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ChatGPT responses on search engine pages. Summarize, rewrite, extract and monitor pages, prices and data. Turns websites into APIs.

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Description from store ## Empower your browser with Artificial Intelligence HARPA AI integrates ChatGPT, Web Monitoring & Automation into your Google Chrome. Harness the power of AI to automate tedious search, data extraction, content summarization, writing and web monitoring tasks: * Display ChatGPT answers next to search results * Summarize web pages into emails / tweets / articles * Extract data / prices / SEO keywords from web pages * Generate content and email responses with ChatGPT * Automate site monitoring 🔄. * Automatically detect price drops and back in stock alerts 💰. * Automatically refresh pages * Turn websites into APIs with Make.com / Integromat / Webhooks * and more... ## AI & CHATGPT * ChatGPT on Search Result Pages Display ChatGPT responses next to Google search results. Supports major search engines: Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Brave and DuckDuckGo. * Page Summary Summarize and rephrase any page content into a few paragraphs of text, a Twitter tweet, a Facebook or Instagram blog post. * Data Mining & Extraction Extract SEO keywords, key-value pairs, tabular data and prices from any web page with just a few clicks. * Content Generation Generate text content from simple post comments to email replies to full SEO articles. * Context-aware ChatGPT Dialog Select any text on any page, right click and select "Send to HARPA". Tell ChatGPT what to do with the text. * Custom ChatGPT Prompts Create and reuse custom page content aware ChatGPT prompts. ## WEB AUTOMATION & MONITORING * Monitor Price Drops 💰 Create web monitors that periodically extract prices from any e-commerce platform, such as Walmart, Amazon and H&M, and notify you when prices drop, saving you money on online purchases. * Monitor In-Stock Availability Is the product you want out of stock? Be the first to know when it goes back on sale. HARPA can monitor a web page for you and wait for a specific text, such as "out of stock", to disappear. * Auto-refresh Pages Use HARPA to periodically auto-refresh web pages, track appointment slots availability, jobs and vacancies, articles and legislations, changes in competitors’ pricing pages, competitor product rollouts, hotels, and airline tickets. * Report Website Downtime Set up a HARPA monitor to check if a website or blog is down or has been defaced. Supports refresh intervals of up to 15 seconds. * Turns Websites into APIs API-fy any website for which no official API is available. Build data dashboards and IFTTT chains for your business and customers. Connect HARPA to 3rd party applications via webhooks and Make.com / Integromat * Create Smart Auto-updating Wishlists Add any product from any online store to HARPA to monitor when the product price drops, goes on sale or is back in stock. ## BENEFITS HARPA is designed to give you automation superpowers. It has a powerful AI engine that understands the structure and semantics of web pages. * Alerts, Notifications, Emails, Sounds, Webhooks, IFTTT Set a trigger condition and HARPA will send you a notification email or push data to your web server whenever the trigger condition fires: e.g. web page updates or price drops. Push data to Google Sheets via Make.com or export to CSV / Excel. * Robust AI Engine HARPA AI parses web pages into data blocks, extracts numeric, time and price data and uses machine learning to automatically build optimal resilient selectors. This makes HARPA a reliable web automation system. * Privacy By Design HARPA runs your monitors locally and keeps your data and settings on your machine. It does not transmit your web data, cookies or credentials. * Smart Element Locators You do not need to understand CSS or XPath selectors to use HARPA, although they are supported. One-click item grabbing automatically highlights data elements on the page for you to select and monitor. * CSV Data Export Export your tasks and data to JSON / CSV files for further analysis. Or send data over HTTPS to your server to trigger business processes and automation chains. * Hide Cookie Banners HARPA automatically detects and hides cookie banners during automation runs to clean up the web page. * JavaScript Enabled. HARPA runs a JS engine to support complex single page applications and web page monitoring. * Screenshots, Logs, Widgets HARPA logs all operations it performs to a journal, reports all data to a dashboard, and takes screenshots of automated web pages so you can always see what has changed between runs. ## HOW TO USE 1. Click "Add to Chrome" to install the plugin. 2. Navigate to a web page you want to summarize, monitor or extract data from, e.g. a product catalog. 3. Click the HARPA plugin icon in the Chrome 🧩 menu bar, choose what you'd like AI to do. Or click START to monitor the page automatically. Done! HARPA will periodically refresh, check the page and send you a notification alert, email or webhook event whenever the price, text or data on the page changes. ## FUTURE RELEASES HARPA AI gets smarter and more powerful with every day and every release. We are constantly improving our hybrid AI engine and adding new features. Let us know if you have a feature or use case in mind. You can reach us at [email protected] ## PRIVACY BY DESIGN HARPA AI is privacy-centric. We do not send your data out of your browser. We do not show you ads. We do not sell data. We operate and maintain a variety of online security measures to protect your privacy. We do not store your web information on our servers. HARPA works locally on your browser. The only use cases / types of data we process are: 1. Personally Identifiable Information If you choose to create an account with us (HARPA.AI), we will securely transmit your HARPA.AI username and password to our server for authentication. 2. Web page data and prompts The ChatGPT language model is provided by OpenAI. HARPA.AI exchanges your prompts and web page content with OpenAI. Data is only exchanged about your actions, i.e. when you explicitly query ChatGPT in the extension. 3. Anonymized extension usage statistics We monitor a number of feature usage metrics and collect bugs to improve the product. Our privacy policy is publicly available at: https://harpa.ai/privacy ## RATE & SHARE If you like HARPA or find it useful, help us by spreading the word, or click the ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ button and leave a reply. HARPA AI is designed and developed in Finland 🇫🇮. All rights reserved.

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  • (2023-01-18) HARPA LLC: ChatGPT integration is coming in with version 3.0.0 this week. Stay tuned!
  • (2023-01-10) Johanna Danilsson: Cool app! Very easy to track prices online!
  • (2022-10-20) Aleksei Sharuk: A promising product idea for monitoring. I'm looking for updates!


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