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Remove Troll Quirks

Description from extension meta This extension tries to translate Homestuck trolls' quirks to proper English
Image from store Remove Troll Quirks
Description from store This extension should be useful for people with trouble reading troll dialogs on the Homestuck webcomic. It tries to translate the trolls quirks to normal text. For example, Terezi's "H3Y COOL K1D" becomes "HEY COOL KID", and Feferi's "W)(----EW" becomes "WHEW". Changelog: 1.1 - Adds support for Aradia, Tavros, fixes Eridan. Click on any translated line to toggle between translated and original text. 1.0 - First version, supports Sollux, Nepeta, Terezi, Equius (kinda), Gamzee, Eridan (mostly), Feferi, Erisolsprite. Future plans: Options to turn on/off all translations, or even translations for each character. Support for "manual" translations (e.g. for Vriska's random 8s). This extension is dedicated to my SO (♡), who couldn't read past Erisolsprite spritelogs because of their synaesthesia (the combination of ww and 2 on the same words was really bad for them).
Latest reviews (2016-06-12) Aidan Barnes: This is amazing, hopefully you can improve upon it! (2016-02-27) Caroline Douglass: thank you for this!! it works perfectly (2016-01-26) Twinge: Probably want to include the words leet & leetspeak in the title/description - I wasn't able to find this when I was first looking. Works quite well! (2015-12-02) Aaron Gullison: Works so well I didn't even know it was working.

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2015-06-11 / 1.1




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