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Level stops sound going too loud or quiet while keeping all the excitement intact.

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Description from store Slide your way to quality sound for any environment. Get the most functionality out of the speakers in any laptop or Windows tablet. Level improves your audial experience by coming alive when it detects playable content. Forget menus to navigate through for the perfect sound settings. Interactively slide your way to invigorating sound with the optimum dynamic range. For louder environments slide up, and in quieter environments slide down. Without losing atmosphere: - Hear your content over background noise - Enjoy easy listening through the day - Capture the cinema feel late at night - Engage party mode and blast the tunes Please note that this extension is a prototype and only works with HTML5 content.

Latest reviews

  • (2020-06-30) ​‌‍‎‏ ​‌‍‎‏: This extension will be good if it does not stop other sites videos from playing back without sound. like Instagram or LinkedIn...
  • (2019-12-24) D-Rock Anomaly: The design is very un-intuitive. Works alright once figured out, but the control is very fine, very sensitive. It's just annoying to use. Simple sliders, or preset modes work perfectly fine, no need to reinvent the wheel.
  • (2019-12-11) valery zimnitskiy: It works well. But i found the problem with youtube who starts to glitch for a second when going to fullscreen and back.
  • (2019-08-15) over00lord Unknown: Exactly what I was looking for. This extension allows you to hear people talking quietly in videos and it stops loud sounds from being deafening.
  • (2019-08-09) Racquet Network Staff: I have a retail store in which we run a YouTube video loop. The volume is really uneven with some vids blasting and other vids whispering. We used to control the loudness through the enhancements tab in the Realtek HD Video driver controller, but that disappeared when we got a new machine with a new sound card that doesn't support that functionality. So we decided to give Earsoft Level a try. Good new is it works. Bad news is that the tutorial is incomprehensible. So ignore it. Set the volume on your speakers to 50 (middle). Add Earsoft Level to Chrome. Close the tutorial. Click on the yellow Level logo to open the slider. Double click the white dot in the center of the grey bulge. Keep double clicking it until the bulge is as narrow as it gets. Slide it to wherever you want it. Adjust from there. It actually works.
  • (2019-04-16) Sizer: Very good extention。My ears never bleeds when i whatch some videos nomore!
  • (2019-03-06) its amazing! definently a must get. not as loud as i thought but definently good and way louder than my laptops actual sound!
  • (2019-02-23) Steve Klein: Nice feature, should be built into Chrome. Seems to function, but not to work. Somehow, most of my videos for a whole year didn't play until I rebooted my computer, used a different browser, etc., then when I disabled just this extension, suddenly the videos would play. When I re-enabled this extension, the videos again would just be frozen when you hit play.
  • (2019-02-05) Dannii Lee: BUGGED AND TAKING TO DEAD WEBSITE PLEASE FIX Settings work upon opening the first time thereafter I am taken to a dead website. Seems to works decently with my initial choice of options which I am unfortunately stuck with and not adequate for every occasion. Would rate higher otherwise.
  • (2019-01-28) Marius Noetzel: Funktioniert nicht sonderlich gut, sehr häufigist am Ende garnix mehr zu hören.
  • (2019-01-12) Kitsune Shan: Does what it says. The only downslide it's that the slider it's quite confusing to understand. For those that gets trouble with it, the wider you make the slider, the bigger the difference between low and high sounds so if you installed this extension to fix the too loud music but too low voice volume, keep it as narrow as possible then slide to left and right to adjust the whole volume. EDIT: It messes Facebook videos and disable their sound. It also makes the videos to stop playing and you can't play them back till the extension it's turned off.
  • (2019-01-05) ghbR ttjvstj: only opens once. when you try to adjust it again it takes you to a dead website
  • (2018-12-06) maklemenz: Tut genau was ich erwarte. Einfach den Regler auf fast ganz rechts ziehen und alle neu geöffneten Tabs haben die selbe Lautstärke und zwischen lauten und leisen Szenen gibt es keinen allzu großen Unterschied mehr. Perfekt um Abends noch FIlme zu schauen
  • (2018-10-07) Joshua Lloyd: I like this extension a lot, does what it says, compresses and expands your audio to keep the volume in a comfortable level. Whispers are hearable and screaming is attenuated. The UI and initial setup are unnecessarily confusing. The slider that pops up when you click the extension took a little getting used to it, and when I thought I understood it perfectly, I realized I didn't. I'm still not sure how to adjust the high and low levels individually without sliding the whole gain. But, this has made music late at night, and movies at all times of the day, much more comfortable to listen to. Especially when Youtube videos have not had any mastering and they don't compress yelling. As another user mentioned, there is some audio stutter when Youtube videos are switched between full screen and container. Not entirely breaking, but a little distracting. There is also some audio delay seemingly induced with this extension, very hard to notice unless you've a close up of someone's face and their lips seem a little out of sync (Its fractions of a second and had I not mentioned it, you might not have noticed, sorry).
  • (2018-05-21) Sam Gib: The official website is down, but this just fit for me to listen music on YouTube.
  • (2018-02-10) Uriei: It would be perfect if it worked well, but I've tried all buffer levels and I can't get a sound without glitching or desyncing by several seconds.
  • (2018-02-10) Yang Zhou: Never had an issue with it. Well done!
  • (2018-02-08) Orçun Kılıç: Breaks youtube occasionally. Doesn't work with majority of the sites... yeah yeah it's only html5 what ever. dozens of other extensions that does the job.
  • (2017-12-14) Chris Katko: It works okay. The interface is confusing as heck. However, now it makes YouTube corrupt sound (YT had a recent update?) and stutters constantly if I click anywhere else on my computer. So I finally had to uninstall it and sound works fine now.
  • (2017-12-07) Richard Evans: Works really well.
  • (2017-11-05) Michael J. Victoria: Takes me to a "this site cannot be reached" error after closing the tab with which I used it. If I want to use it again, I have to remove and reinstall.
  • (2017-11-01) Dake: Under appreciated extension.
  • (2017-10-17) Justin Ellard: Just gives me a "This site cannot be reached" error.
  • (2017-09-29) Thure Christianson: Makes videos that haven't been compressed actually watchable without constantly changing the volume.
  • (2017-09-12) Andrew: The only extension that can do this and does it perfectly. I use it because laptop speakers aren't that great and sometimes it starts crackling.


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