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Leap Motion Integration (Beta)

Description from extension meta Enables hand gestures with LeapMotion™ for browsing the web.
Image from store Leap Motion Integration (Beta)
Description from store This extension will give you the option to control Google Chrome™ using your hand movements. (In order to make this extension useful, you must have the LeapMotion device working properly. For more information, see here: https://www.leapmotion.com ) Gestures -------- Open hand (4/5 fingers): - left/right to move forward/backward in history - up/down to scroll page Half open hand (1/2 fingers): - left/right to move tab Circles: - Counter-clockwise with one finger to close current tab Known Issues ------------ It is a known issue that the extension doesn't currently work on chrome pages, such as "chrome://extension" page or the "New Tab" page. I would appreciate your opinion and suggestions :)
Latest reviews (2019-10-26) Adnan Akbar: It is not working (2019-03-09) Mathieu Légaré: Work, but only for move page up or down. Can't navigate in history, change tab or close tab. Need a fix but is cool. Work with Leap Motion v2. (2015-07-05) Tech EcMe: With a little practice it works well, be good to get the sensitivity/speed working. Also be good to have a page down or up function. But it is one of my favourite LeapMotion apps (2013-09-05) Uxío Fraga: It's ok, but need more functionalities. I can only scroll or close tabs, but history and move tab functions are not working. The main function missing here is the ability to follow links, opening them in a new tab. Also, a (cacheless, if possible) refresh gesture would be really appreciated. The main problem of all of these integrations is they are not complete, so you have to be changing from mouse to leap motion and viceversa all the time. The need is to be able to navigate completely just through leap motion. Thanks for your time and effort! (2013-08-31) Sergio Millan: It was difficult scrolling down a long article. I expected a better scrolling experience. The open left/right hand motion to go backward in history did not work for me (Chrome user). (2013-08-14) Nelson M: As its still in beta phase I found some issues. Having some issues with going back/forward and it can make Touchless for Windows to no longer work until you close the chrome app. That said, it still worked great for scrolling and changing tabs. (2013-08-08) Lime Bread: Works perfectly except for backwards and forwards in history

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