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OpenVideo - ad-free streaming

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Watch all of the videos - but none of the ads! (...even on sites which block adblockers)

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Description from store OpenVideo creates a safe space on every video playing webpage - ideal for streaming sites bloated with ads and malware! OpenVideo comes with its own video player, which has some pretty cool features: ► adds player hotkeys (eg. 'f' for fullscreen) ► download button for every video ► add subtitles easily from hard drive or url ► starts video where you left ► theatre mode and picture-in-picture mode And on the most common streaming sites the OpenVideo player will be embedded automatically. Also there is a built in video search engine (doesn't overwrite your default search engine) and a library where you can manage your video history and your playlists. This addon uses Google Analytics so I can see which streaming hosts are most commonly used. This data is anonymous and can't be connected to individual users. This data important to keep up the high functionality rate of this addon, however you can turn it off in the extension's options.

Latest reviews

  • (2020-09-19) Dinithi Navarathna: its so good i love it! it works!! yay
  • (2020-09-18) Vashy Vishy: One of the best and most useful extensions for Chrome. I never thought I needed this but now there is no way I run a chrome instance without this extension.
  • (2020-08-06) jam ibanez: Love this extension a lot, hope the developer continues upgrading it and making it better
  • (2020-07-16) Daniel Lesse: Wanted an extension to make ZOOM recordings more friendly, by adding video controls other than play and stop, and/or hotkeys. Didn't do what I wanted, and contained no instructions at all.
  • (2020-07-16) Luca Maria De Vita: Ottimo A volte va in conflitto con alcuni siti, ma la maggior parte delle volte fa egregiamente quello che deve liberando dalla pubblicità e rendendo i video godibilissimi!
  • (2020-07-14) evohahn: love it!
  • (2020-07-03) rexlKevin: Diese Erweiterung erhöht das durchschnittliche Wohlhaben der Bevölkerung!
  • (2020-06-29) Irene Koh: no adds now
  • (2020-06-23) Klára Braun: Praktikus, de sajnos nem lehet mindent letölteni vele.
  • (2020-04-14) Istvan Varga: nem kell vacakolni a filmekkel, klikk es indul. Csak ajanlani tudom
  • (2020-04-13) Lara Schmidt: This addon is super easy to use and works like a charm on every streaming-website I know, because a lot of different video-players are implemented. I don't have to watch a single ad and the addon has some extra functions, like the ability to download the video or to create a library of your favorite videos and streaming-sites, as well. I use it all the time, it made my life easier and it's save to use. Great Job !
  • (2020-04-13) teri nova: top
  • (2020-04-12) Susan Etzen: Love this site
  • (2020-04-12) bhije merputin: goood
  • (2020-04-12) Von Mars: best video app
  • (2020-04-11) Joon Kim: Great extension. I have been able to download Running Man episodes pretty well. Love the extension, great job!
  • (2020-04-11) Joe Loco: amazing app
  • (2020-04-11) SuchtiLP: Einfach super
  • (2020-04-11) 鍾明翰: 7~8成的影片適用,還不錯
  • (2020-04-03) Elon Musk: Très bonne extension !
  • (2020-02-29) Ross Jantjies: just lovin it,keep it up.4 so little u get soooooooo much
  • (2020-02-17) esdec jyrbiz: Don't change it.It's perfect now
  • (2020-01-25) Nilagito: Note maximale pour cette extension superbe
  • (2019-12-11) Rasel Meze: vary good
  • (2019-11-21) Frans Moian: It's really convenient

Latest issues

  • (2020-09-06, v:2.10.0) Luke Black: Downloads an empty MP4
    Every I select the 'Download' button on a video with the app, it downloads an empty 840 byte MP4 called [SD]. Have not been able to download the actual video at all.
  • (2020-07-16, v:2.10.0) steven.: How does this work?
    Im testing it on youtube with various videos and nothing is happening. nothing is appearing on the history, theres no ability to bring it to its own player, its just sitting there idle. the only thing thats working is the search. Im using this on google chrome.
  • (2020-03-04, v:2.2.1) Gianluca Tocco: clear history
    if possible add a button to clear history ?
  • (2020-02-19, v:2.2.1) The video of the website can't be downloaded
    https://mov18plus.com/ The video of this website can't be downloaded
  • (2020-02-15, v:2.2.1) Techie Bruv: Downloading subs
    Is there a reason why I am no longer able to rip subtitles from openvideo's interface?
  • (2020-02-05, v:2.2.1) Darthaghar Darthaghar: Can you please add this website to the list of supported websites ?
    Basically it has a special block for adblock which is really annoying and i got no clue how to deal with it.. each time u watch couple episodes(or watch for a certain amount of time and u go to the next episode it says "Please turn off adblockers in order to continue watching" which is incredibly annoying this website has a lot of promatic ads and the amount of ads is packing is to the point where its malicious amounts of ads so I got no choice but to block them all... heres a link with a video to fix it it shows it right on top of the video player and if i try to block it.. it blocks the player as well... https://kurina.vip/incarnation-middle-chapter/?series=10476&video_index=2
  • (2020-01-11, v:1.12.9) I can't seem to download videos
    I'm not able to download videos. I'm on Firefox and it keeps saying: "Please click the OpenVideo icon in the top right corner of your browser to allow OpenVideo to download files" but when I click the OpenVideo icon nothing happens.
  • (2020-01-08, v:1.12.9) Darthaghar Darthaghar: This extension embeds ads in other websites randomly lol for example in Twitch
    Basically what happens is each time Twitch tries to show a video(an advertisement one).. your extension embeds it.. and the ad never shows up lol not sure if this feature is intentional or not... it would be nice if it has an option to not do dat but your extension is one heck of an adblock dude lol!! Maybe its cool to let the unintended feature slide and add options to whitelist specific links or websites or disable it alltogether in specific websites(this is to support specific streamers or other specific fanmade websites such as animexin.xyz for example) and I am not even joking by the way I was in a stream and the broadcaster turned on ads... and I saw your extension show up +1 in the icon which means it has found a video.. but it never showed up since it disappeared quickly...wouldnt it be nice if it didnt disappear and u are able to freely watch it to support the content creator maybe by clicking on the icon when it embeds? Those are just suggestions tho its a extension to block stuff so it really depends on your judgement ^^
  • (2020-01-07, v:1.12.9) Nawid Salehie: The Application starts smashing the play and pause button
    The video keeps running normally but the problem is i can´t pause the video
  • (2020-01-02, v:1.12.9) Darthaghar Darthaghar: 9anime sources incompatible
    Basically this new Hydrax source and F5 - HQ are not working at all .. I click on the extension and the pop up of your extension disappears immediately as if the website steals the info back from your application...problem specifically happens in https://9anime.to/ and yes I Do have adblock but I disabled it and it still had the same problem...I also tried to find the video original link with development tools to no avail its like the host website https://hydrax.net/ has the videos behind a flippin steel wall X_X
  • (2019-11-12, v:1.12.9) Jun Ko: mixdrop
    can this be added as a choice?
  • (2019-10-08, v:1.12.9) Việt Anh Nguyễn: The history and favorite feature stopped working
    The history and favorite feature stopped working after awhile. No more videos can be added to them. Is there anything I can do to that?
  • (2019-08-27, v:1.12.9) lion alx: hi!
    hi how are u? i have a site streaming series online , i think you have a very good script :) , can you help me? maybe we can work together
  • (2019-07-27, v:1.12.9) Chinatown Chang: Downgrade
    Is it possible to downgrade to an older version? the current version works with my newer computer no problem but on my older vista computer, it is not compatible and only works with a few sites like clipwatching etc.
  • (2019-07-26, v:1.12.8) Ernesto Sutil: Microsoft Edge Chromium bug
    The extension keeps corrupted itself everyday ramndoly and frecuently
  • (2019-07-14, v:1.12.8) Karoly Szibele: https://streamango.com/f/sfasodnspldcarqd/Sahin_Tepesi_-_S_lyom_C_mere_4_r_sz_mp4?fbclid=IwAR2rMi-FvbtKWPHa4EoJFMqzffXTY3cL-DjThaVWYA7QziuQrXKWHF-Gyas
    Hi, Dominik! Please see why I can't open this StreaMango link. I ran every proxy, but didn't help. Thanks in advance.
  • (2019-06-28, v:1.12.8) Chinatown Chang: openload, vidlox, verystream
    For some reason the above 3 sites do not work with your app on my Vista computer but on my Win 10, they work.
  • (2019-06-25, v:1.12.8) Dave Wulf: How to?
    How to delete a Favorite Item?
  • (2019-06-19, v:1.12.8) Jak: Brave Browser
    Stopped working with the Chromium-based Brave Browser. All sites fail to load videos now.
  • (2019-06-11, v:1.12.7) vipin: download button
    on android download button is not working smoothly. i have to press a number of times and then also it is downloaded with browser only and not with any downloader


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