • (2022-11-01) GGhireal#1: fixed the new youtube layout, thank you
  • (2022-10-31) Tomek tse: Experienced an accidentally crash then I lost all my userstyles.
  • (2022-10-31) Топпер Харли: Неплохо
  • (2022-10-25) boltzmann: I love this extension
  • (2022-10-23) somh z: Best Stylish replacement. Thanks!
  • (2022-10-19) Matthew Ventura: none of the styles work its just like stylish
  • (2022-10-18) Mik Urrey: Отлично скрывает рекламу, с которой не справляется АдБлок
  • (2022-10-17) David Esteban: stylish es una completa basura pero stylus es mejor porque no cobra como la basura de stylish
  • (2022-10-16) Sene Senethril: Used it to create a (free) dynamic dark theme as supplemental to "ChromeTabMouse".
  • (2022-10-13) rhubarbs: this is one of my favorite extensions, it's great for websites that don't have dark mode
  • (2022-10-12) Thaufiq Siraj Shaik: It was all fine until one day it started to make my YouTube very slowwww!!!!!
  • (2022-10-11) Jackson W: Amazing extension overall. Except I have just a single concern. Web exclusions dont work. When I try to get a theme for one site, for example, "instagram.com". It goes for other websites I visit. Overall, amazing extension. Will top Stylish with time if you listen to the community :)
  • (2022-03-20) Sa H97: Hello In Firefox, when I uncheck the show active style count option, again when I open the browser, this tick is there. This is a bug. Please correct it in Firefox
  • (2022-03-14) Joseph Kreifels II: I am a long time user of Stylish, and it has recently come to my attention that Stylish is now charging $4 a month just to let me write/use CSS. $4 is half the price of a Disney+ subscription. I am still the one writing the CSS, so $4 to use an extension is straight up robbery. They deserve nothing more than a one-time-fee of $1.99 Stylus works just as good. It's interface is a mess compared to Stylish, so I am docking 1-star.
  • (2022-03-10) KZMGareth: 不强制收费,不限制脚本数量,不窃取用户隐私,爆杀stylish。

Latest issues

  • (2018-08-21, v:1.4.19) chuiying Lin: chrome new tab most visited remove
    how to use stylus remove the most visited tab below? 怎么样用stylus去除搜索框下面的八个框框
  • (2018-08-18, v:1.4.19) No edit capability
    Since a day Stylus can not be edited anymore in Chrome. You can install it, but can't use it.
  • (2018-08-16, v:1.4.19) Karl Knapp: Could not communicate
    "Could not communicat­e with the page. Try reloading the tab. Stylus can access file:// URLs only if you enable the correspond­ing checkbox for Stylus extension on chrome://extensions page." I've looked in chrome://extensions and do not see the checkbox I am supposed check.
  • (2018-08-16, v:1.4.19) RMG: Перенос стилей из Stylish В Stylus
    Как это можно сделать?
  • (2018-08-11, v:1.4.17) OPENAPP: Add support ffor local domains
    .lan and .local pleas.
  • (2018-08-09, v:1.4.17) Peter Sunderland: Can't find the Things
    I can't seem to find the actual skin thingies. I'm not very smart so I probably overlooked them, but whereabouts are they?
  • (2018-08-09, v:1.4.17) oyun kurulamıyyor
    oyunu nasıl kurumalıyım
  • (2018-08-07, v:1.4.17) Drastic Pup: Can't skip ads on Youtube
    Ever since I got this and got the Fade+ skin for youtube, I haven't been able to skip ads.
  • (2018-08-04, v:1.4.17) Artūras Molčanovas: The extension button is not interactive on Linux
    The extension works perfectly on Windows (same browser version), but I can't get any of its menus to show up on Ubuntu 16's Chrome. Any thoughts why (or how I can obtain some debug output for you)? Version 68.0.3440.84 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • (2018-07-31, v:1.4.17) George McTavish: Auto Style on/off
    This is a question, but also a suggestion if the functionality isn't in the extension yet. Is there any way to have Stylus auto turn on Styles at a certain time? I mainly use light themes for websites in the day and dark themes at night time, so an option for this would be great, or even better to have it automatically do this based on sunset and sunrise in the users location. Thanks for reading.


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