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Contact Editor for Google Contacts

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Edit your contact in a spreadsheet format. You can edit multiple contacts at single action.

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Description from store Contact Editor enables you to edit your contact information in a spreadsheet format with a single click! Are you tired of editing your numerous contacts one by one? Here is the best solution in the world. * Do you have hundreds of thousands of contacts that you can’t even start editing them? * Are they stored randomly without any criteria? * Do you find a lot of duplicates in your contacts? * Is the number registered in the mobile phone field really a mobile number? * Are the national codes and area codes properly organized? Contact Editor enables you to edit your contact information in a spreadsheet format with a single click! * You can cut, copy, and edit multiple contacts at once. * It supports field-specific searching and sorting and it makes editing contacts so much easier. * Contact Editor offers diverse built-in features for editing your Google contacts. The World’s Best Contact Editor Add to Chrome NOW! It's free! _ 한번의 클릭으로 간편하게 연락처를 관리하세요! 지금까지 어려웠던 연락처 정리. 컨택에디터로 가장 쉽고 빠르게 수백 수천개의 연락처를 관리 할 수 있습니다. 사용자 최적화 : 사용자가 원하는 내용만 커스터마이징하여 사용할 수 있습니다. 편리한 셀 편집 : 수천개의 연락처와 수백개의 수정 사항도 스프레드시트에서 한번에 처리할 수 있습니다. 개인 및 그룹 관리 : 각각의 연락처를 개인 또는 그룹별로 편집하여 관리할 수 있습니다. 연락처 합치기 : 이메일, 이름, 전화번호 등을 추출하여 원하는 형식으로 한 셀에 병합할 수 있습니다. 각국의 형식에 맞게 : 국내 연락처 뿐만 아니라 해외 연락처들도 각국의 형식에 맞게 편집 가능합니다. 너무 쉬운 호환성 : 구글 주소록의 모든 연락처를 스마트폰, PC 등 모바일 기기에 연동 가능합니다. 단 한번의 클릭으로 구글연락처를 편집, 관리할 수 있는 연락처 관리서비스, 컨택에디터를 지금 바로 무료로 만나보세요! _ 1. Subscribe to our YouTube channel! http://bit.do/contacteditor 2. Take a look at the features > Organize your contacts in less than 3 minutes http://bit.do/organizecontacts > Create business contacts1 http://bit.do/bizcontacts1 > Create business contacts2 http://bit.do/bizcontacts2 > Email validation http://bit.do/emailvalidation > Edit Gmail contacts http://bit.do/gmailcontacts <PRIVACY> No personal information is transmitted to any external sources through Contact Editor and it does not collect or save any personal information but only provide API connection between users' browser and Google servers.

Latest reviews

  • (2020-07-06) SIMPLE PROPERTY SOLUTIONS: its a fantastic concept. however, the extension never works for me . after downloading, you open it up. and on the main page. it loads repeatedly on the same screen and won't show login prompter. just keeps loading forever !
  • (2020-07-02) Byron Holloway: Really helpful to edit when there is a company name change...
  • (2020-06-25) Grégoire Esseiva: Very good!!! But would it be possible to be able to add more columns. Postal Address(work), Postal Address(home), etc. ?
  • (2020-03-24) Slava Lishnevsky: Amazing! I have been looking forever for a way to manage Google Contacts like this. This app is so great with all these inline editing capabilities and bulk changes. Excellent job guys! Thank you.
  • (2020-03-11) 이은규: 대용량 엑셀파일 업로드 하는 방법이 궁금 합니다
  • (2020-03-05) Alejandro Aguirre de Carcer: Exactly what i needed! No more dowloading to excel, cleaning everything up and reloading. Great job!
  • (2020-02-14) Sangwon Kim: 네이버 웨일에서는 로그인이 되지 않는데 혹시 가능한 방법이 없을까요
  • (2020-01-28) 송기홍: 클리앙에서 소개 받아 사용하는데 아주 편리하게 주소록을 정리할수 있어 좋았습니다. 1월27일 업데이트후 성명칸이 달라졌어요
  • (2020-01-20) Charley Che: 폰에서 수정하기 귀찮은데, 크롬에서 잠깐 시간내서 싹정리했네요. 인터페이스 맘에 듭니다!
  • (2020-01-06) Fred Kim: It's exactly what i need. Thanks to your all of ideas for Contact Editor.
  • (2020-01-02) 이준노: 이 앱이 나옴으로서 드디어 구글주소록을 입력만 하는 것이 아닌 정리를 시작할 수 있게 되었습니다. 필수앱. 리멤버앱과 함께 사용하는 것 강추.
  • (2019-12-29) Piotr Tykarski: Why cannot I save changes made? After clicking "save" button the data get reverted to the primary version.
  • (2019-12-17) 안익수: 과학과 사람들 광고 듣고 사용하기 위해 설치했는데요.. 정말 깔끔하네요.. 엑셀보다 더 편한듯.. 개인적으로 많은 사람들이 올해 주소록 만큼은 깨끗하고 말끔하게 정리해 보는 시간이 되었으면 좋겠습니다.
  • (2019-12-16) 김정주: 팟캐스트 '과학과사람들'의 소개로 사용해봤습니다. 정말 유용한 프로그램이네요. 감사합니다!
  • (2019-12-03) E. J.: Good for managing contacts with a lot of info (several phone numbers, several emails, address etc). If you have a lot of business contacts saved, you can write their company, department, title etc. There is also "Content" tab where you can write notes about the person, where you met etc. Also what I love about this one is that it's absolutely customizable.
  • (2019-10-09) James JaeCheol Oh: I think there was no such good software to do address book bulk work. I'm really surprised by the idea of seeing all your contacts at a glance with a click.
  • (2019-10-02) Sebastian Nau: The idea is awesome and it's (almost) exactly what I was looking for. Yet, it's still too young. I'd like it would respect the fields exposed by Google Contacts while exporting to a CSV file a little more. I know there are more fields when you enter to the contact's details but that brings down the purpose of bulk editing. Also, I've noticed that even though you completely erase all phone and mail fields, in the Google Contact site there still remain a phone number and an email. There's a lot of room for improvement but I believe it's a great start.

Latest issues

  • (2020-06-12, v: Grant Dishman: Privacy Policy
    Your extension states that it can read browser history. Can you provide your privacy policy and insight into the data you are collecting, how it is stored and how this data is used.
  • (2020-06-09, v: Adrian Taylor - Realtor: installed and currently "loading"
    under the logo is says choose you're google account, but NOT displaying my google account. I'm currently logged into one google and have disabled all tracking and security software. Please advise?
  • (2020-06-01, v: Stacie Duffy: Great concept, but missing some detailed features
    This is exactly the format and concept I was looking for! However I need to bulk edit Custom Fields, which are not a config column option, so it won't work for me. Also, due to permissions access, it didn't work on my corporate GSuite account, but that isn't something the app can change and I understand that.
  • (2020-05-24, v: خالد عبدالرحيم: Sorting contacts according to added date
    is this feature ( Sorting contacts according to added date ) in the basic version or I have to upgrade to the pro version ? and can please show me how to do that ? Thanks
  • (2020-05-14, v: 김준석: 기념일 (생일) 필드도 추가 해 주세요
    기념일도 수정 가능하도록 추가 해 주시면 좋겠습니다.
  • (2020-05-06, v: AdAm: postal address not showing?
    I have only been able to see "Postal Address (Other)" in this programme. is there no way to show the normal address and edit that? Thanks
  • (2020-04-26, v: Matteo Testi: Paste not working
    cut and copy work, but if I paste in any field, it remains empty
  • (2020-04-16, v: Jitender Jain: urgent- save option is missing
    hi i am using it but suddenly save settings option is lost. can u pls help on the same. it is urgent..
  • (2020-04-14, v: Tannia Mehta: use
    how to use it
  • (2020-03-26, v: Richard Clauson: Contacts not loading
    I've tried installing this Google Chrome plugin (twice) and each time all I get is the menu bar etc but no contacts. I do have a flashing "sync" symbol (the eye with the 2 arrows circulating around it just left of the search box). I also have to let Google Chrome translate the menus etc as clicking on the Korean flag and selecting the USofA flag (for UK English I home) does nothing. I so want proper access to all the Google Contact fields for each of my entries since Google totally screwed up the interface when they changed it about a year ago!
  • (2020-03-24, v: Slava Lishnevsky: Question about Address column
    Hello. Your Contact Management extension is amazing! Thank you. Only one question - in the list of columns you have Postal Address (Other) but there are no Address (Home) or Address (Work), so when my contacts are loaded, Home & Work addresses are not mapped and are not available for editing. Please advise. Thank you. Your extension really helped me to organize my contacts. Slava.


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