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Super Bookmark Desktop - the new tab page + bookmark manager that acts like your computer desktop!…

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Description from store Super Bookmark Desktop - the new tab page + bookmark manager that acts like your computer desktop! ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​If you've ever wanted to treat your bookmarks like files on your desktop then give this a try! Some features: * Cool desktop backgrounds and ability to add your own. Add a subreddit source and get new backgrounds every day! * Click and Drag icons to move them around the desktop or into folders. * Create a selection of multiple items by clicking and dragging with the mouse (then try moving all of them). * Hold down Ctrl, Shift, or Command and then click an icon to multi-select icons. * Right Click the desktop create bookmarks or to change backgrounds and set background settings. * Right Click icons to edit or delete them (editing and deleting affects the actual bookmark). * Create text files that sync like a normal bookmark. Good for making quick reminders! This project is open source at: https://github.com/kylepaulsen/SuperBookmarkDesktop

Latest reviews

  • (2021-09-13) ASUS: great! could you also add possibility to change order in the categories
  • (2021-04-15) David Orme: This is just brilliant! Thanks.
  • (2020-09-27) Ashish Sujata Dethe: Superb
  • (2020-09-26) Leon Bollerup: Great work! - Love the idea - specially for us with Chromebooks who miss having a "desktop" Hi, As the former founder of [email protected] and later Global PM of StartForce - i just had to check this out - love the idea - the idea of a "Desktop" in the cloud was somewhat of a vision by many of us 10-12 years back. Most have died, but a few have survived.. eg. https://www.os-js.org/ So.. a few ideas for ya: - Drive integration for showing "real" folders, real files - Integration of "apps" stored in chromeos (eg. pinned apps) - A macOS style startbar.. because... why not :D - More widgets - Eg. gmail widget, weather, RSS etc - Sync between machines via drive och google account - Cloud services integration.. eg. map up dropbox, onedrive etc. Think big, and turn this into a "Desktop as a Service" - and you might just find urself earning a living on this. Peace!
  • (2020-08-05) dima b: Обалдеть!Лучшее приложение по работе с закладками что я видел !
  • (2019-11-29) Danny C: Gracias por esta fantastica extension
  • (2019-08-14) Zane Myers: I uninstalled about 2 months ago and have been searching for your extension since. IMHO this is the best bookmark organizer out there. I could nitpik but instead I would prefer to revel in the fact I finally found this again. Keep up the great work - I hope you will continue to develop
  • (2019-08-10) Hannah Lynn: I really really love having this as my new tab page, super nice to have all my sites easy to see and find. My only nitpick is how WIDE spaced the icon grid is. On my normal windows desktop, you could space them closer together to make it look neater and create more space, but because the grid is spaced so far apart, the row closest to the right has to be far away from the edge of the screen to not create a bottom scroll bar, creating a large gap. When you try to make a third column, it creates a scroll bar down the bottom, when only an sliver or less of the folders are cut off by the edge screen, Being able to put the icons closer together would be much better to keep everything on the center screen. I appreciate the fact if you have lots of icons like I might eventually that you could scroll sideways, so I'm not saying get rid of scroll, I would just like to have a smaller grid, or the option to the change the grid. This also becomes an issue if you have a center image background and want icons on either side, or on one side, since the icons are spaced so far apart, they can cover the center image if you do more than one column. I wish I could upload a picture to clarify, but Chrome doesn't give me an option. I love being able to make folders to keep my bookmarks tidy, sometimes I save things for later I want to get for myself, or things I want to look at again. The option to add your own icon image is fantastic, though a lot of times the extension is really great about creating one themselves. Having a solid black background is great but being able to change it if I get bored is great too. Font color options for icon names would be a cool feature, or a weather widget. A To-Do list and other things like that would be handy as well
  • (2018-12-13) Sneirox: Оригинально! Нравится! I like that !
  • (2018-12-06) James Davis: This is a fantastically good and useful extension. It's what I've been looking for for a long time. Among other things, it solves the limitation built into Chrome such that you can only have one Bookmarks Toolbar on a single line (Roomy bookmarks, which does not work well in Chrome) was my fallback, but now this this flawed and lmited solution its no longer needed. This extension stands head and shoulders above all other Bookmarks Bar extensions!
  • (2018-08-31) Me ajudou bastante e me ajuda bastante,obrigado camarada
  • (2018-05-20) MhMd 3eZZ: first congratulation you are actually managed to did something most of us dreamed of but there is one thing you can do when i click to folder icon i want to enter to this folder directly with no popup window like the normal desktop and the normal chrome bookmark and back from it to the previous folder with normal back space chrome shortcut did you under stand please no popup window i want the normal desktop chrome experience thank you again
  • (2018-03-11) Bergg Uscha: Does what it says, but even if this extension is mostly for viewing it should offer viewing options such as - view as a list - view as ... Second point is the design: - no solid color as background (at least the option doesnt work) - outdated icons design ps: not rating it down 2 stars due to the lower ratings count. Hope it gets improved! :)
  • (2017-11-22) ВАСЯ пупкин: Превосходное расширение! Но и есть куда расти.) Например, добавьте возможность скрывать подписи к иконкам (показывать их при наведении). И повторение фона рабочего стола для открытых папок. ПС: Желаю успеха! Если будете активно развивать проект- вас ждет большое будущее!

Latest issues

  • (2019-11-30, v:1.1.2) Matt: Windows Folders
    Is it possible to sync Windows folders too?
  • (2019-08-26, v:1.1.2) Витамен: не скачивается
    хотел установить в яндекс браузер но закачаться не смогла
  • (2018-09-19, v:1.1.0) steve: resize the pop-up window
    how to resize the pop-up window
  • (2018-09-17, v:1.1.0) steve: how to resize the pop-up window
    how to resize the pop-up window using the CSS code page


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