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Netflix - higher quality

Description from extension meta Forces 1080p playback for Netflix.
Image from store Netflix - higher quality
Description from store The maximum resolution Netflix plays on Chrome is 720p. This extension forces the resolution to 1080p so you can have a High Definition experience.
Latest reviews (2019-11-03) Kelen Prezentuje: Przestało działać, nie da się niczego oglądać. (2019-10-30) Tobias K: It doesn't work. You'll get an error on netflix. (2019-10-29) yuuki kanazawa: このアドオンをONにすると再生がまずされない。。 (2019-10-26) Stephan Schutter: Useless as it does not allow files to play at all... (2019-10-22) Thomas Goeschl: Does not work. Creates Netflix-Error once Video started (2019-10-21) Eddy Buhler: Doesn't work. Creates a netflix error. (2019-09-26) Alex: Ops...qualcosa è andato storto. L'estensione non permette la visione dei contenuti Netflix (2019-09-09) Bruno Alexandre: Also I can not take it now no longer please please fix this (2019-08-19) Piotr Szymczak: Wywala błąd, nic nie da się odtwarzać... (2019-08-18) Johnny Chau: doesnt work (2019-08-11) Kokodjo: Doesn't work. Creates a netflix error. (2019-08-11) juan manuel perez: "Ya no hay dias felices, solo dias" ¡¡NETFLIX HJDPTAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! "findflix.me" Actualisen higher quality :'(((( (2019-08-07) Orcinus Orca: Does not work. Causes generic "Unexpected Error" from Netflix with no further details. Disabling or removing plugin instantly fixes problem. (2019-07-24) Gabriel Gabriel: not working,still at default resolution on chrome 1280x720 (2019-01-27) Dihelson Mendonca: Doesn´t work anymore ! It used to work very good, but from some months, it doesn´t work anymore. I tried everything. (2018-11-15) Tonys Mind: Non funziona da 24 ore.. aggiornamento please! (2018-07-29) Moisés Furbino: Finalmente pude assistir Warcraft em 1080p! VTNC netflix e obrigado desenvolvedor! (2018-06-08) Tank Connors: update pleaseeeee (2018-05-24) Lorenzo Bergamaschi: Worked perfectly until yesterday, 23rd of May 2018, when I noticed that the loading goes on forever with the audio on. I tried turning it off and the problem went away (2018-05-22) Paul L.: Doesn't work for me. Neither does Netflix 1080p extension. I'm guessing Netflix changed things.

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2.5294 (34 votes)
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2018-06-14 / 1.4





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