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Kiwix : offline Wikipedia reader

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Description from store Kiwix is an offline wikipedia viewer. See the official site: https://kiwix.org/ You need to download an archive (ZIM file) from https://download.kiwix.org/zim/, store it in on your device, and manually select it after starting the extension. You can search among the article titles, and read any of them without any Internet access. All the content of wikipedia is inside your device (including the images). It might also works with other content in the OpenZIM format: https://openzim.org/wiki/OpenZIM , but has been only tested on the wikipedia ones. If your Internet access is expensive/rare/slow/unreliable/watched/censored, you still can browse this amazing amount of knowledge and culture. 2.7.0 * NEW: Selectable dark mode for app UI and for articles (does not work on IE11) * NEW: Optional transition between app pages * NEW: Native asset caching in Service Worker mode - considerably speeds up article load times in some contexts * UPDATE: Privacy Policy * UPDATE: Minor changes to Kiwix icon * UPDATE: Bootstrap updated to v4 * UPDATE: Q Promise library updated to v1.5.1 * UPDATE: Various code simplifications and cleanup * BUGFIX: Support details-summary tags to ensure all article subheadings are open in jQuery mode * BUGFIX: Broken display when search results have special characters * BUGFIX: Display of random article fragments when using back/forward buttons quickly * BUGFIX: Several UI bugs (search results disappearing, redundant scroll bar) 2.6.0 * Support for imagemaps (area tags) in jQuery mode, like for maps in wikivoyage * Enable keyboard selection in search results * Drag and drop support of ZIM files (on desktop) * Support download of epub files (for Gutenberg ZIM files) and some other types of downloads * Generic handling of MIME Types, instead of the previously hard-coded ones * Add explanations and detect when there are CORS issues when running kiwix-js through file:// * Fix for some cache issues in ServiceWorker mode * Some fixes for filenames with question marks, hyperlinks with hashtags, articles with no title, and articles with special characters in their URL 2.5.0 * Better support of Javascript in pages * Preliminary support of video/audio content (including subtitles) * Better spinner 2.4.0 * Significant performance improvement * Stability improvement for the ServiceWorker mode 2.3.1 * Fix excessive memory consumption * Fix SVG file handling * Add favicon 2.3.0 * Improved CSS stylesheet support : now all CSS stylesheets are interpreted, and applied in a performant way. * A cache has been added on these stylesheets to improve performance, too. * Plus some minor fixes 2.2.0 * Support for StackExchange ZIM files (and maybe for some other ZIM files with a structure * different than the Mediawiki-based ZIM files). * Compatibility with split English wikipedia ZIM files (which now have more than 26 files). * Rename the project to Kiwix-JS instead of Kiwix-html5. * Slightly improved memory handling of content decompression. * Library updates (jQuery, Bootstrap, requireJS). * Improved continuous integration (automated testing on several browsers). * Avoid unnecessary 404 errors on images. * Minor UI enhancements and fixes. * Some code refactoring/cleaning on the way we handle the jQuery mode. * Make geo: and tel: links work. 2.1.0 * Add more user info on which ZIM files are compatible * Fix for back/forward buttons in browsing history * Drop some legacy code (Evopedia file format compatibility, uncomplete Cordova/Phonegap port) * Refactoring of the code to make it more easily readable for contributors * Fix for unit tests on Chrome * Enhancements on nightly builds and automatic generation of packages for public releases

Latest reviews

  • (2020-06-26) Mikhail Gribanov: Как скрыть нижнюю панель которая дублирует функционал браузера?
  • (2019-04-13) Tumusiime Isaac: This extension has saved me alot. It is really fast and I just set it to open as my homepage to avoid the hustle of having to load the files every time I open. I have even written a review about it at http://www.freetechug.blogspot.com
  • (2018-12-26) Евгений Рылов: Каждый раз приходится указывать расположение файлов-zim: закрыл страницу браузера и всё пропало... :-(
  • (2018-08-05) Fairly useless due to the torrents failing to even start. Every ftp I've tried doesn't finish.
  • (2017-11-28) Moctar Cissé: COOL

Latest issues

  • (2019-09-04, v:2.6.0) Jim Johnson: I need a version of Kiwix or some other .zim reader that I can run from a USB drive, Can you help?
    I have been trying to use kiwix-desktop_windows_x64_2.0-rc1 to act as a viewer for Wikipedia files that can be loaded and displayed completely offline, by saving everything to a USB drive. The software basically works but with a lot of deficiencies. Problems include: 1) the Wikipedia files (8) that I have downloaded cannot be made to appear in either the Local Files or the All files directory. I would like to point Kiwix to the Wikipedia content and have it display all of the .zim files present there. 2) When I open .zim files manually using the file menu, I can only get 6 files open at a time.
  • (2018-12-03, v:2.4.0) Brian McGlynn: audio for crash course and other .zim files
    It does not appear that there is audio support for the recent versions of Kiwix available for Mac users with the standalone app or as a Google Chrome extension. Is this the case? If it is not available, do you foresee it becoming available soon? We use these resources as supplemental material when teaching our three kids who live and travel aboard our sailboat. Everything mist be offline given remote travel with no internet access. In the past, we have found these materials to be wonderful but the lack of audio in the newest version is problematic for us. Thank you for any information or recommendations that you can provide. Best wishes, Brian, SV Counting Stars


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