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Description from extension meta This extension allows you to download images with one click, directly to your download folder.
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Description from store This extension adds a small icon to every picture while hovering over it. When you click on that icon the picture is downloaded directly to your download folder. You will never be asked again where you want to save the picture. If you want to get in touch, please join the Google+ Community Image Download. (https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/109075059138445967727) Attention: The extension is in an early development state, there are some features to come and not everything is working perfect. If you have any tips or questions don't hesitate to contact us.
Latest reviews (2019-11-10) JAYLEW: This does in fact save a lot of time. Google keeps changing things and making it more of a nuisance to be productive. Bing used to have that download button so I could cycle through images and download, THAT too is gone. ANNOYING. One other software extension did the job, it no longer works. Right now, with Google's dumb layout of images (with them being displayed on the right side) your little save icon in the left upper corner makes things so easy. I just keep pressing the right arrow on my keyboard while clicking the save with my mouse. THANK YOU. I don't know how long this will last but I'm going to use the mess out of it. (2019-10-18) Pentameron: It can't even open when I click on it. (2019-08-01) Steve V: It opens the image in a new tab in chrome. Doesnt download it. (2019-06-19) Tres Kewlshoes: It keeps opening a tab that shows the image. Totally unnecessary and irritating. (2019-02-12) 邱建: sometmes, it not works, just opens a new tab for that image. (2018-11-07) chanel g: I love this! But I wish there was an option to change when this shows up on certain websites! (2018-08-22) ISs0ng: Thank you! Works as expected (2018-07-02) Pablo Almeida: don't work at all (2018-04-04) Arnab Ghosh: No use... Just the logo changing color... (2018-03-21) Tim Poplin: I have been working in e-commerce for 10 years and just now took the time to research a tool like this. It seemed like something someone HAD to figure out. This is saving me and my team a HUGE amount of time and anyone on here who says it doesn't work or is useless is in fact useless themselves. This is the single best extension that I've ever encountered and no longer have to disable scripts or workarounds to download images. THANK YOU!!! (2018-03-09) Ami Rojkes Dombe: Not working (2017-09-02) Maxie7 L: ni abre!!! (2017-08-20) Thomas Lim - gmail: Not working at all, dont bother (2017-06-28) H.R. N: awesome... (2017-05-13) aly ozdemir: not working (2016-11-20) GTdelux Pulsar: Вообще не работает. Срочно пофиксить или удалить (2016-06-25) Jay Bee: Will only work on images smaller than 1mb. And that makes it pretty much worthless. (2016-06-15) Eddie Garza: good (2016-06-08) Rahul Ahuja: Saves time as the images being saved no longer have to be named. Can be toggled on or off from the extension icon in the extensions bar, which is a very good feature. Though it's not perfect. For the tabs which are already open, the small icon of this extension doesn't go away from the images on those pages on toggling the extension off. Quite useful. Thanks to the developer. (2016-04-30) Dave Wulf: Solo descarga el thumbails y no la imagen real... Inutil para mi. (2016-04-16) Sabishisa Ransom: My only complaint is that at times, even with it turned off, the little save icon will NOT go away. It mostly seems to happen when I've full-screened something. Even with my mouse nowhere near an image, the icon just hovers in one place. (2016-01-24) M K: I have reviewed several Chrome extensions for image download - solutions with context menu, hoover over pic, middle mouse click i.e. To download images is part of my daily work, because I do a lot of research on the Internet. 'Image Download' became my favourite choice, because you can use it in almost any circumstances - in i-frame, slideshows, in pic galleries, yes and even with "Captcha"s (the pics where you have to proof that you are human). One thing every user must be aware of IS: You have to SWITCH it ON, before you can use it !! Simply said - There is a litte horizontal green line under/below the extensions logo, in the upper right hand corner of your browser. If you can see this green line, then it means it is ON and ready to use. Finally I give 4.6 STARS - because this extension helps to protect from my tenosynovitis (to many mouse clicks). Please continue your excellent work, and thank you - it is a free app. (2015-12-24) Alex L.P.: Excellent, i used a similar one on Firefox and i was hoping to find one on Chrome, and i gladly did! thanks (2015-09-29) Denis Sharov: Очень полезная вещь. Бесит, что проведя мышкой над картинкой уже не избавиться от иконки. Особенно неудобно при вводе капчи. Пока 3. (2015-04-29) ZZ: Very useful addon! Please add the option that the save-button disappeared after I click it on current image. Thank you very much!

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