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Innfinergy RCS v2.03

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The Innergy Support App. Check options menue for feature list.

Image from store Innfinergy RCS v2.03
Description from store Innfinergy is a support program for Innergy with many features. Check the extension options menu for a full list of features. v1.05 - - Added date to kanban page cards - colors date by week and text by overdue on gridview v1.06 - - Added Auto CSS Inject into all Innergy grids for colored mouse-over and alternating row highlight. - Added day of the week to kanban view v1.07 - - Changed height of gridview page on click v1.08 - - Added options page - Added experimental auto-run feature v1.09 - - Improved autorun for kanban view v1.10 - - Fixed Manual Grid View colors v1.11 - - Innfinergy works on dev build of Innergy v1.12 - - Fixed grid view automatic - Refreshed settings to have automatic on v1.13 - - Fixed Features - Removed depreciated hover over color v1.14 - - Fixed date crid colors - Added Feature, Kanban links open in new tab v1.15 - - Added Takeoff drop-down width change feature v1.16 - - Fixed Kanban automatic feature v1.17 - - Added Takeoff Budget zero dollar feature. v1.18 - - Fixed bug with Takeoff Budget zero dollar feature. V1.19 - - Added Red text to budget screen headers for effected columns. v1.20 - - Numerous bug fixes and optimizations. v1.21 - - Added EasyMode Feature (off by default). - EasyMode adds labels to icons in takeoff menu. - EasyMode adds line at top of scroll-able menu column in Takeoff. v1.22 - - Added Takeoff Auto Dropdown feature. v1.23 - - Added Undocked Takeoff Title Feature. V1.24 - - Added Expand/Shrink All buttons to Budget in Opportunities and Takeoff. V1.25 - - Added Labor hour/minute to decimal conversion to budget labor rows as a manual feature. V1.26 - - Added Kanban Popup Icon remover feature. v1.27 - - Added width increase in material swap popup to Takeoff drop-down menu feature. V1.28 - - Fixed bug in manual features. v1.29 - - Added Cost Summary Calculator feature to takeoff. v1.30 - - Bug fixes and feature tweaks. v1.31 - - Added Shrink/Expand feature to all default grids. - Bug fix for Labor hour/minute feature. v1.32 - - Added Sales Mode Feature. - Options Menu bug fixes. v1.33 - - Added Grid Selection Data Feature. v1.34 - - New options menu - Grid Selection Data Feature now has automatic activation. - Grid Selection Data Feature now only works while [Ctrl] key is held. - Grid Selection Data Feature now works with multiple selections. v1.35 - - Added Kanban List Shortcut Feature v1.36 - - Fixed various bugs in features. - Added pictures to options menu. V1.37 - - Spelling Fixes v1.38 - - Added Kiosk table remover feature. v1.39 - - Bugfixes. v1.40 - - Added Kanban Auto Refresh Feature. - Fixed bug in settings. v1.41 - - Added Hotkey choice to Grid Selection Data Feature for Mac comparability. - Added Library Warning Feature to Accessibility v1.42 - - Added delay to Kanban Auto Refresh when user is active. - Bug fixes to config menu. v1.43 - - Added Search Save feature. v1.44 - - Added Invoice Percent Calculator feature. v1.45 - - Added Kiosk Bid Navigation Buttons feature. - Altered Grid Selection Data to accept cells ending with 'h' or 'm' as numbers to calculate. v1.46 - - Bug Fixes v1.47 - - Fixed Bug with Summary Cost Calculator where it could not handle numbers over 1 million. - Fixed Bug with Search Saver where moving a card would not trigger search reload. v1.48 - - Added Summary Alternates Saver feature to the Autofill category. v1.49 - - Added Kiosk Button Feature. - BugFixes v1.50 - - Added Opportunities Middle Click Category feature to Accessibility. - Added ability for the Grid Selection Data feature to handle time values in both (#h #m #s) and (#:##) format (it converts them to a percent of a hour). v1.51-2 - - Spelling Fixes v1.53 - - Added Takeoff Refresh Warning feature to the 'Tables' category. - Added Sort Saver to the 'Kanban' category. v1.54 - - Added a global Enable/Disable toggle button to the right click menu of the Innfinergy icon. - Added Email Job Link Button feature to Kanban Features. v1.55 - - Bugfix for Email Job Link Button feature. v1.56 - - Fixed several Kanban features broken by updates. - Removed Kanban Dates feature due to being redundant. v1.57 - - Bugfix to Kiosk Button Feature. v1.58 - - Fixed many features broken by update. v1.59 - - Added Bottom Line Calculator Feature. - Added Percent To Step Feature. - Added Sales Forecaster Feature. - Features may not work in beta next update. v1.60 - - Restored functionality to all features affected by update. - Returned Kanban Dates Feature. - Updated Sales Forecaster feature. v1.61 - - Fixed a bug with the create opportunity auto-fill. v1.62 - - Bugfixes. v1.63 - - Fixed the displayed month on the Bottom Line feature. - The Bottom Line and Forecast Features no longer require the List Link feature to be active. - Fixed bug with the Kanban Sort Saver. - Kanban Icon Remover feature no longer on by default for new installations. v1.64 - - Fixed bug with the Kanban Icon Remover options. - Removed the Percent to Step Feature due to redundancy. v1.65 - - Fixed Sales Forcast and Bottom Line feature. v1.66 - - Fixed Kiosk Bid Navigation Buttons Feature. - Added Win % and Estimator column to Sales Forecaster Feature. - Added an Export to CSV button to the Sales Forecaster Feature. v1.67 - - Added forcast step name to Forcast feature. v1.68 - - Added Alt + Base Bid, Margin $ / Hr Feature. v1.69 - - Added Work Order Past Due Feature. v1.70 - - Removed Alt + Base Bid, Margin $ / Hr Feature. - Fixed bug with Kiosk button Feature. v1.71 - - Added Opportunities Middle Click Category Feature. v1.72 - - Fixed bug with Opportunities Middle Click Category Feature - Changed Opportunities Middle Click Category Feature to Middle Click Category Feature. v1.73 - - Bugfixes v1.74 - - Fixed date and total offsets in forecast and bottleneck features. v1.75 - - Fixed date bugs in the forecast feature. v1.76 - - Updated code to handle new Innergy data structure. v1.77 - - Fixed labels for icons in takeoff for Easy Mode feature. v1.78 - - Added Purchase Order Mailer feature to the autofill category. v1.79 - - Fixed Forecast and Bottom Line Features. v1.80 - - Added Kanban Facility Save Feature. v1.81 - - Added Kanban List View Auto Refresh Feature. - Bugfix for Takeoff Easy Mode Feature. - Added a year offset ability to Sales Forecaster Feature. - Bugfix for Sales Forecaster Feature, month was incorrect on dates that occurred on the first of the month. v1.82 - - Added Product Cost - Material/Labor Breakout Feature to the Tables category. v1.83 - -Added Select/Deselect All Columns Buttons Feature to Tables Category. v1.84 - - Bug fix for Chromebit Comparability. v1.85 - - Upgraded the Sales Forecaster grid. - Added Kisok Bottleneck Button feature. - Made links added to the Innergy menu able to be middle-clicked. v1.86 - - Bugfix for a grid style issue. v1.87 - - Added overhead $ (Extended Product Cost - (Labor + Material)) to Product Cost - Material/Labor Breakout Feature. - Bugfix to all XHR calls to run in background script. v1.88 - - Added Select/Deselect All Work Order Expenses Feature to the Tables category. v1.89 - - Bugfixes. v1.90 - - Removed Select/Deselect All Work Order Expenses Feature. v1.91 - - Fixes to Forecast feature math, the beyond column now only includes distributed costs in years beyond the current year. - Added Bottleneck Hide Rows feature to tables category as off by default. v1.92 - - Added Option Text To Clipboard Feature to accessibility category. - The Bottleneck Hid Rows feature subtracts hidden rows from total rows. V1.93 - - Bugfixes. V1.94 - - Bugfixes. V1.95 - - Bugfixes. V1.96 - - Changed formatting of total columns to be more intuitive. V1.97 - - Fixed Bottleneck Hid Rows feature to work with different filtering options. - Fixed Option Text To Clipboard bug when clicking after opening drop down menu. - Fixed Listview links on main menu. v1.98 - - Fixed Bottleneck Hid Rows feature to work in more instances. .v1.99 - - Updated Kiosk Bids Remover feature. - Updated Kiosk Navigation Buttons feature and added new buttons to link from kiosk to web in purchase orders. v2.00- - Fixed Forecast feature. - Updated Bottleneck hide rows feature to allow clicking on totals. - Bugfixes v2.01- - Fixed Kanban Dates feature to ignore cards with no date. v2.02- - Removed Chrome v80 requirement from Innfinergy. v2.03- - Fixed various features Innergy update.

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