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Facebook live on Multiple places.

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Description from store ✅ Marketers who use 🎥Video Grow 💵Revenue 49% Faster than non-video users🔥 ✅ 10X Your Online Results with StreamBOS💲 ✅ 10X Your 🎥Video Reach with 10X LESS Time! 😍 ✅ Video🎥 attracts 2-3 Times as Many Monthly Visitors. ✅ Internet Video🎥 Traffic made up 69% of ALL Global Consumer Internet Traffic in 2017! ✅ The average user spends 88% More Time on a site with Video! ✅ Viewers retian 95% of a Message watched in a Video🎥 compared to 10% when read! StreamBOS™ Patented Chrome Extension gives the user the ability to “LIVE” Stream Simultaneously to Multiple places and groups at the same time instead of only one place at a time for those that want to seriously Maximise their Income, Influence, & Impact Online by reaching 2X – 10X of their Audience at the SAME Time! The Purpose of this is to Save you Time and Save you Money while getting Your message out to your Entire Audience at the Same Time with One “LIVE” right from your Google Chrome Browser! There is Zero difficulty in using this App. Only install from the Chrome store and select the Button Function you want and you will be “LIVE” in Seconds! People say Going “LIVE” with StreamBOS is even Easier than Going Live directly from Facebook! Lol Thank you for trying out our Software. You will see there are from Free, Standard, and PRO Versions with varying Features of course. StreamBOS ©2019 – All Rights Reserved

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  • (2020-01-29) Anonymous One: STREAMBOS has been the simplest and cheapest solution to live stream in multiple places ALL over Facebook for marketing myself and my products! I dropped Restream like a bad habit as soon as I found out about this little gem even though I have the Lifetime version of restream and never have to pay for it anymore! Anyone want to buy my licences? lol Why would I pay for StreamBOS ontop of having restream? Glad you asked. The most major reason is I can simply select from Any of my Pages, Profile, Facebook Groups.. AND even Other peoples Facebook Groups to go Live in all at the same time! YES I said "Other People's" facebook groups! StreamBOS has ZERO Streamlag! I must stress this as restream had so much streamlag on my lives where it would randomly chop off the start of my video so the replay's of my videos were horrible and very unprofessional. StreamBOS has handled this perfectly everytime with no streamlag as they have claimed. Nothing else in the world I have found gives this functionality! Now I can go live in other peoples groups of thousands of people and grow my own audience from many places at once! This alone is well worth the small one time cost they currently offer. I understand they will be switching to only monthly plans after so many users so I am happy I got a lifetime deal. 2nd reason is restream is not a stand alone software. I NEEDED to use another streaming application on my PC in order to use restream like OBS, or worse option, another expensive software. So between the more complex setup and operation of restream AND a rough learning curve and using a 2nd third party software like OBS there are always many moving pieces to mess with just to go live in a limited amount of places with restream. Can only go live in 3-6 places MAX. The effort usually hinders me from wanting to go live which does not make me money then. StreamBOS on the other hand is so simple and fast to go live anywhere I want. It is actually Fun to do, so I actually DO go live often at a moments thought! I just tap on the little icon in my browser and I'm ready to go :) Last issue that StreamBOS solves is it does not load down my PC's CPU and frees up much needed resources that I never had with running the restream & OBS CPU hog setup. I was always maxing out my CPU having to use all that native installed video software just to stream. My PC would become slow and sometimes freeze up giving me issues multitasking on my lives. Now I have zero issue with that happening anymore. The only thing I have run into with StreamBOS, which they did mention, is when I have a low or week internet connection that will limit the amount of places I can stream to at the same time accordingly. I guess this is understandable. So make sure you have decent internet or plug in. The last thing I found is that if the other peoples Facebook group is locked down from posting in it this application does not override that and I am unable to go live in those groups. I guess that is understandable as well. Oh well. But the good thing is majority of business and sharing groups are able to be posted in and so I am able to go live in the majority and have more then I can handle to pick from :) Thank you StreamBOS for making this amazing simple facebook live stream solution! A forever Client!
  • (2019-09-13) Cory Holliman: Installed but there is no where to chose a Free to upgraded package, they only offer a $79 setup and monthly $24.95 or one time fee of $279.00, There is no where to even try it??? Why would someone pay when there is not even a sample of how it works??


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