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The search engine that protects your security.

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Description from store Are you tired of being tracked and targeted by annoying ads? Do you want to search the web with more speed and security? Then you need PrivacyWall, the search engine that respects your data and your security. Add our free Chrome extension to get the power of PrivacyWall search at your fingertips. 🍪 Our #Story We are not just another search engine. We are a team of passionate technology experts who believe in the power of privacy. We use the latest machine learning technology to protect your data and deliver the best search results. 🤺 #Why Use PrivacyWall 🌍When you search with PrivacyWall, you can rest assured that your searches are not being tracked or used to create shadow profiles. You can enjoy the web without being followed by intrusive ads or trackers. Our #Features 🔎Search with Peace of Mind — PrivacyWall does not use your search data to follow you around the web with intrusive ads. You can search with confidence and freedom. 🔢PrivateView — Preview websites in real-time without leaving any trace. Just click the "PrivateView" link next to each search result to see the site without exposing your IP or personal information. No risk, no hassle. Our #Mission 🔒We believe that privacy is a human right, and that you should have full control over your data. Join our mission at PrivacyWall to make the web a safer and more private place for everyone. 👍Follow us on Twitter (@PrivacyWallOrg) 🤙You can always reach us at https://support.privacywall.org Usage of extension permissions: "Change your search settings to: privacywall.org": This permission is required so that PrivacyWall can provide search services. Please read our privacy policy located at: https://www.privacywall.org/privacy

Latest reviews

  • (2023-07-27) Powell Jeromy: I use PrivacyWall for my searches everyday to keep my searches completely private. I love the PrivateView feature next to each search results link, especially for privately viewing webpages without exposing my IP address to the websites I visit, and without having to pay for a VPN.
  • (2021-09-01) Gita Mainali: PrivayWall is not a FAKE! It is a powerful tool/technology to protect your Personal, business & financial information. Must add in your chrome!!
  • (2021-07-17) Nguyễn Đình An: This extension is a FAKE!!, do not LISTEN to the ABOVE REVIEWS, they are only ALT ACCOUNTS OF THE OWNER, THERE IS ONLY 7 RATING AND 99% of THEM IS FAKE.
  • (2020-12-13) De Google: 🙌The Best! 💘 I don't want my searches to be tracked and PrivacyWall is the app for me. I don't want anyone tracking me or tracking where my kids go.🐱‍🚀 Thanks for keeping me safe! 🎉What I really like is that I can click on PrivateView and visit any webpage I want 🤙 without giving up my IP address. I don't have to install a sketchy VPN to get privacy for free. PrivacyWall offers maps too so that's really nice 🗺. I hate how Google Maps tracks every search I do so they can sell where I'm going to the highest bidder. That is so sketchy! My son told me "Google is just so sus!" 😊
  • (2020-12-05) Thomas Moran: Super easy to use and super secure! Keeping my searches private is important because I work at home, and I use my computer for both work and play. I don't want my employer snooping on me and PrivacyWall keeps my data safe from being tracked. PrivateView hides my IP address from websites. I use PrivateView whenever I don't want to leave a trail of websites I visited on my computer. This is the perfect privacy extension and I recommend it to my besties.
  • (2020-12-04) Walt Mossberg: I'm a huge fan of PrivacyWall. This app stops Google from tracking my searches. With this app, I no longer have to worry about Google retargeting me with ads everywhere I go. The best feature of this nifty extension is "PrivateView." This features allows me to visit any webpage without revealing my IP address. 100% free. I click on PrivateView when I do sensitive searches whenever I don't want my IP address logged by the websites I visit. This keeps my web surfing private. What I do in my spare time is my own business. Isn't that great? I also love how PrivacyWall allows me to see search results in other languages. For instance, I can toggle the language to Spanish and see just the Spanish webpages. This toggle saved me more than once when I was helping the kids with their Spanish homework assignments. 😂 I'm a fan PrivacyWall! You had me at hello.
  • (2020-12-03) Jonathan: 👍 Love it! This is app is great for privacy - stops Big Tech from harvesting my data, stops them from following me, stops them from gauging me! 🥳 I'm rooting for you!👈
  • (2020-04-08) KirKirMUrGames: Це шпигуньский плагін здійснюе шпигування за користувачем. Братки (півники) з зони скажуть усім кто встановить це розширення спасибі.
  • (2019-11-16) David Jones: This Extension Does Not Work! Do NOT! Waste Your Time.


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