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The whole QuickSave family joins this emote pack to be used on every website! The first Mixer Emote extension for Chrome!

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Description from store RIP Mixer 7/22/2020. Thank you for your support in using the Quicksave Emotes extension. Development has ceased. Bring your drawgs to life in Mixer chat and everywhere else on the web! The QuickSave stream team proudly presents Global QuickSave Emotes, an app that allows you to use and see our emotes anywhere. To see a full emote list, right click on the QuickSave Emotes button on the top of Chrome, choose 'Options', and then click on the link in the Options page to view the full list! Changelog: Goodbye Mixer Also fixed :mmmnah:, which was broken for a while. Mini update Added :drawg_delet: emote Updated Pastebin link First update in a while and it's a big one! Added additional :poggers: shortcut to :feelswowman: Cleaned up the Options page to make it more user-friendly and updated the banner Added :heckoff: :xd: :mmmyea: :nut: :hypejustin: :topkek: :pepegiggle: :wedoman: :pepodance: :peepodance: :mmmnah: :pepelongsmug: :ezkid: :feelsdabman: :mood: :ez: :peepohehe: :bb: :pepeomg: :oof: :pepesmash: :gizmo: :ulti: and :neonthink:! Updated pastebin link Fixed a hilarious bug where drawg and dawg could literally invade the page. This was due to dawg and drawg being official Mixer emotes. Congrats on partnership www.mixer.com/EscaPlays! example: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/343815948370706442/432935373174210560/unknown.png 0.0.10 Added :pepehands: :feelsokman: :feelsthumbsupman: :feelswowman: and :f3: emotes Updated to the current Quicksave logo! Hid a gem Updated Pastebin link 0.0.9 Added :boi: :gottem: :judging: :babypark: and :babnparf: emotes! Updated Pastebin link Whoops, uploaded without testing it first. Broke the whole thing :~). Glad I noticed an hour later! Extension is now functional again. Sorry about that! Mini update. Added :stepdrawg:! Removed required capitalization of :Naisu:, :FeelsSmugMan:, :FeelsBadMan:, :Reee:, :FeelsKekMan:, :HypeThink: and :FeelsDanceMan: Updated Pastebin link 0.0.8 Happy New Year! Added :Naisu:, :FeelsSmugMan:, :FeelsBadMan:, :Reee:, :FeelsKekMan:, :HypeThink:, :heythere:, :stepdrawg:, :keekeekee:, :malfoy:, :drawglove:, and one new gif emote, :FeelsDanceMan:! Updated Pastebin link 0.0.7 Added :drawgmad:, :drawglove:, :drawgdead: and three new gif emotes, :kiss:, :jake:, and :squidward:! Updated Pastebin link 0.0.6 Added :box:, :jappa:, :drawgtears: and a new gif emote, :dance:! Updated Pastebin link 0.0.5 Added :sadbrows: and our first gif emote, :rainbow:! Updated Pastebin link 0.0.4 Added :gward: emote! Updated Pastebin link 0.0.3 Added :heydrawgs: and :squiddo: emotes! Updated Pastebin link 0.0.2 Fixed gray drawg emote in toolbar

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  • (2018-08-21) Vast Cobra: does it have pogchamps
  • (2017-10-31) Shelley Solomon: perfect 5/7


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