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Description from store Skimlinks Editor Toolbar The Skimlinks Editor Toolbar is the easy to use Chrome Extension that any publisher who is writing commerce content should have installed. When a publisher is on the merchants website, they’ll instantly be able to see if they provide commision rates, what they are and easily be able to create an affiliate link directly from the toolbar. Features of the Skimlinks Editor Toolbar: Easily see the average commission rate the merchant has paid over the last 90 days The ability to see the full conditions relating to commission rates without leaving the page Whether the merchant provides exclusive or higher than average commission rates Shorten links to share on social networks If you manage multiple domains, the ability to select the domain you want to affiliate so that the relevant commision rates show You need to have a Skimlinks account and be logged in for the Editor Toolbar to work. You can sign up for an account here https://signup.skimlinks.com/
Latest reviews (2019-10-31) William Judd: Used to be great - included the commission percentage for each site and seemed to stay logged in for weeks at a time. Now I'm needing to type in my details every day or so, remember to select the right site and then finally get a link. (2019-03-16) Easy to use and allows for you to generate a link quickly for sharing along with selected what platform the link will be used on. Like seeing what the payout percentage is on the sites and if the are associated/affiliated with the company. (2019-03-13) David Stone: Great tool! has lead to many unexpected commissions :) (2019-02-19) Herve Cellard: Verry good and useful tool (for sharing link and know if partnership) (2019-02-19) Dmytro Bondarenko: Good (2018-11-29) Setting Mind: It seems the skimlinks extension isnt working and when i try to log in, i get a notification saying that "An unexpected issue has happened. Please try again later or contact [email protected] if the issue persists." Bummer (2018-08-14) Joe Stepniewski: Love the new version and sleeker design, so easy to work out which merchants can make me money and understand rates instantly. Essential tool for making money from affiliate. (2018-07-18) Eleanor Spooner: Love the update! So much easier to use (2018-07-13) Jean Christophe Gombeaud: The new version is great, information on rates are super clear, and it is very easy to see which merchants offer interesting rates (2017-07-10) Tracey Elbert: This tool only works for a very short amount of time before it no longer shows up! Pretty much a waste of time! (2016-02-15) Wolf Matejek: Skimlinks has been for the past few weeks now been overwriting affiliate codes with their own codes, thereby leaving affiliates to promote merchant products, yet never earning any money, since any commissions seem to be credited against Skimlinks own codes. They were made aware of this issue some time ago but have as yet failed to rectify this issue. They even managed to change WP user codes for Amazon affiliates to be changed to Skimlinks own codes after the website owner uninstalled their plugin. This is very unethical! (2015-09-17) Candace Chang: There really needs to be a way to prevent the extension from randomly switching between sites without warning. My company uses multiple sites with Skimlinks, so it gets confusing & becomes a headache! (2015-05-17) Merryl Rodriguez: Doesn't work. I copy the links provided for each merchant I choose but it doesn't link to my affiliate id and so I have not received any payouts. Have tested by having people order thru my links and it doesnt even track the clicks. Will be deleting this. (2014-12-24) Shae Sweets: I used this plugin since it first came out and I don't know what's going on with this new version, but it's annoying that the toolbar shows up instantly on every site. It would be great to have a way to turn it off on sites that we don't necessarily want it on, or to just have it disabled on load, and then when we click the button the toolbar appears. Right now it's frustrating having to close the toolbar every page load for every single page I am working on on my sites. Please fix it back to how it was when it was able for us to disable to toolbar on load or on our own sites. Thanks. (2014-12-01) Vladimir Grigoryevich: why authorization need? good bue (2014-10-02) Caroline J: I really like this toolbar and find it really useful. BUT ... I would really love an option to say 'don't ever pop up on this site'. I find it can be a real nuisance with Hootsuite, for example, and I would love to be able to turn it off for sites like that. (2014-07-23) Shane Paris: This is an essential browser add-on for users on the Skimlinks affiliate platform. It allows you to create and share shortened URLs for websites that have the potential to drive you revenue. In the version I am using as of 7-23-2014, there is one minor annoyance and a major one. Minor annoyance: Skimlinks is opened on the right side of the screen, however to open the details of the site you are browsing, that icon is all the way on the left. Major annoyance: The only other issue I noticed is when the details are displayed. When viewing more information about the site, the website is obscured by the toolbar. This became apparent when leaving Skimlinks Editor tool open while going onto my Gmail account. By default, Skimlinks has the information bar open on non-affiliated websites. In the case of Gmail, it requires me to close it in order to view emails properly. (2014-04-23) Ariel Stallings: WHEW! As of today, they've updated the new toolbar to make it way less bothersome. Now the toolbar doesn't auto-expand when you're visiting your own site, and the extension button toggles the toolbar off/on -- no more stuck open toolbar. I'm relieved, because I use this extension daily and the update a couple weeks ago was a step backward. I appreciate Skimlinks pushing an update quickly! (2014-04-12) Jeff Fidler: An annoying bar appears at the top of the page whenever I visit my own sites. There appears to be no way to turn this off, without logging out. But then you have to log in again to create links. (2014-04-12) Kimberly Nissen: The latest update makes this tool so irritating. The bar has moved to the top instead of to the side, and it opens automatically everytime you load a page (even if you close it). The purpose is to help you insert SkimWords easier but it doesn't tell you how or offer any help options. When an error does occur it just tells you to email support. The old toolbar was more useful and less invasive. (2013-11-22) Ciaran Rooney: Great tool has helped me lots and love the quick sharing from the page, even easier to use the bitly

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