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Description from extension meta The font is appointed by the dictator.
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Description from store The most violent extension about font setting. Appoint default font to all web page like a dictator, and don't forget to set the default font in browser setting. Github: https://github.com/BlackGlory/appoint-font This extension does not support the low version of Chrome, please upgrade your browser to the latest version.
Latest reviews (2019-11-12) Hee Ro: 在全英文chrome浏览器下,无法设置FixedWidth: 2019年11月12日23:27:06 选不了字体了,一片黑该如何解决。https://sm.ms/image/78oJKyXDiurQmVL (2019-10-23) 更新chrome之后,选择字体的列表是黑色的,没有选项。 (2019-09-02) Temple Sec: 从知乎来的。不愧是暴力啊!若是能钦定西文就更吼了! (2019-07-27) 牙奕集: 开启后google sheets卡成狗比(如在切换标签时),希望修复一下 (2019-07-04) se7en yu: 非常好用方便,设置后显示效果就好多了!谢谢分享 (2019-06-27) Aaron Willliams: Very helpful for asserting dominance over my bar review website, which has an obnoxiously thin and hard to read font (and which I'm forced to look at for 10-12 hours per day). All the font changers that use google fonts corrupt the page's graphics/icons. This extension lets you swap out all fonts with a standard MS font. I went with Segoe UI. Readable font, no corrupted graphics. I'm about as happy as one can be after reading about secured transactions for 12 hours. All hail the dictator! (2019-06-26) Muka Tsuku: finally got the right font to display on a chinese blog with translated version in japanese. oh, and i also appreciate the dev's humor. Thumbs up to the dictator! (2019-01-31) Rain Zhang: chrome更新后,插件无效了,请求更新啊。 (2018-04-03) Lemge Kyle: 暴力 (2018-03-10) KOBAYASHI TSUBASA: 不好使啊师傅,难道是因为我chrome语言选的是English UK? (2018-01-16) 張筱婷: 謝謝、 我用過的換字體插件中、 這款是換得最徹底的。 如果能多一個欽定西文字體的選項就更好了。 (2017-12-06) Fei WANG: 作为一个恨透黑体的人,特来感谢 (2017-09-11) Feiyu Zhao: 效果不错。 (2017-06-16) Zhiyong Liu: 非常棒! (2017-05-12) 苏秦: 适合我这种懒癌晚期 (2017-03-28) Zealot CE: 感谢 (2017-02-20) Weslee Wong: 同类软件用过很多,包括stylish,总有各种不方便之处,最终选定钦定字体,值得推荐! 建议:目前的版本里,只有“标准字体”和“等宽字体”的选项,导致同一篇文章里,中英文都用一个字体显示,你懂的,中文字体里的英文,很烂!希望作者能提供“CJK标准字体”、“英文标准字体”等更多的选项设置。 谢谢

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