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Create your bookmark desktop!

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Description from store Add your favorite web pages and bookmarks to your Bookmark Desktop, which is like your Windows' desktop. New things in v1.0 are: - Options page is created. - Changing background image/color of the desktop is added. - Changing icons' text color is added. - 'Recently Closed Tabs' and 'Most Viewed Pages' menu is added. - Now you can decide opening in new tab or in current tab from options page. - You can change the number of 'most viewed pages' and the number of 'recently closed tabs' shown in the menus. - You can add some url's to the 'ignore list' not to see them in most viewed pages menu. - Synchronization between tabs is added. Now when you do something(add, remove, move, rename) in a Bookmark Desktop tab, it's done automatically in other Bookmark Desktop tabs.

Latest reviews

  • (2021-10-09) vincent vangoghen: hocam nerdesin hocaaam
  • (2018-08-28) Pi Sagor: how can i trtansfer thiss addon settings to another account? not another computer or no need to backup.
  • (2015-03-20) pepsiolic2000: confusing
  • (2014-02-26) Vladyslav Volovyk: Message to author - basic "how to use" can really save you from some 1 star reviews. Also you really need to add ability to open bookmark in background (without replacing the new tab page)
  • (2013-07-31) It does not work at all!!! I see the green button, I click and reclick and reclick on it, I even make a mouse click right and... nothing! How come?!
  • (2013-05-10) Darlene X: Really Good Extension. Could you just add a way to move multiple icons at the same time like on normal desktops. Also folders and custom icons.
  • (2013-04-30) Dave Lynch: Installed it, clicked on the icon - can't see any shortcut or addition to my desktop
  • (2012-10-23) Selahaddin Akgün: Başarılı, tebrikler..
  • (2012-10-13) Bent. O. Jensen: I would like to import my bookmarks from my browser (or the bookmark.html file). Good ide, hope you upgrade soon
  • (2012-10-06) Dan Williamson: Just the kind of speed dial extension I was looking for! Easy to use and not a lot of configuration required. Only 2 things missing that would make it really great.. Background customization (either colors or add photo), and the ability to choose icons for web sites that don't have them.
  • (2012-08-25) meg T: ブックマークで街をつくりたかったのだけど、これは結構近い感じ。沢山配置できるのがありがたいです。パネル配置型ブックマークでは数が全然足りなかったので。 背景が変更できるようになるといいなあ。 chlome拡張機能の方に追加されてます。右上アイコンクリックで表示中のページをアイコン追加。
  • (2012-08-22) Impressive, keep the good work :)

Latest issues

  • (2018-10-07, v:1.0) Pi Sagor: ekleme yapılamıyor
  • (2017-08-22, v:1.0) How do i add to the desktop
    Sorry it is probably really obvious but dragging and dropping an bookmark to the desktop does not work or cut and paste so how do you get new book marks on the the desktop
  • (2016-12-14, v:1.0) Carly Enlund: bookmr home page
    I want to delete bookmark home page
  • (2015-03-24, v:1.0) Lakshmi kanth raju: How to take a backup
    I have a lot of bookmarks on my chrome desktop. Now i am re-installing the windows so i need backup of these links. How do i do that?
  • (2013-01-23, v:1.0) Menachem Abramowitz: Ideas
    I think its a great idea for the browser home-screen to function like an OS desktop, but don't limit it to bookmarks and pop-ups for recent and most viewed pages. Please allow for more diverse content on the browser desktop. Traditionally desktops are made up of a grid where each ITEM placed fills one square of the grid. ITEMS include; bookmarks folders apps shortcuts most viewed pages recently viewed pages recently closed pages widgets/gadgets Notice the last four ITEMS are "live" and automatically change for the user, while the first four are "stagnant" and only created and edited directly by the user. Stagnant ITEMS can be placed by the user on any empty grid space. Live ITEMS can also be placed by the user on any empty grid space and in any quantity but the content of the space is (of coarse) Live. Some ITEMS might need to take up more than one grid space. The user should be able to dictate how many grid spaces each item uses (eg.1x1, 4x4, 4x6, etc) It would also be ideal if the user could determine the desktop grid size (20x40, 5x10, etc). The user should be able to add new desktops as needed, each custom named and tabbed (or something of the sort), and be able to switch between them easily (mousepad gestures, mouse wheel,keyboard shortcuts,touchscreen swipes, etc.) Offer tools to help create visual clarity and organization; Custom background colors by grid space, Custom sections Visual barriers Live ITEM frames Customizible icons Also consider media content on the desktop. Thanks, Good luck.


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