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Dominion Point Counter

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Description from store This extension keeps track of info during a game of dominion on http://dominion.isotropic.org. Basics: - tracks # of cards and points for each player - can replace the faq/signout buttons with this info - acts as a chatbot and introduces commands at game start Commands supported currently: - !status - Prints out the current points / cards for all players. - !disable - If allowed (default), turns off the point counter Extension disabling can be turned off, but only if the user status message mentions the point counter (Auto▼Count). This means you'll never be surprised by someone having a point counter and then not be able to disable it. You can see the source code and file bugs / contribute here: https://github.com/drheld/isotropic_dominion_extension Please be sure to report any issues there. Known issues: - Masquerade with more than 2 players causes unknown info. In such a case, the extension can't see anything. It writes a warning about this. == v5.3.5 == - Nothing meaningful. Update manifest file since chrome wants me to. == v5.3.4 == - Add screenshot link to the status announcement. == v5.3.3 == - Remove accidental inclusion of .git files. == v5.3.2 == - Work around isotropic logs for Possession + Border Village == v5.3.1 == - Hide per card counts on disable. == v5.3 == - Preserve automatch settings. == v5.2.4 == - Fix various cards with Trader that are missing gain messages. == v5.2.3 == - Fix Mountebank with Trader == v5.2.2 == - Fix issue with !status output including html. == v5.2.1 == - Fix issue with first turn gains (from Ill-Gotten Gains, etc). == v5.2 == - Handle player names with commas. - Use player colours in status strings. == v5.1 == - Handle Trader + Embargo. - Accept player names with only '.' in them. == v5.0 == - Added UI for displaying all cards owned by all players. - Several bug fixes. == v4.7.2 == - Fix bug in counting of Tunnel as a victory card from last release. == v4.7.1 == - Don't count Tunnel / Fool's Gold as action cards for Vineyard. == v4.7 == - Added a new !details command which shows entire decks for each player. == v4.6.2 == - Fixes for some uses of Tunnel and Noble Brigands. == v4.6.1 == - Add support for Noble Brigands. == v4.6 == - Properly handle Tunnel. - Fix Saboteur with multiple reveals. - Fix handling of some player names. == v4.5 == - Fix issue with Trader and Mountebank. - Fixed automatic bugreporting. == v4.4 == - Initial Hinterlands support. == v4.3.3 == - Restore missing messages like "Waiting for Bob to discard...". == v4.3.2 == - Fixed a bug that allowed disabling disable without setting a status message. == v4.3.1 == - Improvements on how logs are retained. == v4.3 == - Fix extension after latest server release. == v4.2 == - Only allow disable until turn 5. == v4.1.3 == - Fixed issues reported in displaying scores. == v4.1.2 == - Fixed a Possession bug. == v4.1.1 == - Fixed a few small reload bugs. == v4.1 == - Stop showing full game log after disable. == v4.0 == - Added support for solitaire games. - Show full game log instead of recent turns (like isotropic used to do). - Fixed a bug where built-in point tracker wasn't required after the first game. == v3.3.4 == - Fix showing special counts (like #actions, #uniques, #duchies). == v3.3.3 == - Make lobby load less flaky. Removed extra debug statement. == v3.3.2 == - Always enable point tracker for proposed and automatched games.

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Latest issues

  • (2012-10-17, v:5.3.5) Dan Marker: Primary pane keeps scrolling down / does not respond to events
    I am not certain what my version of Chrome was when this was working perfectly. Recently, my Chrome version was at 20.0.1132.57 m but would not update again. The problem persists unchanged after updating to 20.0.1229.94 m When playing a game, the primary pane keeps scrolling down with each action. The Kingdom cards also seem to be much lower than I remember (though that may be working as intended). Under some circumstances, the interface does not refresh with the correct information. - In a solitaire game, this occurs when pressing "end turn" when confirmation is required. The interface should update, but does not. Hitting another selection (such as the "money" shortcut) does not cause the additional selection to be run, but does refresh the interface to show the confirmation text. This also occurs in multi-player games, and unfortunately occurs when the other player causes any reaction. Whether that is a card selection, or even changing back to my turn. Reloading the page will also correct the behavior, but causes a reconnection to the game, and the number of attempts allowed by the host is too low for this to be a workaround. This problem exists on both Windows and Linux systems.


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