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View Homestuck from the point of view of any character

Image from store Homestuck POV Cam
Description from store The POV Cam allows you to view the pages of Andrew Hussie's Homestuck in a different order to normal, following the timeline of a single character. To use the POV Cam, go to mspaintadventures as you would normally, and find that there are now some extra links on the page. Each of these links corresponds to a person on the page you're on. Click on a link to start following that person. This changes the order of the pages, so that they are shown from that character's point of view. In case you didn't guess: Here be spoilers! Lots and lots of spoilers. ---- Features ---- Beyond the scope of just changing the page links, this extension also has other features, which you can enable/disable through the options page. You can find the options page by clicking on the "POV Cam Options" link, that appears beneath the links on each page. These features are designed to make it easier to read Homestuck: ==> Enable/Disable groups of timelines Choose which timelines you wish to be able to follow. ==> Auto-open pesterlogs Have the pesterlogs open when the page loads, to prevent the tedium of clicking on a button every time. ==> Arrow key navigation Use the left and right arrow keys to go back and forward pages, to save having to click on a link. ==> Highlighting Doc Scratch's text Give white text a green background, to make it easier to read. ==> Lord English's links Don't like the flashing of Lord English's links? Then use this one to turn it off. ==> View pre-retcon pages Show the pages as they looked before the various retcons ==> Flash page controls (most flashes) Have a slide bar and pause button to control where in a flash animation you are. After changing your settings, refresh any open Homestuck pages for the changes to take effect. ---- Timeline data ---- This extension currently has timeline data (starting at page p=00xxxx, thanks to ravenfire40 for this suggestion) for: ==> The beta kids: ==> John (3790) and a doomed John (3538) ==> Rose (3790) and a doomed Rose ==> Dave (3790), Davesprite (3541) and two (4963) other (4989) doomed Daves ==> Jade (3790) and Jadesprite (5112) ==> Their sprites: ==> Nannasprite (2184) ==> Jaspersprite (3049) ==> Calsprite (3541) and Davesprite (3541) ==> Jadesprite (5112) ==> Their guardians: ==> Dad (3766) and Nanna (3787) ==> Mom (3787) ==> Bro (3787) and Lil' Cal (5931) ==> Grandpa (3787) and Becquerel (3840) ==> Their exiles: ==> WV (3700) ==> PM (2933) ==> AR (3355) ==> WQ (3512) ==> The B1 agents of Derse ==> Jack Noir (2790) ==> Draconian Dignitary (3432) ==> Hegemonic Brute (2857) ==> Courtyard Droll (3681) ==> The Midnight Crew ==> Spades Slick (4198) ==> Diamonds Droog (4478) ==> Hearts Boxcars (4448) ==> Clubs Deuce (4207) ==> The Felt ==> Itchy (7839) ==> Doze (7839) ==> Trace (7846) ==> Clover (7846) ==> Fin (7922) ==> Die (7922) ==> Crowbar (7922) ==> Snowman (4207) ==> Stitch (7965) ==> Sawbuck (7965) ==> Matchsticks (7965) ==> Eggs (8011) ==> Biscuits (8011) ==> Quarters (8092) ==> Cans (8092) ==> Various alternate versions, due to timeline shenanigans ==> Doc Scratch (5513) ==> Lord English (6011) ==> The beta trolls: ==> Aradia (5479) and a doomed Aradiabot (5477) ==> Tavros (4067) ==> Sollux (5490) ==> Karkat (4077) ==> Nepeta (3955) ==> Kanaya (5220) ==> Terezi (4138) ==> Vriska (5374) ==> Equius (4079) ==> Gamzee (3910) ==> Eridan (3966) ==> Feferi (4080) and doomed Feferi (6589) ==> Their ancestors: ==> The Condesce (5970) ==> The alpha kids: ==> Jane (6013) ==> Roxy (6055) ==> Dirk (6865) ==> Jake (6019) ==> Their sprites: ==> Tavrisprite (6734) ==> Tavrosprite (9349) ==> Fefetasprite (7419) ==> Rosesprite (9404) ==> Jasprosesprite^2 (9490) ==> ARquiusprite (7547) ==> Erisolsprite (7412) ==> Nepetasprite (9720) ==> Davepetasprite^2 (9778) ==> Their agents: ==> Jack Noir (6294) ==> The alpha trolls: ==> Damara (6892) ==> Rufioh (6892) ==> Mituna (6892) ==> Kankri (6892) ==> Meulin (6892) ==> Porrim (6892) ==> Latula (6892) ==> Aranea (6480) ==> Horuss (6892) ==> Kurloz (6892) ==> Cronus (6892) ==> Meenah (6537) ==> The cherubs: ==> Calliope (7874) ==> Caliborn (7874)

Latest reviews

  • (2018-09-26) ZC HI (monster): I do not have any complaints besides the fact that it would be nice to jump to the first page for a character timeline-wise.The wiki has some links, but not for ALL of the characters.
  • (2018-06-10) Cleo Celestino-gossman: VERY helpful, especially when trying to compare events for characters in a more linear fashion, trying to analyze character development etc.
  • (2018-05-31) Aidan Hall (Argletrough): I can't even begin to imagine how long this took to make.
  • (2017-01-12) Gamzeet: Need's post scratch dad
  • (2016-06-13) Dav3 Strid3r: The Dave one is better.
  • (2016-03-15) Samurott1902: can't figure out how to use it
  • (2015-09-29) ace_verco: gives a new perspective to the comic
  • (2015-09-16) Lacey Shadows: Once I figured out what this actually is, it's genius. Its a little unclear just by using the plugin, which I'm guessing is what most people are confused about? Neat little add on :D
  • (2015-07-22) Trinity Wilson: I don't understand why everyone hates it? Like guys, go to the bar at the bottom. Right click "POV Cam Options" then click "Open link in new tab". You can remove ALL extra characters (which is what I did), while still keeping the keyboard navigation, pesterlogs, highlighted white text, and other things. I find thiss makes it all much more helpful to read it, especially when you don't want to click repeatedly or highlight text.
  • (2015-05-29) Layn Gerritzen: For all of those that want to delete it- Press Left CTRL+H, this will take you to your history. There are three tabs on the upper left side of the screen, under Chrome. Choose Extensions. Now, scroll until you find Homestuck POV Cam. You may have noted that there is a trash can on the right side of each extension. Click that, and it's deleted :)
  • (2015-05-11) Viren Bajaj: It's really useful for rereads, where you might want to follow one character only.
  • (2015-04-02) Taylor Marie: how do I delete it? its confusing
  • (2015-01-20) ravenfire40: Pretty great, as far as I can tell. But I would love to have some list somewhere to find all of these characters first pages.
  • (2015-01-13) Foamy: its not really helpful.. how do i delete it?
  • (2015-01-06) Kirstin Will: So far I love this, it's really cool, and now I can reread HS and follow one timeline at a time... maybe I will actually have a better idea of what is going on. :3 To be honest I would love to share a pot of Earl Grey Tea with a doomed Feferi.
  • (2014-12-09) AMAZING
  • (2014-11-23) Mii Mashou: If you're wondering how to get rid of it, it's an extention, not actually a theme. Probably useful to people trying to practice some type oftomfoolery
  • (2014-10-31) tehSapphiregames: makes reading homestuck much harder than it needs to be, do not install. EVER.
  • (2014-08-09) Kai Marquez: this extension is a great idea but confusing for first time readers and better for someone who wants to go over the story again from a different pov/timeline. [[Users---> You can disable extensions by simply going into your google chrome web browser settings :)]]
  • (2014-05-26) jac danford: I would like to remove it from my computer. Because it is making reading Homestuck alot harder. I don't know which button leads to the next page.
  • (2014-03-29) Lehna: I can't get it off my computer and it makes the mspaint page very glichy

Latest issues

  • (2020-09-27, v:3.23) FF: POV Cam revisions?
    Are you still working on/planning to revision this? I have been taking notes of timeline miss-sequences I have found, sorry if that is a bit rude, and hope I may be able help out with it if I can.
  • (2019-03-26, v:3.23) tadpole afterlife: Consider adding the bunny's point of view? Maybe?
    Love your work! :)
  • (2018-06-27, v:3.23) Shachar Raz: retcon
    can you fix add post the first time they appeared post retcon?
  • (2018-04-05, v:3.21) the new site
    would the fix be as simple as enabling the extension on the new site or is it going to be handiwork. I can at least tell you to change the links themselves last, because they will all reroute to the correct page on the new site.
  • (2018-04-04, v:3.21) rufioh: Website
    homestuck has moved to a new website, so the extension may need reworking
  • (2018-04-02, v:3.21) Stockholm Junior: New Website
    So is this extension going to become null and void with the new Homestuck website? I'm just curious, thank you!
  • (2017-02-02, v:3.20) Алексей Леонтьев: http://www.mspaintadventures.ru/
    please tell me? may your extension work with this site?
  • (2016-04-03, v:3.18) N A (GamingAddiction): Problem with POV cam
    I can't use the POV camera for some odd reason. I do have another extention for Homestuck (Better Homestuck), but im not sure if that's causing the problem. Please reply back.
  • (2016-03-11, v:3.18) Imperial Dork: What
    on what page do i first get the extra options?
  • (2015-11-14, v:3.18) homestuck pov cam
    i cant open this goshdarn thing!!!!
  • (2015-05-05, v:3.8) Viren Bajaj: Commands
    I also think, if possible, reduced text size for the added commands going to pages where a character doesn't speak.
  • (2015-05-05, v:3.8) Viren Bajaj: Next Page commands
    I think there should be a blank line between the added commands and the original. i.e. ===> >Jade: Climb >Jade: View John


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