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Recognizes and blocks porn and suggestive images. Help us make porn detection better by reporting images.

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Description from store Help us improve automatic porn detection by flagging images that actually aren't porn so that we can make it better! Note: This tool is not meant to be used as a parental control or accountability software. It is easily disabled in Chrome. The goal is to gather images to improve the state of the art so that reliable porn detection can work on all devices in real time. ** Why we created this ** Porn detection with computer vision is a difficult problem with varying levels of success. Nowadays best of breed porn detection is very good at correctly identifying porn, but also recognizes many images as false positives. This can be attributed to the datasets used for training. It is easy to scrape a website for porn images and train a classifier to correctly identify those images as porn, with a sample of control images used to make sure the classifier finds particular features in the images. In the case of porn, the assumption would be that particular body parts would be the features that determine whether an image is porn or not. The problem is that if the control images are not choosen well, the features could actually be too broad and classify images as porn that aren't even closely related. For instance, the NSFW Mobile classifier currently classifies some images of rockets and bananas as porn. A reasonable observer can surmise why that's the case. We hypothesize that there are significant other types of images that result in false positives. The only way to know is to gather a dataset of the false positive images, which is what this chrome extension strives to do. Also, since this tool will be used in the wild, it will be a good proxy to build a dataset that contains a good distribution of all types of images. Icon made by Freepik at https://www.flaticon.com/authors/freepik

Latest reviews

  • (2021-09-20) Shriyash Band: Best image blockers, it takes time but is fine. Good work guys. Keep helping people.
  • (2021-07-03) Ion Mârzenco: This is great for keeping a clear mind. Nowadays every site is filled with suggestive sexual content and it has become really distracting and triggering for people who are trying to stay away from porn. I am surprised your app has so few downloads, guess it's just because not many people want to take such extreme measures.
  • (2021-03-17) João Vitor Liberato: É boa te salva algumas vezes outras não, infelizmente não é atualizada desde o ano passado, mas é boa
  • (2021-03-09) Suleiman 700: Works just fine
  • (2021-02-23) hamad saleem: my dream was to be a computer engineer and make kinda like this app.......and i always think it would be awesome if we had something like this......thank u so much for making this extension😊😊
  • (2021-02-13) Xander Gatrell: It's a great! It blocks stuff like porn the one star goes to the mouse lagging and sometimes its blocks stuff that isn't bad but I do recommend it I've tested it out and that's all pretty good try it out for yourself
  • (2021-01-18) caleb mellor: This helped me soooooooo much 100% recommend.
  • (2020-12-09) David Bayl: It seemed to work well on some sites, but specifically, it didn't work on instagram posts. The only images on Instagram it recognised were in the Highlighted Stories section (this is Instagram on Chrome, not the app). Why wouldn't these images run thorugh the filter? Right clicking on these images also does not give any PornBlocker options like other images files on the web.
  • (2020-12-07) MyNamesSky: Pretty goods, works mostly as intended. However, it sometimes blocks images that aren't even remotely porn or even suggestive, and it seems that sometimes when I show and report them, I have to do that multiple times. Some pictures it's blocked are album covers, YouTube profile pictures, foreign writing systems, and even YouTube thumbnails, which a lot of the time I can't even report because of previews that play on YouTube videos. It also doesn't seem to be very good at detecting certain types of porn, like porn that was actually drawn or animated by someone. I'd also like to see if there's some sort of way to block videos. I understand that coding can be a real pain and that it also takes a long time, but it'd still be neat regardless. Overall, pretty good extension.
  • (2020-09-01) Turtles yay: Would be 5 stars if you could manually block NSFW images not already blocked (which are false negatives). Anyways, it's really useful. Idea: -Also a option to reblock an image after you unblocked it thinking it was SFW would be nice. Edit: It was updated and you can manually block NSFW images now so 5 stars. (Idk if they're reported like false positives but this works perfectly well). Also, you can't report some images that are also links. Anyways, thanks for the extremely quick reply and update!
  • (2020-07-24) Лучшее из того, что есть!


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