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Description from extension meta Increase your max volume by up to 4 times the loudness! I made this extension so I could blast music on my laptop. Pick how much…
Image from store Volume Booster
Description from store Increase your max volume by up to 4 times the loudness! I made this extension so I could blast music on my laptop. Pick how much louder you want the sound to be on audio from any chrome tab. If you are on Windows and are having issues with Fullscreen, press F11. If you are on Mac, maximize the window and then press cmd+shift+F. If using earphones or small laptop speakers, moving the slider past the halfway point will lead to crackling noise. I am not responsible for any damage done to your speakers/earphones.
Latest reviews (2019-11-14) Capri Snowhill: funkar inte.. (2019-11-13) Митя ДраКоан: Лагает звук, какая-то неправильная буферизация (проц не грузит) (2019-11-09) Denise Evans: I love this extension and I'm very careful to only turn it up to where I "need" it. I understand Chromebooks just don't have the power to withstand too much added volume. Use your head people. Very good extension but for some that don't use common sense, you might want to make one that only goes to that halfway mark ;) (2019-11-03) Vivek N: Loved it. It instantly increased volume of my Udemy vedio which was less. Thank you. (2019-10-23) Debatosh Das: Works flawlessly and can be used separately for each tab separately...Excellent... (2019-10-20) Danny SeVille: BEST SOUND BOOSTER EVER!!! (2019-10-16) Clawdius: blast my new headphone with this extension, 10/10 would buy a new headphone again (2019-10-12) Coco Mina: It works! thanks so much!! (2019-10-10) Thiago Santos pereira: NÃO ESTA FUNCIONANDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... FAVOR VERIFICAR (2019-09-24) Jacka Loppe: Wanted to watch some ASMR and couldn't find my headphones. Thanks for this :) (2019-09-20) W R: When turning on the audio quality drops like hell. Uninstall immediately (2019-09-15) Comrade_ Savage15: it's easy but why does it have no sound when i use it and say tab's content is being shared (2019-09-14) BigBoy69: Is trash it makes the song sound like im listening to my cat being crashed by a rock while someone is eating chips and play fortnite so its like listening to hell not like i thought it would sound like heaven aka morgz stopped uploading (2019-09-14) C -: useless (2019-09-10) Tomas Svitil: <3 Works, now I can hear stuff on my lenovo (2019-09-05) Raf Bnj: after i opened the extension the volume got really loud that. And the volume is only in the middle. this is great. (2019-09-04) Liudas Starkus: It only boosts bass to an absurd amount which only distorts the sound. (2019-08-25) Sadettin Emekli: please mouse wheeling control. (2019-08-24) James Henjum: It raises the volume but it's messing with my ability to enter and exit fullscreen. Will remove extension. (2019-08-23) Sono Sugoi Nazo: Thank you for making this. My headphones sound so much better. (2019-08-23) screencut: Extension keeps causing Chrome to pull focus. Most especially annoying when full screen on something else. Terrible extension! (2019-08-22) Djefley Florentino VX: FUNCIONA BEM DMS! (2019-08-22) JIMEL: I loved it, then it stopped working (2019-08-21) Stephen Longbook: Does exactly what is advertised. I listen to a podcast while I work, but the presenters can be so soft spoken that they are inaudible with my laptops speakers. this bridges that gap perfectly. (2019-08-18) Cristiano Cantarini: Não funciona, por favor arrumar isso!

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