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Description from extension meta Decentralized signature, identity and authentication system.
Image from store Scatter
Description from store Scatter is a decentralized signature, identity, private data and authentication solution. It runs locally on your machine and is powered by asymmetrical encryption allowing you to authenticate with websites without hitting a centralized server. You can fill out your identities once and applications can request information from them so that you never have to fill out forms. You may add blockchain accounts to identities and use them to provide signatures for transactions without ever giving up your keys. Scatter is a revolutionary tool which heightens user experience, security, and makes the blockchain easier to use.
Latest reviews (2019-07-27) 김서진: 많은 도움이 되었습니다. (2019-07-12) 邓积勇: 试了几次都没看到在哪里设置中文,无语 (2019-04-17) 오손: eos good (2019-03-26) 두정일: 中国人就是实在,你给我中文,我就给你好评!!!! (2019-03-23) Pa S: Does not function correctly,. unable to import a wallet backup so useless when trying to load balances form desktop wallet,. support non existent. (2019-03-22) 冯国杰: 畅玩eos dapp (2019-02-07) Никола Тесла: И веб версия и версия для ПК просто убогие, нихрена не работает с первого раза, не продуманы простейшие вещи, приходиться повторять одни и те же действия по многу раз, на ПК версии если ввел неверные данные требуется переустановка программы, это просто верх критинизма, как будто разработчик стремиться к тому что-бы никто не пользовался его приложениями. (2019-01-30) XianChao Chen: 导入账号居然用不了了 (2019-01-24) Dr. Cenk M. Yetis: 1) The support page says you cannot use the desktop and extension at the same time. It is frustrating until you figure out this. They should have made a simple warning for the desktop app saying "make sure your chrome extension is off" when user cannot login. 2) I cannot use the desktop app at all. It keeps rejecting my password and mnemonics. (2018-11-27) 范志峰: bucuo (2018-11-26) Marcin Marcin: oki (2018-11-23) Numan Uzun: Çok iyi bir uygulama (2018-10-19) isa gm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=np5e6pSAd_w there is how to use scatter. if you are worried about scam program, you can see checking method of real program on 7:58. (2018-10-10) Aralash TV: пароль сохранил в блокнот потом захожу скопировал пароль вставил пишет пароль не подходит приложение не устанавливайте и сайт тоже не совпадает (2018-10-02) 非常好用的钱包 (2018-10-01) 非常好用的网页钱包 (2018-09-16) Xin Li: Very useful plugin for EOS! But not very friendly for noobs. Hope it become better and better! (2018-09-14) Abunagaya Ahmad: Scatter for EOS.. sangat membantu untuk terhubung dengan EOS (2018-09-05) sinyo call: sangat membantu saya, app sangat bagus (2018-09-02) Bill Chen: haven't tried it yet, looks good (2018-08-29) Enmale Codearter: Приложение полностью не работает вместе с импортом. Невозможно подключиться к аккаунту EOS. Всегда пишет: No Accounts Found Error No accounts were found connected to this private/public key. Make sure there is an EOS account linked to this public key on the EOS network. (2018-07-28) L T: Awesome tool (2018-07-27) Rob Schubiger: Love scatter (2018-07-27) Andrew Coutts: This is the best EOS wallet available for the browser. Great for the blooming Dapp environment and allows developers to easily create services that interface with the EOS blockchain. (2018-07-21) Crypto Wolfe: Awesome !!

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