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Replaces the word 'literally' with 'figuratively'. That's literally all it does.

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  • (2020-01-19) Earth Gamer: I installed this as a joke two or so years ago and recently I've been reading an online story and it confused the hell out of me. I just now remembered I had this installed and it was hidden so I couldn't see it. I just accidentally pranked myself.
  • (2015-01-03) Nesano: It got old fast and I got rid of it. Trouble is, its effects still persist. I reinstalled and disabled it, but it's still a problem. You'll regret getting this if you ever try to get rid of it.
  • (2014-10-21) Alan Bell: I installed this in April 2014, then forgot about it. In October I was wondering why the hell people never use the word "literally" any more, even when they could. Blogs, news articles, tweets, all using the word figuratively when appropriate (good) and when inappropriate (bad). It was very strange and I was starting to get a bit grumpy about the failure of the youth of today. Then I realised what the problem is. Great extension, just 4 stars for figuratively confusing me for figuratively six months.
  • (2014-04-30) Max Hunt: Hi, really like the idea, is there any chance I can get the source to make a version that replaces "addicting" with "addictive"? That's my pet peeve.
  • (2014-04-29) Antonio Mitag: Works like a charm. Thank you, Mike Walker, you have done this world a great service.
  • (2014-04-26) Lorraine Sisneros: I don't like it and can not remove it. How do I remove it? It does not show up on any app list. Help.
  • (2014-04-26) Logan Naillon: I love it! I Googled the word literally and it changed all of it to figuratively. I'm gonna keep this for a long time..
  • (2014-04-25) Jamie Simonson: This is LITERALLY the best thing ever...wait no..This is FIGURATIVELY the best thing ever!
  • (2014-04-24) Hugo Smith: I can't remove it and its kinda annoying me now
  • (2014-04-24) Joe Papp: OK, but...inability of "Literally" to discriminate b/w proper and improper uses of the word ❛begs❜ the question, is there a better way to identify grammatical mistakes‽ ✌☻✌
  • (2014-04-24) Sebastian Cole: Simple, and effective; how can we get this into the core chromium builds? :)
  • (2014-04-23) Sam: While it does lack the ability to discriminate between proper and improper uses of the word, this extension provides a break from the unending monotony of description where everything is done entirely without exaggeration.
  • (2014-04-23) Michael L: I literally just installed this! I have no idea if it works or not, though. It appears as though it does not.
  • (2014-04-23) David Ruppel: It's figuratively the best add-on I have!
  • (2014-04-23) Michael Trollan: Works like a charm. Love it.
  • (2014-04-23) Joanna Walsh: Ingenious
  • (2014-04-23) Clyde Doyle: Thank you. Awesome. What I mean is, do one for awesome.
  • (2014-04-23) It's not working for me. What am I doing wrong, literally!
  • (2014-04-23) Sylvia Moyes: Awesome, both figuratively and literally
  • (2014-04-22) D.K. Billins: I figuratively thank every god and goddess I don't have to deal with this word anymore. Thank you!
  • (2014-04-20) Matthew Bologna: This is figuratively the best invention of all time.


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