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Play over 50 levels of box-jumping madness! Design and share your own levels.

Image from store Boxel Rebound
Description from store Changelog: Version +Added auto-jump (Hold right-click to auto-jump) Version +Added keyboard shortcuts (R = Reset level, E = Exit level) Version +Added the ability to unlock skins by beating the final zone levels (ex: 10, 20, 30, etc.) Version +Temporarily disabled cloud storage (building a new way to backup data manually). Version +Fixed rewards not saving to the Google Cloud Version 1.7.6 +Added a rewards page for users to expand features for free. +Removed Boxel Rebound Pro button (Google is removing all sales in early 2021). If you have already purchased Boxel Rebound Pro, all Pro features will remain available to you forever. Version - June 7, 2020 +Added community levels again (keep them clean ya'll). +Yeeted "tabs" permission (We DO NOT want to know your browsing history). This was originally added to collect basic user behaviors (clicks, installs, uninstalls etc.) Version - May 7, 2020 +Added fullscreen mode again LOL Version - May 7, 2020 +Removed community browser (Google doesn't like tabs) +Removed fullscreen mode (Google doesn't like tabs) Version - January 23, 2020 +Made level 41-50 extra hard lol Version - December 16, 2019 +Updated "Hurdle Hell" (Level 36) to be difficult again +Updated resize block, it now resets speed blocks (credit: Lollipop) +Fixed home page bug when pressing space bar (credit: Google A.I.) Version - November 28, 2019 +Added new physics for arrow blocks (low gravity, high gravity, slow-mo, fast-mo) +Added 10 new levels (50 total) Version - November 20, 2019 +Added privacy policy to help you learn more about your data. Version - November 18, 2019 +Optimize community levels page with new server cache system. +Increased download/upload limit to encourage more submissions. Version 1.6.0 - November 12, 2019 +Added a new free skin - click the link on the extension pop-up, or community page for more info +Increased performance for player skins. Vectors are now cached properly. Version - November 6, 2019 +Added tips to community levels +Added censor for reported levels Version - October 29, 2019 +Added user tokens to improve reporting system. Version - October 28, 2019 +Added "report" button to help clean up the community levels. Version 1.5.9 - October 24, 2019 +Added game to community page to quickly try out other levels. Version - October 24, 2019 +Added "easy" and "expert" filter to community page. Version - October 23, 2019 +Added "completed" counter for community levels. Version - October 23, 2019 +Added search box for level codes. +Updated editor theme. Version - October 22, 2019 +Added new "hot" filter to community page. +Added color to map preview. Version - October 21, 2019 +Added community page for recent or popular levels. Version 1.5.8 - October 21, 2019 +Updated level sharing database. It's super fast now. +Updated level editor icons. Version - October 17, 2019 +Added 4 new skins (kitty, doggo, mouse, birb) +Added skins to pause menu (previously numbers) Version - October 2, 2019 +Updated UI Version - September 18, 2019 +Fixed "Fast Mode" not working in "Fullscreen" mode. Version 1.5.7 - September 18, 2019 +Added "Fast Mode" option. Version - June 25, 2019 +Experimenting with a speed option. No new features yet... Version 1.5.6 - May 18, 2019 +Added auto sync to pro accounts. High scores and custom level data will now automatically update on all your computers. Version - May 13, 2019 +Fixed a bug that caused custom levels to disappear Version 1.5.5 - April 30, 2019 +Added 4 new custom skin options for Pro users Version 1.5.4 - April 12, 2019 +Added an option to download or upload level files (unlimited for free account) +Increased default max custom levels to 3 Version 1.5 - April 5, 2019 +Added Boxel Rebound Pro option. Pro players can now share/download an unlimited amount of levels with friends! Version 1.4 - April 3, 2019 +Added 10 new levels from hell! Version - March 19, 2019 +Working on new levels. Nothing new yet! Version 1.3.8 - March 19, 2019 +Add limits for uploads and downloads. Version - March 9th, 2019 +Add Amazon promo to help pay for the server. Version - March 1st, 2019 +Update level compression to UTF16 format Version 1.3.5 - February 28th, 2019 +Update font support for older machines Version 1.3.3 - February 27th, 2019 +Added LZ-String compression for level sharing. Our server has reached the monthly download limit, so this update should help prevent future down-times. Version 1.3.2 - February 26th, 2019 +Updated soundtrack because the previous one was awful Version 1.3.0 - February 26th, 2019 +Added a message box for live updates from the developers Version 1.2.9 - August 7rd, 2018 +Updated points UI on home screen +Updated player color to white on blue levels Version 1.2.8 - August 3rd, 2018 +Include data tracking Version 1.2.7 - July 18th, 2018 +Add total points to the top of home screen

Latest reviews

  • (2021-06-20) Nathan yu: fun
  • (2021-06-20) 陳彥宇: good fun
  • (2021-06-19) Jim Alexander: i ate my sock
  • (2021-06-19) MUSTAFA KAYHAN: son bölümlerde yani otuz sonrasında en az 1 veya 2 spawnpoşnt koylmalısınız o zaman çok iyi yorumlar alabilirsiniz!!!!!!!!!! bir de bilmeyenler için 30. bölümde sonda küçültücü var onu alın küçülün ve çıkşa gelin ve kaçın!!!
  • (2021-06-19) Max Yu: I lovvve it
  • (2021-06-19) Grecia Yañez De La Gala: buen juego
  • (2021-06-19) S B: Great game for time pass. you really will love it. It gets harder and harder.
  • (2021-06-18) noah sch: cooles spiel
  • (2021-06-18) audrey: super fun! The end gets a little bit too difficult for me though but that is the point of the game. There's a glitch on level 38 though.
  • (2021-06-18) Theodore Stewart: I t w a s a m a i n g
  • (2021-06-18) Camila Nazario: thebest
  • (2021-06-18) Jack Robertson Doel: pretty cool good to get out of doing school work
  • (2021-06-18) Alex Reales Rodriguez: es muy buena es relajante y entretine mucho ♥
  • (2021-06-17) Torido Aoi: its too hard but i like it
  • (2021-06-17) Angel Gabriel De La Cruz Varas: Es un excelente juego para desestresarse un poco de alguna clase virtual y lo bueno es que está en una pantalla chiquita así tus padres no se darán cuenta, o al menos durante buen tiempo XD.
  • (2021-06-17) nathan weigh: awsome game it is so cool
  • (2021-06-17) JC_dbh: fun very fun
  • (2021-06-16) Raúl Chess: Muy buena!!! Es un juego que la verdad te engancha y para ser una extension esta increible, también por la dificultat bastante alta. Esperando la secuela.
  • (2021-06-16) Ryma Menacere: super
  • (2021-06-16) yuri limgo: mui bueno
  • (2021-06-16) PIZE MEGA SegundariO: Gostei muito!!Mas eu tento aperta para entra na fase 8 mas não vai!!
  • (2021-06-16) Stijn Gevers: it is very good game
  • (2021-06-16) Farquees Menedez: bruh
  • (2021-06-16) mateuski888: Buen juego, good game
  • (2021-06-16) Boris Peter: I finally finished level 50 and the game was really good to play when you are bored.
  • (2021-06-16) Reka Radnoti: It is really fun. It challenges me to do my best. Sometimes it is irritating that I can't do a level, but once I finish, its a relief!
  • (2021-06-16) T TrEE -_-: this game is so fun i love it
  • (2021-06-16) WailedYeetYT: It's a pretty good game, but i feel like the jump height is a bit too low
  • (2021-06-16) Stingz SebYT: I terminally liked this game but level 36 just makes it bad. My friend wanted the free skin and he watched 5 minutes for no reason. Thats racist because his black
  • (2021-06-16) sam letcher: good, fun
  • (2021-06-15) Hunter Place: It's a FANTASTIC game i definitely rate it
  • (2021-06-15) Audrey Fang: I liked the game, but some levels were just impossible.
  • (2021-06-15) Luís Paulo Milagres Ferreira: mt legal mas apartir do nivel 31 fica impossivel e tava top mais eles começaram a ficar ganaciosos antes era ilimitado os niveis de comunidadee agora n
  • (2021-06-15) pasta away: bruh i cant get pass 49 lol edit:finally beat all the levels and unlocked all the skins
  • (2021-06-15) samuray 1480: ta un poco difícil y es entretenido y adictivo
  • (2021-06-15) Carlota Mesanza Sanjuan: Este juego es muy entretenido pero a la vez estresante, pero aun asi me ha encantado.
  • (2021-06-15) Loek Maissan: grappig in school
  • (2021-06-15) tompi do: maak lvl 30 makkelijker
  • (2021-06-15) orizontte illuminacion: awsome
  • (2021-06-15) zak williamson: its so cool
  • (2021-06-14) Junii02: Empecé en el instituto picándome con mis compañeros de clase y ahora que me he ido del instituto me lo he instalado en mi ordenador para recordar viejos tiempos. Empecé en 2020
  • (2021-06-14) Jaidyn Gordon: it was amazing, there should definetly be more than 51 levels. I want to see what more he can come up with!
  • (2021-06-14) DaltonGuy: good game
  • (2021-06-14) Santiago Randall: it so fun
  • (2021-06-14) Ink2 King: good game ththgjythhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • (2021-06-12) gamingkitty lol: (i hacked the game lol) it is a fun game to play i played to the whole plus can there be a part two?????????????
  • (2021-06-12) Sajid Bakheet: good
  • (2021-06-11) Aram Avedian: this was amazing im level 43 and on another one 45!
  • (2021-06-11) Chanseo Myung: I love this game its so fun to play in secret when no ones watching

Latest issues

  • (2021-06-19, v: MUSTAFA KAYHAN: levels
    Level 31 and above must have at least 1 2 save points because then it will be easy to gain more fans, I love this game so much I hope you will consider this issue. good day :D
  • (2021-05-19, v: Light Yagami: skins
    how would you get the Triforce skin?
  • (2021-04-24, v: Alexandria Alvarez: Points
    For some reason I dont get points at all or im just not seeing them can someone help me?
  • (2021-04-23, v: Adrian _01: sugerencuia
    mas niveles
  • (2021-04-23, v: mehmet yusuf taşolar: oyun güzel
    güzel oyun sorunum yok
  • (2021-04-22, v: Miguel Radmann: Mais itens para usar
    Eu gostei do jogo, mas poderia ter mais itens, tipo um teleporte que se tocasse iria ser teleportado para outro desse item
  • (2021-04-22, v: Ben Sigurdson: Free Skin
    I wrote the review and haven't received the "free skin" what should i do?
  • (2021-04-22, v: William Daniel Ferreira de Campos: tudo otimo
    tudo otimo
  • (2021-04-22, v: Juanes Jara: super cool
    im not tesla but i want to pay 5 dolar for all the game no
  • (2021-04-22, v: Yiğit YÜKSEL: MORE LEVELS
    This game is cool but I think you should add more levels to it
  • (2021-04-22, v: Aima Tahir: More Levels
    Can you add more levels love the game tho
  • (2021-04-22, v: hello my friend: IST BERY DIFICULT
    YOu should put more levels because its a litle short and its very cool
  • (2021-04-22, v: Satagi AT: Levels
    i would like to hve more levels so the game could be more fun like candy crush
  • (2021-04-07, v: Korekuta: levels not uploading correctly
    When I try to download my level after uploading it to see if it works, it says "error 404 the code you have submitted does not exist." and I have already tried remaking the level as well as uploading it multiple times.
  • (2021-04-01, v: Huntress: Skins
    How do you get other skins (besides the heart one)?
  • (2021-03-31, v: Jay Mayers: Data Collected
    We are reviewing your extension for a company wide offering. What data is collected from your Boxel Rebound?
  • (2021-03-30, v: José Francisco Chávez Gutierrez: Mode Easy
    Please Add A Easy Mode For More noobs persons that play the game more popurality for the game
  • (2021-03-26, v: The awesome flosser Wray: why
    why dosent it work on makbook? is it posibble you could fix this?
  • (2021-03-16, v: First Name Last Name: How do I start?
    How can I start playing?
  • (2021-03-13, v: seb stefanson: no download
    i can't download
  • (2021-02-28, v: Dash Cuber: Points
    I just saw something weird when I went back and did an old level... I got a new best time on it and then I suddenly had way less points. This is not a glitch but I was just wondering why it was like this. P.s please add more levels!
  • (2021-02-28, v: Dash Cuber: Points
    I just saw something weird when I went back and did an old level... I got a new best time on it and then I suddenly had way less points. This is not a glitch but I was just wondering why it was like this. P.s please add more levels!
  • (2021-02-28, v: Dash Cuber: Points
    I just saw something weird when I went back and did an old level... I got a new best time on it and then I suddenly had way less points. This is not a glitch but I was just wondering why it was like this. P.s please add more levels!
  • (2021-02-28, v: Dash Cuber: Points
    I just saw something weird when I went back and did an old level... I got a new best time on it and then I suddenly had way less points. This is not a glitch but I was just wondering why it was like this. P.s please add more levels!
  • (2021-02-26, v: Alessandro Armenta: Mods
    Can we have mods, it will make it more cool and interesting. If there are some, could you please give me the link, thanks.
  • (2021-02-24, v: me me: SKIPPING LEVELS
  • (2021-02-24, v: MrGuy: Levels
    Hey! Love your game! Just wondering if you could add more Levels?
  • (2021-02-18, v: Dash Cuber: level 36 glitch
    I have been doing this level (36 "hurdle hell") for weeks it's so hard, well done. But when I clicked the world symbol and played it it glitched and I went under the hurdles and there were weird invisible blocks. What is this? Please help
  • (2021-02-17, v: Orange Kitty Hi: Updating Problem
    When I go on here to see whats happening with the app after I can't open it, It says, "This application is not supported on this computer. Installation has been disabled. The following problems are detected: Chrome of version at least 88 is required. What do I do?!?
  • (2021-02-15, v: JANETTE NACILLA: how do you play it
    every time it wont work
  • (2021-01-27, v: Viv W: level glitch
    this isnt a very large issue at all - but im on level 43 right now, sometimes when i go into the game and use the space bar to get into the level, it goes to level 43 and its pink and purple like the starting stages. this only happens sometimes though :))
  • (2021-01-22, v: Sri Krishna Arunachalam: Can't open game
    When I click on the extension, It doesn't open. Is there a keybind to open the game and play it? If so, what is it?
  • (2021-01-14, v: Ouro Bem Gratuíto: dinheiro
    Se você não passar o dinheiro na minha conta eu vou te passar o vapo!⚠AVISO⚠!
  • (2021-01-08, v: hector curcio: quiero conectarme
    quiero conectarme
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  • (2020-12-14, v: sabir shah: HI WFI
  • (2020-12-11, v: Apple Boy: Skins
    It doesn't give me any skins I only have the box and the heart how do I get more?
  • (2020-12-01, v: Benedictus Edmund: Please dear game makers... I want to ask..
    Can you make it into a multiplayer game? Can you make it more characters?
  • (2020-11-25, v: The_great_king: i want more skins
    how to get more skins
  • (2020-11-24, v: Pandude Playz: Multiplayer
    Hi! I'm already 2 levels into this game and it's so good! How about a multiplayer mode???
  • (2020-11-21, v: alex pecina: quiero jugar
    como puedo jugarlo
  • (2020-11-18, v: Lorena Costa Jorge: Atualização
    Como faço para atualizar?
  • (2020-11-11, v: Multiplayer
    plz add multiplayer...
  • (2020-11-10, v: Rayinisdope 1: i need help
    i cant do 36 IT IS SO HARD is there a way to skip it i did it before but my brother deleted it so i had to restart.
  • (2020-11-04, v: CHarLiZe sUrYA: Very good
    there are no issues but level 30 is hard and i cant beat it
  • (2020-10-31, v: Janice Khwairakpam: PKTABA
    How do I unlock all the skins?????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • (2020-10-26, v: Jana Bakrawy: error
    whenever i reach level 39 it doesn't take me to level 40 it just stops and freezes so i have to remove it and add it and yet nothing its been like that for nearly a month now.


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