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Funny custom cats chase the cursor in your Chrome browser. Your personal pet.

Image from store Cursor Cat
Description from store 😻 Cursor Cat - a kitten chasing the mouse cursor. Get a funny chrome pet as a cute cat that will chase your mouse on different sites. Such funny pets are available for you: - Tabby; - Punky; - Maneki Neko; - And also many other cool 🐈🐈🐈 characters. Move the cursor around the website area, and animated cats will catch up with your cursor. At the same time, their funny faces will change, depending on the movements. Having caught up with the cursor, pet safely accommodate around it. How to use: - Install this extension; - Its icon will appear in the upper right corner of the browser; - Open any other site (except Chrome Web Store or Homepage); - Click on the extension icon; - Choose any kitten by clicking on it; - Move the cursor over the site area; - Kitty will start the hunt for the cursor; - Have fun!

Latest reviews

  • (2021-10-18) Sofia Quiñonez: es adorableee
  • (2021-10-18) DayNine Sun: good.
  • (2021-10-14) Khayla Afeefa: i so so so like the cats :) >'-'<
  • (2021-10-12) cutecat: it is good but it does not work on new tab....
  • (2021-10-12) Joe Nguyễn: good
  • (2021-10-10) nga nguyễn: có thêm con nữa thì tốt?
  • (2021-10-08) Kim Culvey: I really love these kitties run around!
  • (2021-10-06) Gergely Balázs: nemjelent meg a cica
  • (2021-10-05) Rodriguez David: they said please
  • (2021-10-05) NICOLAS VEGA: XD
  • (2021-10-05) homa Azizian: The cat figure did not load for me, and all I could see was a untitled document. Also, even if it was a document icon, it didn't follow my cursor as promised. It was frustrating and confusing. I would have given it a 4 star at least if it were working, because of its easy access.
  • (2021-10-04) ing ing: socute
  • (2021-10-02) zayra santos: Me encantoooooo muy buena
  • (2021-10-01) sasha chigrin: гуд
  • (2021-10-01) Celia Caldera: DIVINOS. SIMPLEMENTE LOS MEJORES
  • (2021-09-28) McKaylah Hudgens: wooohoooo
  • (2021-09-28) الين هيف: لا بأس به
  • (2021-09-27) Maisa Pires de Andrade: n funciona
  • (2021-09-27) Lance Nathan: After i downloaded this extension i decided to make my cursor a macos cursor even i use windows is it ilegall to do that?
  • (2021-09-27) DF playz: The cat is soooooooooooooooooooooo cute. Especially when doing boring work, it's fun watching it play :D
  • (2021-09-26) Paramasivan P N: Needed a Companion for another Cat and Me!
  • (2021-09-26) Thùy Mai Hân Nguyễn: dễ thương lắm í
  • (2021-09-25) 8a7-41-Đào Xuân Nhi: làm sao á mọi người
  • (2021-09-24) Mesferah AlMalki: hghghg\
  • (2021-09-23) bautista periasco: Los gatitos son super cute =3 muy hermosooooooooooooo :3
  • (2021-09-23) Hieu Mac: chang co con meo lao
  • (2021-09-22) chanh vàng: is so cute! i love it !!!!
  • (2021-09-21) Phú Lại: sao hok làm đc ạ =<
  • (2021-09-20) Karla Valero: Están súper lindos los gatitos
  • (2021-09-20) MANU CRACK: Me encanto es lo mejor de lo mejor
  • (2021-09-17) Nah Nah: ok
  • (2021-09-17) mixkitek_1: nie działa
  • (2021-09-17) 18.Trần Linh: ze
  • (2021-09-16) Maidelin Delahoz: bien
  • (2021-09-16) Vidar Ander 4A Skånhällaskolan F-6: Borde finas mer att velga på!!!!
  • (2021-09-14) it did not even work
  • (2021-09-13) Tỏ Trịnh Thị: very good
  • (2021-09-12) luv this
  • (2021-09-10) •Sarah Jagdeosingh•: love it it so cute
  • (2021-09-09) Gabriela Penagos Ruiz: está increible
  • (2021-09-08) ALexyA Alexandra: it's very cute but it can get annoying as it will get in your way
  • (2021-09-07) Nguyễn Thúy: tui không bít làm
  • (2021-09-07) Châu Khoa: Cần thêm nhiều mèo nữa
  • (2021-09-07) AarisZaquanRoblox: it was ok
  • (2021-09-06) Bhumika Banik Majumdar: Fun and cute, needs more cats
  • (2021-09-06) SHIRLEY BARDALES VELASQUEZ: es muy bonita
  • (2021-09-05) sinky kong: 귀엽네요!
  • (2021-09-04) Hiền Chu: It so cute
  • (2021-09-04) Nitesh Upreti: It was help ful
  • (2021-09-03) Gonzalo Silva: porlos gatos

Latest issues

  • (2021-08-11, v:1.8.3) King Dedede: Enchantment table
    The support section consists of people speaking enchantment table
  • (2021-06-11, v:1.8.2) Ngọc Ánh Trần: help
    tôi làm tất cả mọi thứ nhưng nó không hiện lên bất cứ thứ gì cả
  • (2021-05-31, v:1.8.2) ezequiel galvan: gato cursor
    no ce puede poner
  • (2021-05-18, v:1.8.2) Gabrielle-Marie Potter: :(
    :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
  • (2021-04-22, v:1.8.1) 민숙영: a
    there are no cat I'm using gram
  • (2021-04-14, v:1.8.1) Lourdes Rodriguez: no funciona
    no quiere poner gatos
  • (2021-04-10, v:1.8.1) Jason Spittz: Cursor Cat
    It doesn't work on my Windows 10 S
  • (2021-03-28, v:1.8.1) Miriam Figueroa Lopez: NO ABRE
  • (2021-03-23, v:1.8.0) Nícol liseth Giraldo gomez: y ya lo descargue
    no soy capaz de ponerlo
  • (2021-03-16, v:1.7.8) Raayed Raza: cat
    not appearing
  • (2021-03-11, v:1.7.8) Gacha crumbs Ùwú: it wont go away!!!
    after i deleted it cuz i wanted to try it, there seems to be like a image thing after i delete it help
  • (2021-02-26, v:1.7.8) Angela Sowers: not opening on my pc, but says its compatible??
    as stated above whats the deal???
  • (2021-01-30, v:1.7.8) Hari Speaks: hi
    how to get another one
  • (2021-01-30, v:1.7.8) yunhee cha: 화면에 고양이가 안 나와요
    고양이를 선택하고 불도 초록색으로 해 놨는대 화면에 고양이가 안 나와요 좀 자세희 알려주세요
  • (2021-01-29, v:1.7.8) David Johnson: cat cursor
    how do I remove cat from my screen?
  • (2021-01-21, v:1.7.7) Михаил Сырцев: Предложение для разработчика Asc
    Прикольное расширение, весёлое - но хорошо бы добавить опцию ( отключить для этого сайта ), так как конфликтует с некоторыми сайтами - например с почтой mail.ru. И ещё добавить котов побольше...
  • (2021-01-16, v:1.7.7) Nikki Sy: doesnt work
    it doesnt work on my chrome :((
  • (2021-01-14, v:1.7.7) 「`` honey bee `⸝⸝: it just isnt working for me
    everytime i install it keeps bringing me to another website and when i try to use it it just doesnt summon the cat
  • (2020-12-22, v:1.7.7) Sevda Dündar: kediiyi nasıl silerim
    kediyi nasıl silerim
  • (2020-12-22, v:1.7.7) nhi huynh: con trỏ mèo
    tôi không biết cách sử dụng nó
  • (2020-12-11, v:1.7.7) S Aezah: Sheraz
  • (2020-12-01, v:1.7.7) Wolfmaster 556: Hi
    Dont work
  • (2020-11-10, v:1.7.7) Susan G: no me aparece el gato
    hise todo lo que vi en los comentarios y no me aparece el gato me dicen como y ya tengo el coso verde :<
  • (2020-11-03, v:1.7.7) rini mulianingsih: nananananananananananana
    how do I enter the cat cursor into my custom cursor
  • (2020-10-05, v:1.7.6) Lucia Franchesca Ruiz Arroyo: ¿El gatito aparese cuando entro a una página?
    Me pueden responder a esa pregunta porfavor.
  • (2020-09-24, v:1.7.6) CALZADO HORMIGUITAS SAS: PROBLEMA
  • (2020-09-17, v:1.7.6) Nicolle Felix: gato cursos
    instale gato cursos y no veo al gatito :C porque me hacene sto. Yo quiero al gato cursor. quiero que el gatito persiga mi cursor unu
  • (2020-07-19, v:1.7.5) saul naranjo martinez: como pongo el gato en mi cursor
    ya le di al boton verde y al gato que quiero y no me aparece nada
  • (2020-07-16, v:1.7.5) mascota salud: no me coje el gato
    de que forma se pone
  • (2020-06-26, v:1.7.5) M•Â•R 7w7: :v
    no se como sacarlo .-. alguien me dice como xd?
  • (2020-06-25, v:1.7.5) ღangela_demon ღ: problema
    hola nos e como usarlos los descargue y no me deja usralos como le hago??
  • (2020-06-24, v:1.7.5) maximo223 lorenzo: no se wey:V
    no se como se pone al gato
  • (2020-06-23, v:1.7.5) Edith Chickering: my cat
    he's is hungry how do you feed him
  • (2020-06-19, v:1.7.5) Alcántara Martínez Valeria Ivonne: NO VEO MI GATO
    Ya active el botón verde y no me aparece mi gato, me siento estafada
  • (2020-06-10, v:1.7.4) wing yan siu: jjjjjjjjjjjjj
  • (2020-06-08, v:1.7.4) Cookie Cracker: DUDE
  • (2020-06-08, v:1.7.4) Cookie Cracker: Man
  • (2020-05-16, v:1.7.4) UnicornPrincess 127: I don't see cats & i don't know how to use it
    I don't see cats & what's above.
  • (2020-05-15, v:1.7.4) Alex Yu: Curser Cat
    I can't see the cat when I clik on it , It is on Google.
  • (2020-04-26, v:1.7.4) Bored broom: no cats
    i cant see cats on my screen
  • (2020-04-21, v:1.7.4) 12kDead 12kDevils: Hopefully it works, becuase it didnt show me the cat following my cursor.
    if i reset my computer i will get off call. and it will tell that person who im calling with to get off call becuase nobodys actually calling that person, but i will soon. and hopefully it will work!!
  • (2020-04-11, v:1.7.4) juan david montealegre chaves: para el desarollador
    porfavor ayudeme el gato no me aparece ;-;
  • (2020-04-11, v:1.7.4) juan david montealegre chaves: gato
    el h&%$%& gato no me aparece ya lo active ya hice de todo y no sirveeeeee pleasee help me yo quiero tener un gato que siga el cursor
  • (2020-04-01, v:1.7.4) Marcela Pulido Enriquez: Descarga
    No se porque me aparece que ya esta instalado y activado. Pero aun asi no me aparece el cursor de gatito :c
  • (2020-03-26, v:1.7.4) Jacob Perlow: Needs more cats.
    Add more cats or maybe a custom cat creator? It doesn't work on some sites like google ones though. if you have more cats than the options show there is no way to see them.
  • (2020-03-22, v:1.7.4) Frankie Swan: s*x and me make one
    can you let me do one or can you make a dog one pls ^O^ and how old are you I'm 20 and what's your name My name is Ashley and we can have s*x ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • (2020-03-20, v:1.7.4) El wey de los muslos ;v: No se activa
    No funciona mi neko como puedo hacer para que funcione ya lo leí todo aiudaa
  • (2020-02-26, v:1.7.4) LAZARUS RAMIREZ: idk
    how do i get cat
  • (2020-02-24, v:1.7.4) Lillian Kunard: it wont dowlaod
    it wont download on my chrome book
  • (2020-02-14, v:1.7.4) William Underhill: the cat doesn't work
    pls help the cat doesn't come out i've tried everything


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