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Mini player with cross-service music sharing for Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music.

Image from store SynQ: Music Mini Player and Cross-Service Sharing
Description from store Elevate your music streaming experience with SynQ, your ultimate music companion for the web that seamlessly integrates with Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music. Key Features: 🎵 Multi-Platform Integration: SynQ supports Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music, with more to come! 🔗 Cross-Platform Link Redirects: When you receive a link to a song on a music service that's not your preferred one, SynQ ensures you can quickly redirect to your favorite service without missing a beat. ⚙️ Comprehensive Controls: Easily control your music with a full set of playback options including play/pause, next, previous, volume adjustment, repeat options, and like/dislike buttons – all conveniently accessible in a compact mini player. 🔄 Queue Playback: View your upcoming tracks and play anything currently in your queue without having to go to your music service UI. 🔊 Floating Mode: Take your music anywhere on the web with the floating/always-on-top mode. Enjoy the freedom to keep your mini player on top of other windows for an uninterrupted music journey. 🎉 Notifications: Stay in the know! SynQ notifies you instantly when the song changes, ensuring you're always aware of the music playing in the background. ⌨️ Key Controls: Effortlessly control your music with added keyboard shortcuts integrated directly into the mini player.

Latest reviews

  • (2023-10-16) Sheikh Siddique Ahmed Ali: This extension should be all in one supporting all of the features that we usually see direct on another tab sponsoring this extension, that sponsoring link open in new tab with all of stuff out there that should be in the extension as a mini player. I hope that you got my mind map......
  • (2023-09-30) Phantom “Not your business” undisclosed: would be great if it didnt break YTM and its audio. tho it was also the audio only plugin that was causing problems
  • (2023-08-06) Daniel Leung: It would be prefect if the min-player could show up by using picture-in-picture mode in the browser.
  • (2023-08-03) Adam Fuller: Great extension, a must have for anyone who uses youtube music!
  • (2023-07-30) Miguel Davila: when i click on open ytm nothing happens
  • (2023-07-24) Muhammed Erkam EREN: very good
  • (2023-07-21) Dan Giacobbe: I just installed this last night. I was looking for something I could quickly click on to see the current song title without launching the bulky YTM player. This extension was exactly what I was looking for. I was even more impressed with the pop-up notifications, so there's no need for me to click on the extension. Even better!
  • (2023-07-14) Risal Fajar Amiyardi: The extension is half-break since today, it always says "No Music Playing", then I refresh the YTM page, it works, but after I closed the extension pop-up, it back to "No Music Playing" state.
  • (2023-06-23) Florian B.: It seems it's not detecting youtube music page being open since a few days ago ? So it's not scrobbling anymore....
  • (2023-05-29) TNS: Not useful
  • (2023-05-12) Joni Mustaniemi: The extension does not work well in Chrome. The mini player works until the song changes and tells "no music playing". Restarting the browser again, one song works and the same problem after song change. Otherwise, it would be a great extension for Chrome
  • (2023-05-08) Antony Dovgal: Last.fm integration seems to be doing nothing. I'm logged in, but no scrobbles and no errors in the dev console..
  • (2023-04-08) Blaze: I appreciate the hard work. Please add add to playlist feature in the mini player.
  • (2023-04-08) Ed: I'm honestly really impressed by this! Surprisingly, I found this extension from Bing, so looks like bing is good after all for some things 🤷. Something I would like though is making the "add to playlist" button more accessible and show what playlists a song is already in, although that might be beyond the purview of this extension.
  • (2023-01-27) Tim & Tom: Good idea. But not working.
  • (2022-11-24) João Vitor Bazzan: Wish the miniplayer stays always on
  • (2022-11-17) Evan Menak: Broken. Buttons don't do anything.
  • (2022-10-31) Fábio Pelagaggi: Amazing extension!
  • (2022-10-12) Carlos: Good theme editor, I think Google updated the UI and the extension is a little outdated with some parts of the UI. Same thing with the mini player, now Chrome has the built-in player.
  • (2022-10-03) Gary Arnold: Doesn't seem to do anything? It launches and shows an empty player. Can't get it to load a playlist or play anything. Seems broken.
  • (2022-08-30) Adam McGready: Really love the app, but wish there was a way to like or dislike songs directly from the extension.
  • (2022-07-20) MIN HUA LING: The extension works fine in overall, but I hope can add the support for the webpage progress bar color change as the mini player do (now only the mini player progress bar can change the color).
  • (2022-07-16) Josue Rodriguez: _excelente integración con Last.fm pero lyric no funciona. _un manjar con KIWI en modo escritorio, ahí lo dejo.
  • (2022-07-04) Ralf “Dreadmate” Zorny: Yo idk if im getting blind in my old age of 29 but there are literally no instructions on how this works I have to have the YTM webpage open still..? If I've missed something I guess that's on me but the YTM web page and Chrome in general already has mini players imbedded.. so Im getting notifications from three different angles when the song changes idk whatever. Not a total waste of time. LLAP
  • (2022-07-02) Olivier Sulzynski: gj
  • (2022-06-10) diego: se restablece el tema
  • (2022-05-06) Midnight: Overall it works fine, I guess. It misses quite a few elements on YouTube Music, probably because they changed the site and this extension isn't catching up. Some text is unreadable even though I set all text to be black on a white background. Some buttons stay black and unaffected. The headers have weird black bars on the side, etc. The lyric text is also white and unreadable if I set the Mini Player to Default Light. Attaching last.fm gave a blocked by Chrome error but still worked. Overall an improvement but not fully functional.
  • (2022-04-23) Enggal R Purchasing: lyric didnt work
  • (2022-03-09) Jack Hart: Notifications and mini player aren't working any more
  • (2022-03-05) Kai: This is exactly what I was looking for. I changed my default browser from Opera to Chrome and since I've gotten used to Opera's integrated Youtube Music player, I'm very happy to have found this. The only downside is that you have to have Youtube Music open as a tab, as opposed to Opera, which didn't require it to be opened. But pinning the tab almost gets rid of it (at least visually) and the ability to control the player in any Tab is perfect. Thanks!!
  • (2022-02-18) Jhoan: I'd like to see the following: Persistent volume slider when the width is longer than the height of the page Forced highest quality when the video of a song is playing View count of songs, pulled from the YouTube page
  • (2022-02-07) Alius Ali: It didn't work :( There is no song information neither the lyric
  • (2022-02-06) Roblox Accounts: I can't use keyboard controls (arrow keys)
  • (2022-01-31) Jose Vela: I think its a very helpful extension with good choice in options and functionality. My only complaint is that there is no option to save the theme as a file. My custom theme was reset a couple times for some reason and maybe being able to save as a file would help make setting each color less tedious.
  • (2022-01-15) Ashley Daniela Stephania Chinchilla Nájera: me encanta, estuve buscando por bastante tiempo una app para poder personalizar y YT music y funciona de maravilla, seria mas perfecta si se pudiera poner fotos de fondo :3
  • (2021-12-21) C S: had to sign up and was then told to pay for PRO account when i already have youtube premium account. not the extension you want if just needing a mini player FOR YOUTUBE MUSIC. nice design and function though, again, not necessarily for youtube music.
  • (2021-12-17) Monika G.: Welp, I was looking forward to it. Then I added it and noticed that it is rather useless. doe snot work at all. No Display of Song; Artist or anyhting whatsoever. It does not recognize anything being played in Youtube Music. Don't install.
  • (2021-12-13) Spychopat: Not exactly what i'm looking for. I was looking for a way to permanently have "pause", "next" and "volume" control directly into chrome. On the right side of the url bar would be perfect. With this extension, you still need to do an extra click to show the mini player, not much different than just changing tab. But still, working as intended and pretty great addon, but not that useful tho.
  • (2021-10-02) Paul Edward: Great extension! Is there any way to implement the ability to open YTM by clicking the eextension icon if not already open? either way, thanks for the tool!
  • (2021-09-10) Red Oak: Doesn't let you play youtube music unless a youtube tab is open. So not really sure what the point of this thing is... Volume control didn't work at all to adjust youtube music (US).
  • (2021-08-27) TheTAMAS Gautam: Not working at all.
  • (2021-07-04) Alex Gene: very nice. can you make the color of the font of the lyrics black or white depending the theme? currently being grey it's difficult to see ti easily in both themes
  • (2021-03-20) Spark Norva: Very good tool, but would be perfect if the pop up icon could stay turned on even while reducing chrome to an icon. Is it possible to implement it?
  • (2021-03-11) Roger Gonzalez: I love this extension because its small, compact and does not require switching to another tab to play my music.
  • (2021-02-19) Ryan: I like it and it works well, but please add like/dislike buttons. I want to be able to like and dislike songs from the mini app without me having to bring the YouTube Music desktop app into view. Also please make it so clicking X to close the mini player doesn't pause/stop my music playing in the Youtube Music Desktop app. If I want to pause I'll click pause.
  • (2021-01-05) Rao Yan: So good.
  • (2020-12-30) Sue Fulton: its ok
  • (2020-12-16) Maxinne Roseño: I liked it but I hope the music still plays even if I exit from music.youtube.com.
  • (2020-12-01) Midnight Cats: I love this!
  • (2020-11-22) Michael Adrian: I love this, but maybe the last update broke the media play buttons in Chrome? Or maybe is just me, idk. If I let this extension enabled, I can't use my media Buttons in chrome ( No Play/next/Back...). If I disable it, then everything goes back to normal, I can Play/Pause etc in YT for example.

Latest issues

  • (2023-10-26, v:3.3.3) Nikolaj Frey: Hi there! Fellow YT Dev!
    Hi!!!! 🎸🥁 I love music as I'm sure you do! I'm also a full stack developer! I like modifying and extending google services too. I built this cool subscription manager for youtube called https://ytsubber.com ! I just realised that there was probably someone out there who had created some plugins for YouTube music browser edition. I was having some thoughts. I really think youtube music on laptop needs a way to control play/pause status and etc.. from another device, similar to Spotify's functionality. And another idea I had, was playlist based radio, as you'll notice that when you start a radio off of a playlist, it just picks a random song from the playlist, and starts a radio from it. My idea would be a shuffle + radio feature, where you shuffle a playlist, but then every 2nd, 3rd, random song, is generated based on the radio algorithm using the previous played song from the actual playlist, etc.. Let me know what you think! Kind regards! Nikolaj Frey 🔴
  • (2023-10-13, v:3.3.3) Youpikachoum: Issue with like button
    On the plugin, all music seem to appear as "liked" by default, with the like thumb filled with white, even for musics I'm 100% sure I never marked as liked. It means that if I do want to like a music, I have to click twice on the like button (once to "unlike" it so it gets back to normal, and once more to actually like it). It's a very minor issue, but I wanted to tell the dev ! Thanks
  • (2023-06-19, v:3.2.0) Misaki K: Refund
    Hello I was charged for this YouTube Music service. I thought this was already canceled as I have not used it at all in over 2 months. I was charged today for this service and would like the funds refunded to me please.
  • (2023-06-10, v:3.2.0) Marion Soda: Lyrics and Queue
    The lyrics isn't loading from the extension. https://prnt.sc/NIY6gNprx1TO And the songs in the queue doubled, but shares the same slot https://prnt.sc/q5G0vfUy3uXc
  • (2023-02-20, v:3.1.1) Jorge Szwarcman: subir mi musica
    como puedo subir mi musica
  • (2022-09-20, v:3.1.1) bulletproof2k: Last.fm
    LastFM Error: This page has been blocked by Chrome ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT When trying to connect to Last.fm I get this error: This page has been blocked by Chrome ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT I'm signed into last.fm and it happens when I click "Yes, Allow Access" on their Connect Application page after clicking "LastFM Login" from the extension settings.
  • (2022-07-26, v:3.1.1) maria martin: refund
    hello i need a refund there was two charges on my card for the same thing at the same time
  • (2022-07-24, v:3.1.1) Jack Jones: LastFM Error: This page has been blocked by Chrome ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT
    When trying to connect to Last.fm I get this error: This page has been blocked by Chrome ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT I'm signed into last.fm and it happens when I click "Yes, Allow Access" on their Connect Application page after clicking "LastFM Login" from the extension settings.
  • (2022-07-18, v:3.1.1) Tammie Killion: how do i set up a app. that i can download my granddaughter the youtube kids music ,learning ,games ,picters,videos so she can just put app. on add to home screen and free for now and if need to or want she can add on as we go and pay if need to please
    i need help downloading youtubekids app on same app i need to know how to do it easyer way and put app home screen please help me im new at this sorry thanks so much
  • (2022-04-07, v:3.1.1) Cassandra Erekson: extensions
    i get an error when i click add to chrome. it says the server can not find the file
  • (2021-07-15, v:3.0.0) Starz: Volume button doesn't work.
    Hi developer, just to say that the volume button doesn't work when i move it up and down the volume doesn't change. Thanks to fix it!
  • (2021-04-14, v:2.1.0) Mathew 'Chase' Gladden: Mini Player Doesn't Register Music
    I'm signed into YouTube music, have it playing, but the mini player shows nothing. Even tried adding it into a queue and it was never shown. Extension is doing absolutely nothing.
  • (2021-01-31, v:2.1.0) Bill Chang: Echo
    There's an awful echo for everything I play on youtube now. I tried to uninstall but the extension comes back everytime.
  • (2020-08-25, v:2.0.5) Mac Rebant: last.fm not working, pls fix
  • (2020-08-07, v:2.0.5) Russell Heimlich: Retain Ability to Skip Ahead or Back in time of currently playing track
    I love being able to hit Space bar to play/pause and use the arrow keys to skip songs. I just wish you would detect if the SHIFT key is being held down. SHIFT + Arrow key is the official way to skip ahead or back 10 seconds. Now when I do this with this extension enabled the track skips ahead 10 seconds and then skips to the next track.
  • (2020-07-09, v:2.0.5) Jeff Brody: App not syncing with YTMusic
    How do I sign in to extension..I'm signed in to youtubemusic app, but they are not syncing. Thanks.
  • (2020-06-05, v:2.0.5) kohshoo Abe: Not displayed Lyrics
    This app dose not display Lyrics now. Not working with Last.fm.
  • (2020-05-12, v:2.0.5) Abdullah Ardıçbağ: The extension cant find the lyrics
    The extension cant find the lyrics. in any language.
  • (2020-04-14, v:2.0.5) Benjamin De Craene: light theme could use fine-tuning
    Great work on that light theme so far! when i go click on a playing song to see the album cover bigger and the queue on the right. That part is still dark. Also titles aren't visible. Probably white on white. Pop-ups also dark
  • (2019-12-06, v:2.0.5) Stefan Kirrmann: Lastfm integration invalid API key
    I cannot reconnect to lastfm, it only shows this error on lastfm "Invalid API key. If you are a third party developer see our authentication how-to to find out more."
  • (2019-12-06, v:2.0.4) Stefan: Extension doesn't work anymore
    cannot connect lastfm because of jquery which cannot be loaded (ressource not found). The popup is empty because no data is filled in, but controls do work.
  • (2019-11-25, v:2.0.4) Vatsal Chauhan: Lyrics load problem
    Hi, the lyrics are not being loaded. On checking console, the error was : Lyrics.js:33 Objectcontact us: "[email protected]"error: {error_code: 900, error_message: "Lyrics searching failed: authorization failed: wrong api_token."}requested_params: {q: "metallica fade to black (remastered)", method: "findLyrics"}see api documentation: "https://docs.audd.io"status: "error"__proto__: Object Lyrics.js:37 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined at XMLHttpRequest.xhr.onreadystatechange (Lyrics.js:37) PLease Fix.
  • (2019-11-07, v:2.0.4) Jesse Martinez: Allow keyboard control from outside extension
    A nice feature would be to be able to control the tracks when not in the app from the keyboard (just like the extensions for google play music allows me to control my music from outside the app on my keyboard). It works fine now when I click on the extension and im in there, but when im working from my computer not actively in the extension, it would be nice to control the music the same way from the keyboard. Thanks!
  • (2019-11-01, v:2.0.4) jayender suthar: lyrics not working
    lyrics not working loading just loading please do something please i want to read lyrics
  • (2019-10-20, v:2.0.4) Emmanuel: Lyrics tab loads forever
    Lyrics never shows up
  • (2019-09-18, v:2.0.4) Armonds Kursis: lastFM
    When I press "LastFM login" nothing happens...
  • (2019-09-17, v:2.0.4) dadapotok: last.fm login and scrobbler don't work anymore
    last.fm login and scrobbler don't work anymore, can't login, can't scrobble even if logged in
  • (2019-08-09, v:2.0.3) Paulo Roger Ferrari Camargo: Firefox
    Hi! Is there any plan to bring this extension to Firefox? please
  • (2019-04-29, v:2.0.3) pablo r: tab icon - keyboard integration
    the tab bar icon looks too small on dark themes. Also, please add integration with the keyboard play/pause buttons-
  • (2018-11-16, v:2.0.2) Ivan Riskov: Keyboard shortcuts
    Can you please add an ability to set a keyboard shortcut for play/pause?
  • (2018-11-14, v:2.0.2) Богдан Матвієнко: last fm login broken
    after i say yes to log in its isnt connecting to last fm


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