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Hides Promoted Pins

Image from store Promoted Pin Hider
Description from store For Pinterest. Puts a big ol' gap where promoted pins used to be. It ain't PinBlock, but it's better than nothing. IF YOU ARE STILL SEEING ADS: Please upload a screenshot of your pinterest feed to an image hosting site and include that url in your support post. This will help me identify what the problem might be. **Updated 09/12/19 - Noticed that some non-ad pins were getting blocked, so that's been fixed. Let me know if any ads sneak through.** **Updated 08/13/19 - Trying some new stuff out. The app now runs when you first interact with the page, so it's less resource-heavy but you might see an ad before you start scrolling.** **Updated 03/29/19 - Updated script so it starts before page load, which might help. Or it might not. But it probably won't make it worse?** **Updated 03/25/19 - Changed method by which script selects promoted pins, hopefully this should fix issues some people have been having** **Updated 02/25/19 - Added support for all languages!!! That means I looked at ads in every single language that pinterest supports, because I love you all.** **Updated 11/27/17 - Added support for every international Pinterest domain - Extension should work in every country as long as your language is set to English.** **Updated 10/13/17 - Added support for Pinterest.ca** **Updated 07/05/17 - Updated so that it won't break every time Pinterest updates their code.**

Latest reviews

  • (2022-10-20) desmormos: works but crashes chrome every ten seconds, same as everyone else.
  • (2022-08-07) Mikayla Ingham: Honestly not worth it with how slow the site becomes and the crashing every couple of minutes. Obviously not going to be addressed either with how long this has been an issue,
  • (2022-05-28) Jazmyne Jones: I was so hyped to use it to get rid of those worthless ads no one asked for, but not only did it really slow down the site and made it annoying to use. I saw no difference in the ads. So sorry, this is a one star for me. :(
  • (2022-05-07) Kelly: This does work, However... It comes with a big performance hit I'm not certain why but I think Pinterest checks if it has served you an Add and because they were blocked tries to serve you more that in turn get blocked and it just loops this behavior On lower end computers they can't keep up with the constant network, CPU and RAM use that comes from this loop of downloading an add then deleting it and looping forever Although I didn't notice the performance loss on my PC, A quick trip to task manager reviles the truth. One CPU core was at max 100% the whole time I was on Pinterest. RAM usages of the tab was bouncing from 300mb to 2gb and back constantly. Network usage was bouncing up and down every time it downloaded a new Add. I think this is a good extension and it does what it's supposed to do but Pinterest Adds don't go quietly into that sweet night. =3
  • (2022-04-11) Jeffrey Seebachan: Does what it says, but unfortunately slows the site to a crawl. It removes promoted pins (though some seem to slip through) and leaves blanks spaces instead. Makes the site run much slower, and makes it almost impossible actually saving anything.
  • (2022-03-21) R. N. Lauritsen: does abslelutly nothing, pinterest is just like it was before, still full of ads
  • (2022-03-10) Nicole: Works perfectly. Thanks!
  • (2022-02-06) Alborz Heydaryan: It worked like a charm. Thank you!
  • (2021-12-15) Elle L: I never use Pinterest without this extension. Most underrated add-on out there. Thank you so much for this!
  • (2021-11-29) -: It gets rid of the promoted ads for sure but it also makes Pinterest run at a snail's pace. It's a great idea but totally unusable with how slow it makes the site.
  • (2021-11-12) Alyssa Machajewski: Amazing and totally recommend because p1nterest is turning into a nightmare. The only problem is it crashes the site every few minutes
  • (2021-09-18) Marieke Hagendoorn: Works as intended, doesn't slow pinterest down for me. Was getting so fed up with every second pin being a promoted one! Big thanks to the developer
  • (2021-09-13) Impi Bibi: VIP passes to heaven for the creators of this extension. THANK YOU!
  • (2021-09-07) Caroline Fangel: Works as intended but makes Pinterest super slow
  • (2021-08-31) Luka Verhoeven: Plugin looks awesome and the adds are actually removed, but when actived pintrest becomes extremly slow. I think there is somekind of performance issue with it.
  • (2021-07-27) Susan Ganiebny: Thank you! I'm a bit old to be seeing ads for baby products so they were a bit annoying.
  • (2021-04-16) Yvette Quinn (Loverat): This is the best thing I have ever found thank you so much xx
  • (2021-04-15) Alexis D.: This extension is WONDERFUL! No more motion sickness from all of the moving ads!
  • (2021-04-07) Mystia Lorelei: No longer works as of 07.04.21
  • (2020-12-22) BiG Sugr: Wonderful app. Thanks for the work and for your efforts. This is an enrichment for everyone. Thank you. Keep up the good work!!! I am sure there are people who want the exact opposite. So that only Promoted pins should be displayed, just like facebook turbo ad app. For business purposes. I would at least be someone who would want exactly that. Do you think you could work on something like that? I would be happy about an answer. Thanks
  • (2020-12-13) susan owen: You are my new favorite person. Now I can actually *see* the pins I'm interested in, without them getting lost in the clutter of promoted nonsense. The blank spaces help keep my dash from looking cluttered and/or overwhelming. Many, many thanks!
  • (2020-11-10) Daniele Cavoli: Not working anymore, it seems
  • (2020-10-25) Emily C: Makes Pinterest actually usable. I wouldn't mind the promoted pins as much if they were at least about things I had some interest in. This hides them all so you don't have to waste any time on them. It also makes you realize how freaking many there are. A third of my feed is empty now, and what's left is things I actually want to see.
  • (2020-10-22) Tekel Upharsin: The extension works as expected - hiding all of the applicable promoted pins. But it brings my CPU (i9 9900k @ 5.1GHz) to a crawl in Vivaldi (I haven't tried it with Google Chrome yet). It's rare for a Chromium-based extension to have major problems running in Vivaldi (since the browser is powered by Chromium) but this extension is completely untenable in its current state.
  • (2020-09-22) Florence R: Thank you SO MUCH for making this extension. Pinterest has turned into an unusable dumpster fire of ads, to the point where I and everyone I know stopped using it years ago. This honestly deserves thousands of positive reviews, keep up the great work!
  • (2020-07-16) saintc: Just bloody awesome....for an artist who's boards are pretty personal and eclectic to me only...this is a godsend....no more completely irrelevant ads and political rubbish. But I am sure it wont be long till they patch it out somehow like before.
  • (2020-07-11) Manuel Cordova: Now it makes pintrest slower then if it had ads. Not recommended!!
  • (2020-06-27) Wanda Jewell: I LOVE THIS! I had stopped using pinterest because I got tired of seeing all these almost naked ads for swimsuits that a 60 year old woman would never wear, bras and panties, clothes for young people, shoes and god knows what else they stuck in there. It seemed like they put an ad in every 5 or 10 pins and my page was eat up with ads. This gives me white spaces there, but that is so much better than pins, when I look now, I see quilts, recipes, how to's and stuff that I am interested in. You are a wonderful man for designing this software and if I could give you a hug I would. Thank you so much.
  • (2020-06-23) Rei Davis: Yeah I don't know what these people are being paid to write good reviews, but this extension works minimally at best. It leaves large white spaces where I assume ads WERE, plus, there are still ads.
  • (2020-04-03) Lukas: Best app in the world, thank you buddy!
  • (2020-04-03) Ben Swinden: Works for me as of the time i'm writing this. Installed, ctrl+f5 to clear cache and no ads in my feed : )
  • (2020-01-15) Nadya De Angelis: Used to work. Now it doesn't do anything at all.
  • (2019-12-13) Paul Marr Hilliard: Recently some ads are starting to leak through. It's been fantastic up until the last couple of weeks.
  • (2019-12-03) Terrence Pease: Used to work but it's not working anymore. Will change to 5 stars once this is fixed, but otherwise this a great tool. Edit: It does work actually, just only when you search for something but not on the homepage.
  • (2019-10-10) Ellie Dobson: I hate seeing these ads and pinterest has gotten absolutely out of control. Thanks so much for making it fun again!
  • (2019-09-30) TagSpamCop: Does what it says. But results in really high CPU when browsing through a board. My laptop's fans are going nuts and "Chromium Helper (Renderer)" is at 116% CPU. Turn off this extension and it all goes back to normal on the same board.
  • (2019-08-16) Gunner Hill: 2019 - August 16th, and I'm here to say thank you SO much, Steve, for creating this extension! When Pinterest inserted so many utterly useless, irrelevant, and irritating adverts I gave up bothering to visit it. This fantastic extension has made Pinterest usable, and more interesting, again.
  • (2019-07-12) Rachel Truman: Works perfectly in that it does block promoted pins, however when I have the Pinterest tab open on Chrome my computer's CPU usage goes sky-high and my computer's fan has to work hard to keep my laptop from cooking. Uninstalling the extension removes the issue, but of course then the promoted pins come back.
  • (2019-04-04) Michele Spadaro: fantastic! it works for chrome and opera perfectly!
  • (2019-03-22) Cora Regina: Eliminates the ability to scroll using keys. No arrow keys, no space bar. There's no such thing as idle, pleasant browsing anymore, you literally have to drag the scroll bar and that's a jerky, imprecise process.
  • (2019-02-20) Helen B.: Thank you for making pinterest usable again. I tried adding filters to uBlock but no luck. This works as advertised!
  • (2019-01-23) doesn't work at all :(
  • (2018-12-15) Wow, it actually works. Installed it and went straight to my pinterest and did a random search (I never, ever look at my feed) and all the ads were gone with a white space in their place. Thanks for this!
  • (2018-11-12) William Smith: The only one I've tried that actually works in 2018. Thank you!
  • (2018-11-07) Madcopy Madcopy: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now need to find one just like this one for ios... you wouldn't happen to be considering a spinoff, would you?
  • (2018-08-14) Mysti-Tsu Porter: I loved this extension. It saved me from having to deal with the well over 50% of my pin feed that were not even remotely of interest to me. Sadly as of August 2018, this extension breaks pinterest for me. causes An infinite log in loop with chrome, and corrupts the code of the browser. SO all it does is attempt to log me in repeatedly before giving up with the error URI Too long. Even removing it from Chrome does not fix this issue, but it is what starts the issue, i've tested it on Chrome, and canary on multiple machines. Hopefully it will see an update in the future that will fix this issue. Thanks for making it though, it was wonderful while it worked.
  • (2018-06-10) Ali Swanson: So far so good. Bless you to the wonderful human who wrote the code!
  • (2018-05-21) Ella Trujillo: I was using Pinterest before it had promoted ads years ago. My use of it significantly decreased since they implemented. But then I found this extension and I'm so glad it works! I had one before that didn't work -- also, if it doesn't work for you immediately restart Chrome and try it. Thank you so much for making this and keeping it updated. You're a saint!
  • (2018-03-18) leslie davidson: Finally an ad blocker for Pinterest that works again. I was ready to delete my Pinterest account due to the useless and annoying ads.
  • (2018-03-02) Nicky Birdsall: Oh thank you! It works. My eyes and brain are so much happier. I hate that not only are there often more ads than things I have an interest on but that they limit the number of things I can select to block. This is marvelous. Difference is great enough to make me consider never using their app again.

Latest issues

  • (2020-02-25, v:1.1.5) Michelle Zafron: Any chance you can update this?
    It was working fine, but now the promoted pins are back in force. It's driving me quite mad.
  • (2019-09-27, v:1.1.5) Ninjakitten: Too many things are being blocked
    On the upside, no ads are getting through! On the downside, it seems like quite a lot of non-promoted pins are also being blocked. For example: https://imgur.com/a/kcSHHyP I inspected the code (WOW are they doing a lot of nesting) and confirmed not all missing pins were promoted ones.
  • (2019-08-15, v:1.1.3) Google User: Pinterest has updated its system and Promoted pin blocker isn't working.
    Ads/promoted pins are seen again. It happened about 5 minutes ago or so.
  • (2019-08-14, v:1.1.3) Shadow TheHedgeHog: Seeing promoted pins again
    Thanks for your work on the extension, I greatly appreciate it. Just wanted to let you know, promoted pins are back for me.
  • (2019-08-13, v:1.1.1) Seth Trimble: Not working anymore
    I don't suppose you could try to update this again? Pinterest is still hell bent on turning the site into a dumpster fire. I tried digging into the background.js to make it work again, but I'm not knowledgeable enough to fix it : / I found something in the pinterest site html that might be a good target called aria-label="Product Pin".
  • (2019-06-22, v:1.1.1) Jill R Morrison: Ads are blocked on Search but not home feed
    Hello, Thank you so much for your extension! When I search, I see the "holes" where the promoted pins are so that works great. However, they are not hidden on my home feed. I have some screenshots - can I send you the link to my Google shared drive in a private email? Thank you again!
  • (2019-06-04, v:1.1.0) Robert Wayne: As of June 3rd, Sponsored and Promoted Pins are showing up again.
    As of June 3rd, Sponsored and Promoted Pins are showing up again. Just thought I'd let you know.
  • (2019-03-02, v:1.0.8) leslie davidson: Extension no longer working for me
    Hi, the extension is no longer working for me...i'm seeing the promoted pins again. I'll send a screen shot and link. Thank you so much, appreciate it very much! Leslie
  • (2019-02-15, v:1.0.6) Alana Burnham: Ads still visible
    Hi! this was working great until the New Year hit. Now, it's not blocking ads.
  • (2019-01-05, v:1.0.6) D K: Hides Promoted Pins Not Working
    I getting pin promotions on my Pintrest "Following" feed.
  • (2018-12-22, v:1.0.6) Corene DeJong: Currently not working
    It was working on my pinterest but lately it seems to have stopped working :(


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