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Superpowers for Twitter

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Mass follow, mass unfollow, mass like and mass retweet on Twitter with powerful options.

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Description from store = MASS FOLLOW = Follow all profiles from a scrollable list. It works on the followers, following, likes, retweets, list members/subscribers and search view. Mass Follow Options: Skip followed, Profile image required, Skip protected, Skip follower, Skip verified, Bio required, Pause when Twitter follow limit exceeded, Tweet language whitelist, Blacklist, Interval (seconds), Limit = MASS UNFOLLOW = Unfollow all profiles from a scrollable list. It works on your following view. Mass Unfollow Options: Mass followed required, Skip follower, Days followed, Skip verified, Blacklist, Interval (seconds), Limit = MASS LIKE/RETWEET = Like/Retweet all Tweets from a scrollable list. It works on the list and search view. It also works with the advanced search and saved searches. Mass Like/Retweet Options: Language whitelist, Interval (seconds), Limit = CAUTION = Please carefully read the Twitter rules and best practices. = CHANGELOG = Version 25 (2020-02-17) - Minor technical improvement Version 24 (2020-02-14) - NEW: Mass follow option "Tweet language whitelist" - Fix: Don't stop mass action when element is not rendered, instead try to continue with the next rendered element Version 23 (2020-02-06) - Fix: Mass follow was not working properly due to "Who to follow" profiles Version 22 (2020-02-05) - Mass follow works also on the "Who to follow" view - Ignore case in blacklists - Renamed to Superpowers for Twitter Version 21 (2020-02-03) - NEW: Mass Like - NEW: Mass Retweet - NEW: Mass follow from the search Top/Latest view Version 20 (2020-01-23) - Fix unfollow all button not visible for some users Version 19 (2020-01-21) - added follow option "Pause (minutes) when Twitter follow limit exceeded" Version 18 (2020-01-17) - Trying to fix "Unfollow all" button missing for some users Version 17 (2020-01-14) - added follow option "Skip verified"

Latest reviews

  • (2020-02-16) sceclients htf: Fonctionne très bien mais, manque des filtres super important comme le language, par sex et dernière activité. C'est dommage, les filtre déjà inclus sont pas mal mais faudrait plus de filtres. Je pense pas que ce soit très compliqué pour un programateur de rajouter ça. Svp faites nous plaisir et rajouté nous des filtres ;-)
  • (2020-02-10) 傳說Matteo: Best thing
  • (2020-02-10) ksa88 abc: ممتازة
  • (2020-02-07) Subin George: It's way too limited. Comes off as if made by money hungry ppl constantly trying to get us to upgrade to the "Pro" version
  • (2020-02-06) Danilo Sanches: this new update SU.CKS
  • (2020-01-18) Hulusi Benzer: did you delete my previous comment? i was happly using this for weeks and got +1500 followers end reached 2800 however today i was doing unfollow for people who didnt followed back in 24h and all a sudden my account got suspended and sms password reset does not work. i had to check my account from incognito mode and wth i was following ZERO people. my settings are; Interval (seconds) 15-120 random, Days followed (minimum) 1, Skip follower Skip profiles who follow you, Skip verified Skip verified accounts, Limit 50
  • (2020-01-01) Suhas Dhole: The 50 limit is quite annoying but its very fast and quit good unlike others
  • (2020-01-01) Unity Ninja: good
  • (2019-12-05) respect facile: Le seul qui fonctionne mercii !!!
  • (2019-11-27) Gerry Scimeca: Works great, but in last 2 days UNFOLLOW stopped working, so when looking at my list at people I'm following the only option I get is to FOLLOW... help!!
  • (2019-11-26) Glenn Sanders: a great extension! has helped me build followers consistently, and dev is highly responsive to bugs and problems. bought the pro version and it's worth every penny.
  • (2019-11-26) THE FASHION ICON: Can't unfollow the profiles which was mass followed. The unfollow option is not working.
  • (2019-11-26) Matt Moyers: Unfollow option no longer available. 50 cap is annoying altho refresh takes it away
  • (2019-11-22) Daniel Mingossi Mantovani: Parou de funcionar definitivamente no mês de novembro. Já fiz todos os ajustes possíveis aumentando o intervalo de tempo, mas não funciona mais.
  • (2019-11-11) Pierre Merlin: Switched to Pro after testing it for a few weeks - I use it to follow Tweepi list, works perfectly. Now I'm using it to grow my secondary account. Works well even though I wish for more filtering :)
  • (2019-11-04) 島袋由梨奈: つかえない
  • (2019-11-03) Chris Waites: Works perfectly for what I need it for, which is to follow a Tweepi list once a day. Seems most of the complaints are about not being able to follow hundreds of accounts in one go but Twitter have been cracking down on that for ages. You won't get an app developer who can stop Twitter blocking their functionality if they want. Just use it sensibly and it will work fine.
  • (2019-11-01) Real Name: This version absolutely sucks. 5 stars down to 1, I'm afraid. Not going to give you 18 euros. Ask for a more sensible price and people might pay it.
  • (2019-10-27) Alekhya Das: where is unfollow button? nothing shows up at all
  • (2019-10-20) halit uzan: hello all follow all button does not work on followers. Please update.
  • (2019-10-20) Jamal Rzayev: The extension is quite good and high quality, issues happen too rare. Very good author, responsible,, kind and operative. Strongly recommended!
  • (2019-09-20) porky porky: This extension doesn't work at all (whereasI had used successfully the extension for the old twitter). No pop-ups or menu features when I'm in the following or followers page.
  • (2019-09-20) 0_ ak9: nice
  • (2019-09-06) PrettiMoma Toyaaa: they should have an option where we can unfollow the inactives as well since were paying for it
  • (2019-08-31) Maarten Freriks: After 5 minutes my twitteraccount was blocked because of suspicious activity. Had to change my password. Maybe it is wise to change the default settings, so this doesn't happen to soon.

Latest issues

  • (2020-02-21, v:25) 傳說Matteo: Mass Like
    Hey, i was thinking about a Mass Like button where you can mass like all comments from a choosen tweet.
  • (2020-02-20, v:25) Jasmine Pena: Can't follow and unfollow accounts - Premium User
    Hi there, I am a personal VA of Scott Peterman. He availed your premium plan, good for one year, last October 30, 2019, under the email [email protected] However, I wasn't able to use it anymore for following and unfollowing accounts since it said that my activation key is already expired. When in fact, the availed plan should be for 1 year. I am hoping you could help me with this matter since I have to follow and unfollow accounts for him. Thank you so much!
  • (2020-02-16, v:23) Josh C: Can't follow people
    I don't know whats happening, after the extension got fixed I followed a bunch of people for 2 days and then after that I couldnt follow anyone else. I can't even load my full lists for some reason and it's been like this for over 48 hours now. I am no where near the 10% of my follower limit, this is a first for me.
  • (2020-02-14, v:23) Ahmed Khalil: Twitter timing out
    twitter times me out after 20 folllow for like 3 days
  • (2020-02-14, v:23) Juan Machado: Removing computers to be able to add to another
    Last time i tried it said it was being used 3/3 i need to remove it
  • (2020-02-14, v:23) Julian Woolley: activation key doesn't work
    I just purchased pro version but activation key is constantly showing blue circle rotating dots and never seems to activate the extension?
  • (2020-02-14, v:23) Spurce: different users
    Can I use the pro version on multiple chrome users?
  • (2020-02-13, v:23) Philip Ch: Extension doesn't seem to work anymore
    Hi I bought the pro version a while ago but today the extension doesn't seem to work anymore. The follow/unfollow button doesn't appear on Twitter anymore. Any updates coming to fix the issue?
  • (2020-02-12, v:23) The Academy Music Business: its doing it
    its still timing out like before
  • (2020-02-12, v:23) Ben Brami: Extension not working
    Hello, I go to an account and to followers but nothing happen. Not buttons appear. The extension logo is blue so it's activated but nothing is happening on Twitter... Could you help me? I tried everything I can
  • (2020-02-10, v:23) Miguel Valenzuela: how many people can you unfollow in a day?
    im trying to unfollow all the 20k+ accounts im following, so i can start from zero following the people i want to see. is that possible with this extension, and if so, how do i do it? do i have to do a certain limit by day etc?
  • (2020-02-10, v:23) 傳說Matteo: Mass Like
    Hello, could you please make a Youtube video and show how mass likeing works? Tahnks :)
  • (2020-02-09, v:23) danny wonder: Quick question
    Can i use this extension on my iphone
  • (2020-02-09, v:23) Chris McMullan: Mass Like
    Hi, I'm wondering what is the best way to use the new Mass Like function. i understand you can use it from the search screen but what is a "scrollable list"? Thanks
  • (2020-02-08, v:23) ashley andrews: Pro version
    I have the pro version and it will follow 20 accounts then stop
  • (2020-02-07, v:23) Aye Twinz: i had the pro version now its gone
    i had the pro version now its gone just trying to get it back
  • (2020-02-06, v:22) Clemens Teichmann: @Mass follow/unfollow currently not working properly
    We just released a FIX for the issue... Google is now reviewing the changes, unfortunately this can take up to 3 days... sorry for the inconvenience...
  • (2020-02-06, v:22) The Academy Music Business: timing out
    Every time we hit the follow button it follows a few then gives a countdown but hardly kicks back in and thats on verified accounts no normal accounts
  • (2020-02-06, v:22) Paul Jongen: AUTO FOLLOW no longer works correctly
    Hi, when on a page of Followers/Followings (in Google Chrome), your script starts to follow the 3 Suggestions in the right side panel, and not the Main Page. After those 3 it stops (because there are no more entries there). When I use Chrome's F12/INSPECT function and dynamically delete the contents of that right hand side box first, it works properly. Problem does not seem to appear in MS Edge. (I have pics, but cannot add them here)
  • (2020-02-05, v:22) Geoty Beo: Retweet/collection
    hey, retweet does not work in the collection https://prnt.sc/qy3kxj can you fixed?
  • (2020-02-04, v:20) kuroshiba cosplay: Local files
    Hi there, love your extension! I'm wanting to switch which computer I use the extension on, so can you tell me where to locate the local data so that I can transfer it from one PC to another? Thanks.
  • (2020-02-01, v:20) Mustafa Aydemir: Get Pro
    I can't buy pro key. I think about Paypal. Paypal not working at Turkey. Please contact with me. Add another payment way or give me free please...
  • (2020-01-27, v:20) İhsan Samet SÜZENER: indirme
    uygulama chrome'a eklenmiyor hata veriyor.
  • (2020-01-24, v:20) The Silverbeets: recent changes follow / unfollow
    Hi Mass Follow, The recent changes stop a user being able to go back to the follow or unfollow tab after you have followed or unfollowed users and then go to say your notifications and back to the follow unfollow section. What this means is that you completely have to refresh your page which measn you constantly start right back at the beginning of your follow unfollow page. Which really is frustrating and time consuming. Otherwise I have had no issue using this extension, it works well.
  • (2020-01-23, v:20) Zet Main Email: Error
    Hi i buy the extension. The serial is 3ab552ed-3ed2-4dba-80b6-3cf66106a294 i change of browser these last days and add the extension on the new microsoft edge (all is ok this time), but when i logged in microsoft account all extensions disappears, need install again because browser is reset. Now when i install extension appears: One activation key may only be used three times Ok, i understand than this is a limitation for not share the code, and only be used by 1 person. But isnt my case. Is possible reset the serial? or erase actual code and give me a new code?


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