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Translate Japanese by hovering over words.

Image from store 10ten Japanese Reader (Rikaichamp)
Description from store Quickly look up Japanese words on any text page by activating the add-on from the toolbar (you may need to use the Extensions menu to pin the icon to the toolbar) or pressing Alt+R. Features: • Pitch accent information • Dictionaries that update automatically twice a week • Recognition of a wide range of grammatical forms and characters (e.g. 食べてた, 分からん, 知らん, じーちゃん, 頑張ろー, そーゆー, ぬ verbs, とく・どく forms, causative passive, vs-c verbs like 兼した, and characters like ㋕, ㌀, ㋿, 𠏹沢, and many more) • Translation of Japanese numbers into Arabic numerals (e.g. 13億5千万 into 1,350,000,000) • Translation of yen amounts (e.g. 100億円, 8万8千円) into a local currency • Translation of Japanese-era years into Gregorian years (e.g. 昭和56年, 平成三十一年) • Translation between 畳/帖 measurements and square meters (e.g. 四畳半、12.6 帖、25 平米 etc.) • Translation of shogi moves (e.g. ☗8三銀引成) • Support for the widest range of Web content (Google docs, YouTube subtitles, vertical text, SVG images, hidden text etc.) • Support for non-English dictionaries (unfortunately no Japanese-Japanese dictionary is freely available yet) • Up-to-date kanji data including educational and kanji kentei levels, reworked kanji components etc. • Many settings to customize to your needs • Localization into Simplified Chinese and Japanese • Automatic preview of name entries when there is a better match in the name dictionary Version 1.13.5 includes • Added support for parsing ざるを得ない endings, e.g. 闘わざるをえなかった. • Added support for parsing ~ないで, e.g. 払わないですんだ. • Added an option for higher contrast pitch accent markings. • Fixed the browser icon getting stuck at 100%. • Made the popup show for sites that make nested contents fullscreen such as Crunchyroll. • Made the touchscreen puck trigger showing text boxes on mokuro that normally only show on hover. • Fixed lookup of Japanese inside display: contents containers. • Fixed lookup of Japanese with certain combinations of display: inline-block such as is used on Kanshudo. • Made the copy overlay not show if the user has selected text in the popup. • Made shogi shorthand matches not show up when there is a longer word match. • Added inflection for できる so that 連絡できなかった is parsed as a single unit. • Updated explanation text for passive deinflections to indicate that they may simply be sonkeigo. Version 1.12.4 includes • Made it possible to interact with the popup by using the mouse. For example, you can change tabs or copy entries by clicking. ◦ Note that this makes the popup tabs larger and may sometimes mean the popup does not dismiss as quickly. This behavior can be disabled from the options page under "Popup interactivity". • Made the popup not move position when changing tabs via touch or mouse. • Added a shortcut key for closing the popup (defaults to Esc). • Added a shortcut key for pinning the popup (defaults to Ctrl). • Added a setting to make highlight styles blue. • Fixed a bug where highlights might not be cleared. • Disabled using the Highlight API on for vertical text due to Chromium bug 1360724. Version 1.11.0 includes • Made katakana headwords be shown when matching on katakana. • Made non-matching kanji headwords be hidden when matching on kana. • Added handling for search-only dictionary headwords. • Made it possible to copy name preview entries to the clipboard. • Fixed display of currency conversion etc. when there are only name results. • Fixed handling of kanji records with multiple cross references. • Made the label for rarely-used kanji shorter. Version 1.10.0 includes • Updated data download service to improve initial download performance and provide more useful download progress. Version 1.9.0 includes • Made the popup display in full-screen mode so you can look up text in subtitles on full-screen videos. • Added recognition for decimals numbers with kanji bases (e.g. 25.1万円). • Made the popup not automatically show for text elements with title/alt attributes when a key is required to show the popup. • Fixed an issue where other extensions could cause the popup to be mispositioned. Version 1.8.4 includes • Fixed looking up vertical text using pdf.js. • Fixed use of the puck on Bibi reader. • Fixed a regression in highlighting of non-BMP characters e.g. 𠏹沢. • Made sure the popup always appears on top, even for sites like TimeTree that use the maximum z-index for their popups. • Fixed a bug where the copy status message would re-appear after switching tabs. Version 1.7.1 includes • Fixed display of the radical meaning in kanji view Version 1.7.0 includes • Parsing for shogi moves (e.g. ☗8三銀引成) • Improved text look up in Google docs when the document is scaled • Fixed positioning of the puck (touch screen devices) when using pinch zoom • More common kana readings are displayed when looking up an entry by an irregular kana reading (e.g. showing ふんいき when looking up ふいんき) • Irregular kana readings are dimmed when looking up by kanji (e.g. ふいんき is dimmed when looking up 雰囲気) • Irregular kanji headwords be dimmed when looking up by kana (e.g. お母 is dimmed when looking up おふくろ) • Name preview no longer shows the age for name entries when only a year is given, or when the name is not for a person • Stopped the add-on from interfering with generic XML documents • Stopped producing source maps which would result in an error being displayed in the developer console Version 1.6.1 includes • Fixes looking up text in text boxes when the document is scrolled Version 1.6.0 includes • Support for copying entries from touch devices by tapping the entry • Copying to the clipboard works for HTTP sites • Support for looking up words on touch screens by tapping the word Version 1.5.0 includes • Support for Google Docs annotated canvas • Refines senses based on what you're looking up • Shows the age next to names • Lots of minor fixes (tm formatting, number lookup, etc.) Version 1.4.8 includes • Fixes to popup display for iframes (such as on the Bibi EPUB reader) and standalone SVG graphics Version 1.4.3 includes • Expands numbers that include kanji characters and aren't in the dictionary (e.g. 9万8800, 365億) • Adds an option to disable currency conversion • Fixes a bug where popups were not scrollable when no tabs are shown • Forces Google Docs to use HTML mode. This can be disabled from settings. • Ignores zero-width non-joiner characters (as sometimes used by Google Docs) Version 1.4.1 includes • Conversion of currency amounts (e.g. 8万8千円, 100億円) • A "puck" for looking up words on touch screens Version 1.3.5 includes • Overhauled popup positioning to better correspond with old behavior • Reworked iframe message passing to prevent interfering with pages like Azure portal Version 1.3.3 includes • Improved lookup performance • Popup is now shown again for images with Japanese alt/title text but there is an option to turn it off • Added recognition for counters that start with half-width numerals (e.g. 1 つ, 14 日) • Reworked popup positioning Version 1.2.3 includes • Made the lookup better reflect the cursor position • Fixed a regression in the highlighting of text when only content that is not a dictionary entry matches Version 1.2.2 includes • Made popups for iframes be shown in the topmost window • Fixed flickering on links that use transitions • Fixed a regression when looking up the first character in a text box Version 1.2.1 includes • Better handling of text in text boxes (form fields etc.) Version 1.2.0 includes • Option to display tabs on the sides or hide them altogether • Option to change the toolbar icon to a 天 character instead • Made katakana name matches show up in the name preview Version 1.1.3 includes • New name: 10ten Japanese Reader • New default theme (switches between light/dark based on system dark-mode setting) • Tabs for showing different dictionary results and made them interactive on touch screen devices • Automatic translation of 畳/帖 and square measurements such as 四畳半, 6.5 帖, 10㎡, or 十二平米 • Option to show only kanji entries by holding Shift. • Shortcut key to toggle the extension on and off is no longer be synchronized so that the full range of modified keys can be used and so that extensions keys configured via the browser UI interoperate with the extension UI better • Popup shows up less eagerly when the hold-to-show key(s) is/are pressed and a text box is focused since it can interfere with copying and pasting. • Optimized searching for variants of 長音 (ー) and 旧字体 to perform fewer lookups while considering all 長音 variations for name entries • Additional key that can be configured to switch dictionaries, n, since Shift can be unavailable when Firefox's resist fingerprinting mode is enabled • Notification that incomplete results are shown when the dictionary data is being updated • Hint indicating the keys that can be used to switch dictionaries Version 0.5.7 includes • Recognition of covered-up text as used on asahi.com and nikkei.com • Fixes to handling of text in text boxes (previously the first character could not be recognized) Version 0.5.10 includes • Performance improvements when looking up words

Latest reviews

  • (2023-03-21) ramu Yaku: that's a best extension for nihongo learner
  • (2023-02-05) Andy Benson: Perfect for my needs. Tried yomichan and in comparison this is a lot easier to get going and easier on the eyes imo, no need to install dictionaries and therefore feels a lot less bloaty - this just works right out of the box. Fantastic work. Thank you.
  • (2022-11-12) Jonathan McIntyre: In its current state this extension is incredible. Easily chipping away at a complicated syllabary that takes a significant personal effort to even begin to recognize the most important characters, right there at the tip of your mouse cursor. A wealth of information is presented an easy to read format that helps you reinforce all of the intricacies of the language, as you begin to learn them and recognize the patterns. Toggling on the additional Romaji text really helps to speed up the rate at which you can memorize individual symbols, by having a reminder always ready at a flash. 理解チャンプ、「最高」!
  • (2022-11-09) Gabriel M.: Incredible!
  • (2022-10-28) Aris Koutris: This extension is literally flawless. It does translation, and it does it the best way possible. A lot of information is shown but the results are presented in a structured manner that is easy to understand. It is responsive and the UI is intuitive and highly customizable. Oh, and now mouse support is added. I literally cannot think of any way this extension could be better. Thanks!
  • (2022-09-29) Spencer Fricke: I have tried so many tools to help learn Japanese and this is easily my favorite. The level of speed and customizing is perfect. I am mad I was not aware of this for the years of learning Japanese prior. Nothing is more satisfying then seeing a Kanji you forgot/don't know and quickly toggling it on and hovering over it.
  • (2022-09-28) Max Moroz: An incredibly useful tool, and amazingly helpful developers! I am using it on both Chrome and Firefox now. The regular updates add a lot of cool features too. For example, now I can use the mouse to move between the tabs of the popup, without pressing any keys. Thanks!
  • (2022-09-14) Stefan Gugler: It's like the first time ever I write a review for a chrome app, but it's really a fantastic add-on, congratz. I love the new addition that the pop-up remains and I can browse it with the mouse. I saw almost a year ago that the main dev (?) was talking about WaniKani level integration. I think that would be super useful, especially since a huge part of that userbase uses 10ten to study Japanese through immersion online. Seeing on which level a kanji is taught would be really cool. In any case, thanks for the development!
  • (2022-09-13) Eva Creech: This is such a well designed extension. Has worked exactly as needed and has a treasure trove of useful information compactly shown. The new mouse control features are so useful as well! Thanks for all the hard work.
  • (2022-08-13) Đào Nhật Phan Anh: lit
  • (2022-08-12) Zack Wyvern: This is almost good, but it has this massive disadvantage: you can't mouse over a popup and scroll down it, apparently. I could do this out of the box with all the popup Japanese dictionaries I've used to date EXCEPT this one. There also doesn't seem to be any option to customize the popup time itself. So I'm pretty much out of options if I want to read all the meanings under a popup.
  • (2022-08-12) Max Vyner: this extension id goos, the extnesion is good frankly, -max
  • (2022-08-12) Parzy: i love you
  • (2022-08-07) Aka: a double-click function. please. ctrl+alt(or something)is uncomfortable.
  • (2022-07-01) Htet Loon: Its a really good extension for Japanese learner. But the really annoying thing is once you move the pointer the popup gonna change. So u can't check the kanji details. And there is no options to change that.
  • (2022-06-21) Mixae Mao: I have been using the Rikai family (lol) for YEARS. It's simple, you install it, ENABLE, and bam. You can hover your mouse over runes and it gives you a Pokedex pop out (customizable btw). It also shows the PITCH ACCENT. OTL You literally need this.
  • (2022-02-10) Christian Elbrianno: Has more features than any other alternative. Smarter for various translation context, like converting year, date format, and currency.
  • (2021-11-27) Francis Pritchard: Excellent extension for learning Japanese.
  • (2021-10-10) Kuei: This extension is very useful especially for pitch accent information and word detection system! Thank you very much! この拡張機能は、特にアクセント情報と単語検出システムに非常に役立ちます! どうもありがとう!
  • (2021-06-14) Arzet Ro: Unlike rikaikun, rikaichamp shows pitch accent information, which is a must-have! Because of that, I had to use Firefox when I needed to read something Japanese, but now rikaichamp is here too.
  • (2021-05-22) Nico: By far the best of its kind out there. I'd been using this on Firefox and then switched to Brave some months ago and was disappointed by how the only thing similar to rikaichamp was rikaikun, which has a much less flexible word detection system and as of writing this still doesn't have the infinitely useful feature that is pitch accent information. I'm really glad this has finally arrived at the chrome web store.
  • (2021-05-16) Bryan F.: I've been waiting for this to hit Chrome/Chromium browsers from Firefox! Just from my initial testing, I can already tell how much better Rikaichamp is than the standard Rikaikun. Way better dictionary that catches more stuff.

Latest issues

  • (2023-01-19, v:1.13.5) Brian Wideman: 10ten iphone
    How do you activate 10ten on iphone? The app store says press Control + Command + R, but I guess that is just with Mac.
  • (2021-12-21, v:1.6.1) John Smith: Number-only entries
    Please prevent the addon from ever translating number-only entries (such as "64"). Sometimes it picks them up, sometimes it does not. On the Firefox version, it never does, as it's supposed to. You can confirm it, for example, on this page: https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/64 - specifically, in the section 1, the number 64 at the very beginning of the list does translate, while anywhere else on the list it doesn't, and the same chaotic behavior can be observed on the rest of that page. Environment: Latest addon version as of now (1.6.1), Vivaldi 5.0.2497.24, Windows 10 x64.
  • (2021-11-01, v:1.4.8) Will Maud: Name Change
    What's with the name change? Nothing about it says "Japanese". It's the same name as some basketball scouting company. That's the second result for "10ten" on google after dirt bikes. What on earth were you guys thinking?


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