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Automatically generate bbcode when you paste links into a hipinion post. Users can hide threads and superkill foes as well.

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Description from store - Automatically generate bbcode for tweets, images, youtube, instagram, and soundcloud. - Hide threads - "Superkill" boarders in your killfile so that you don't even see the "display this post" option or quotes by them. Plus, you can "Megakill" them and threads created by the boarder will also be hidden. - Explore one of hipinion's hidden gems: custom smilies. With our extension you can use the custom smiley browser to see all the cool homemade smileys that your fellow boarders have created, all while avoiding those pesky emojis. Smileys are better than emojis!!! By: Autarch and Marza change log: 6.6: major improvements to smiley browser, including keyboard shortcut, better focusing, arrow key navigation, quick entering of smileys (with enter key) and exiting out of smiley browser with escape. 6.5: bug fix 6.4: Add custom smiley browser, disable posting emojis, refine emojiblock so that posts are not hidden, but emojis are not displayed. 6.2: bug fix 6.1: bug fix 6.0: hide all emojis, including entirety of all posts and thread titles containing emojis in order to preserve hpn culture. 5.5: minor bug fix 5.4: Add ability to block mods and admins with superkill and megakill 5.3: remove backwards compatibility with wysiwyg editor in order to fix tweet and spoiler bugs 5.2: Fix broken spoiler tag 5.1: Add compatibility for @ mentions 5.0: Parse/format posts from nathan's wysiwyg editor 4.4: Hide quotes by superkilled users 4.3: bug fix: filter store version out of hidden threads. 4.1: Separation of Superkill and Megakill. Superkilling hides the "display this post". Megakilling hides threads created by the user. A boarder must be superkilled in order to be megakilled. 4.0: Add ability to superkill users 3.1: Add ability to paste imgur links, even without file extension 3.0: Add ability to hide threads (not available on firefox for android) 2.2: Add keyboard shortcut (windows: Ctrl+Shift+K, mac: Command+Shift+K), bug fix. 2.0: Add support for Firefox for Android. Android (and desktop) functionality is available through browserAction. 1.1.3: Add support for images and remove params from tweet links 1.1.2: automatically remove queries from instagram links 1.1.1: Add firefox compatibility 1.0.1: updated alert, more strict regular expressions


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