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A browser extension to help GMs spend more time telling a compelling story, and less time being a computer.

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Description from store What's new in 0.0.3: - Changed the default behavior of roll popovers to dismiss when you click away from them. - As always, please don't hesitate to leave any feedback or report issues on github. What's new in 0.0.2: - Fixed a bug with the prd website where their jquery was getting stomped by rpjeeves - Changed the way replace works. This should improve performance on all pages. A browser extension that we're working on to help GMs spend more time telling a compelling story, and less time being a computer. We play a lot of pathfinder, but we're sick of (and bad at) all of the bookkeeping needed to run a smooth session, so we're making the tool that we've always wanted. With rpjeeves active in your browser, pages that you visit that rpjeeves recognizes as monster or bestiary pages are automatically augmented with skill, attack, and damage roll buttons, allowing you to get back to the game sooner when doing quick lookups. We've tested rpjeeves on the official paizo prd and d20pfsrd.com, but there's no reason that rpjeeves should be limited to these two reference documents. rpjeeves looks at the grammar of the document, and does its best to recognize when text is referencing a roll. Obviously this can be pretty hit and miss. "28d12+62" is very easy to find, but if a site tends to break standards ("damage: roll two twelve sided dice and add fourteen") rpjeeves is going to get confused. That being said, we're really anxious to hear what reference sites GMs are using these days so that we can do our best to test against all eventualities. This is just the beginning; rpjeeves is currently in open beta. Expect to see features such as saving and tracking monsters for your campaign, automatic initiative rolls, and more.

Latest reviews

  • (2020-12-20) Shane Lancaster: This is an amazing extension, and something that will be an incredible timesaver for the game that I run. It can be an incredible headache trying to juggle all of the stuff you need to keep track of as a DM, and I am certain that this is really going to streamline combat on my end. My only suggestion would be to add support for Archives of Nethys some time in future. That being said I am incredibly happy with what I've already got.
  • (2020-12-15) Nathan Sage: Absolutely fantastic! Thank you for making this. This might be the MOST UNDERATED rpg extension ever imo (I've DMed for about 2 decades, various systems). Once a year I do research to find the best sites/apps/tools/VTTs stuff for my games. And I just found this on accident when I was looking for a dice roller. I didn't know I wanted this until I started using it and I have no idea why I haven't heard about this on reddit/etc. B/c the logo looks outdated and the name doesn't immediately tell you what it does, I almost didn't bother clicking on it. So I hope they invest in a beautiful logo and switch it to another name that uses keywords (stat block, site roller, dice click roller, idk). If there was some way it could work for PDFs that would also be greatly appreciated.
  • (2019-04-16) Eric Waters: Great Caesar's Ghost! What a fantastic extension! I'm just putting it through its paces now, but this might be the most Pathfinder GM-friendly thing I've ever used. Five minutes and I was in love. I agree with another rater who said a image search button would be helpful, although I would prefer it to use Duck Duck Go or Qwant (or Ecosia, or really any search engine that respects privacy). The ability to add simple templates to the stats would be nice, but I get that it might be really difficult to implement.
  • (2016-01-04) Richard Mercer: Really helpful! Love it!
  • (2015-07-19) Michael Boggs: I'm still trying this out, but at first glance, its great! I'd love to see some additions: 1. Add some of the simple templates (like advanced) as a checkbox to adjust stats. 2. Add a google image search button for the monster to quickly be able to show players what the monster looks like. Anyhow, thanks for making this. after some testing, I'll help spread the word.
  • (2015-05-09) Eronn Ortega: Ok this is the coolest thing ever. I really appreciate you guys making this and it works really smooth on the d20 website. I found another cool website called donjon and they generate everything from random loot and encounters to complete dungeons with traps! If this awesome tool could combine with websites like that too it would be really convinient for gameplay
  • (2014-12-01) anoymous ghost: It is pretty nice, I have not seen any bugs yet, but I have not fully gone into it.

Latest issues

  • (2014-08-22, v:0.0.1) Seth Rutman: Closing Dice Rolls
    First thing I've noticed since installing it on d20pfsrd.org is that when clicking on a highlighted box to perform a dice roll, there is no way to close it without refreshing the page. This is a problem for fields that overlap, or if you want to perform the same roll multiple times.


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