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Looty! Helps you quickly find items by their stats or name in large Path of Exile stashes.

Image from store Looty! Stash search for Path of Exile
Description from store Looty puts all your sweet Path of Exile loots into a searchable datagrid. If you have a stash of any size, there is no faster way to find a piece of loot in it than using Looty.

Latest reviews

  • (2021-02-16) Mike Gon: Everything i've dreamt of
  • (2020-10-01) moral404: I want to use at korean POE client. https://poe.game.daum.net/ i log in kakao poe website but this app cannot reconize... could support it?
  • (2020-04-03) Hans Jansen: The feature I like most is just to export as csv, and then I play with data in excel. One thing that would have been great is to be able to do an export before any parsing is done, but that does not remove the fact that this is a simple and elegant tool.
  • (2020-01-11) Piotr P: Only found out about this extension today. Great tool and the author keeps it alive since 2015 ?! Madness!
  • (2019-12-18) Bengt-Göran Persson: I use it almost daily. <3
  • (2019-09-03) Dave Monks: A great tool. Thanks for the constant updates and attention it gets.
  • (2019-08-18) Martin Chalker: Used to be a marvelous tool, but it now no longer works in Chrome. This is listed in support as a problem over a week ago. No fix yet. If it is ever fixed to work in Chrome again I would be a fan once again.
  • (2019-08-04) David Bower: This Tool is amazing ! Makes finding upgrades and specific items in the game simple. If you have more than the standard 4 tabs this is a must. Great job !
  • (2019-03-19) Awesome extension. Used it for a while now and so far the only thing I can't figure out how to find is jewels in a characters passive tree after a reset (which is pretty much just nitpicking at that point).
  • (2018-08-13) Jake Courtney: Doing Gods work.
  • (2018-07-05) N F: Very useful.
  • (2018-06-21) Nick Earls: I cannot, in good conscience, rate this anything other than 5 stars based on the description alone. I want myself a perpetual quicksilver of amphetamines!
  • (2018-01-28) Pawel Z: Great, but no support for jewels. Can't search jewels. Also can't do items with %LIFE. otherwise quick and easy
  • (2018-01-09) Khaos Th30ry: This is exactly the inventory management tool I was looking for! So many other helpful features too!
  • (2017-11-05) David YT Chen: Very useful for searching all of your PoE stash tabs. Easy to use as well!
  • (2017-05-29) Ivan Zhoga: Amazing, please don't abandon it!!!
  • (2017-05-14) Mil Do: Thank you so much for this PoE-Life-Saver! Only thing I'm missing is jewels.
  • (2017-05-06) Matshiro: Wow, nie wiem jak mogłem bez tego żyć! Brzmi trochę jak reklama mango, ale serio, właśnie czegoś takiego szukałem cały czas.
  • (2017-02-13) Chad Bishop: I've never left a review for an extension, but this tool is the end all be all of stash management for Path of Exile. Please keep this maintained, because I won't be able to play the game anymore without it.
  • (2016-10-30) Vash Stampede: All U need to sort out in YR mess!
  • (2016-09-26) cryptc: only thing I feel is lacking is a good way to find corrupted items or their implicits
  • (2016-08-27) Matthieu Coulombe Lacasse: A must for any PoE player :)
  • (2016-08-15) Ian Wilson: Really good tool for 300+ stash standard tab
  • (2015-08-23) Ian Leonard: Detailed, Customizable, and FAST. Most other tools I've tried similar to these become incredibly slow with large stashes. Love it.
  • (2015-08-20) Riccardo Visione: Should be an official tool from GGG. No fancy-pants interface, but it does exactly what you want.
  • (2015-07-26) Elliott Gold: Easy to use and is adjustable to your liking. Highly recommended.
  • (2015-05-18) Noé García: If you play PoE then this is a MUST... you can find your items and customize the search at all levels. Searching that elusive item between tabs and chars it's a nightmare without this beautiful extension, can't say enough, just install it!
  • (2015-03-06) taylorfest: Absolutely fantastic tool. Was searching for a good way to track gem exp and found this extension. Does all I need and more. Really looking forward to being able to save gem exp logs. Hope that happens soon.
  • (2014-10-22) Rene Lind: love it
  • (2014-08-20) Vladimir Yadryshnikov: Thank you! You should to make a UI more cool and modern. bootstrap can help you with it :)

Latest issues

  • (2021-01-21, v: MeTeC: Tool not working
    Your tool doesn't work as of 21/01/2021, nothing show up
  • (2020-07-06, v: Ben Heighton: How do I get this on Firefox?
    I can not find this available on the firefox marketplace.
  • (2020-05-26, v: Terrence Freeland: Looty and Chrome
    I was getting ready to uninstall this awesome tool for non-compliance "error msg throttled by Path" when I re-read some of the comments and lo and behold when I logged onto my POE home page Looty was again awesome. Thank you for all your hard work in creating this immensely useful tool.
  • (2019-12-11, v: gxtro2001: how to switch account
    i have 2 poe accounts, how do i switch between them ?
  • (2019-09-04, v: Austin Bowers: Throttled
    Throttled by POE? Several others seem to be having the same issue. I looked at all my setting and i don't see a solution.
  • (2019-08-23, v: Jim: not working
    does not load stash
  • (2019-08-10, v: Harry Sinclair: Stopped working
    Getting the good old "Throttled by pathofexile.com" message. I'm logged into Path of Exile and I've made sure that I can load the get-characters JSon in another browser window. Looks like a jscript error... | Received JSFuture Failure, status == 0 not sure maybe throttling hp {We: null, Mb: null, bn: null, Wo: {…}, stackdata: TypeError: a.undef is not a function at hp.m.rq
  • (2018-07-20, v: blackhandgrenade: Me too
    same as everyone else, only get the *Throttled by pathofexile.com, while you wait stop by here and help other players discover the tool!* message and nothing else, no matter what i click on or which window i open.
  • (2018-06-18, v: Not loading at all in chrome.
    Error: Throttled by pathofexile.com, while you wait stop by here and help other players discover the tool!
  • (2017-12-13, v: Pasquale Tuscano: Abyss Update
    Please please update it for Abyss league
  • (2017-12-06, v: Rene Stephens: Totally broken
    Can't seem to get this to work in any way. I have the same "throtteld" message as KidKrinkle and it never goes away.
  • (2017-08-18, v: KidKrinkle: Stuck on Throttled by GGG
    Extension seems to be stuck on grabbing info GGG. I kept in on for hours and no progress has been made.
  • (2016-10-24, v: Nathaniel Leu: info out of date
    how do I get looty to rescan my inventory? It seems to be using out-of-date information
  • (2016-09-23, v: Anthony Camara: Sort by local added base physical damage
    Is there a way to display in columns "Adds # to # Physical damage to attacks" ? I turned on all columns, but can't find one with this property listed, except on hover.


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