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Play the Youtube shorts video as if it were a normal video.

Image from store Youtube-shorts block
Description from store A extension allows youtube shorts videos to play on a regular page. *** "Hide shorts video" is now enabled by default!!!! If you don't want to do that, please disable in option page! *** The UI of Youtube-shorts is not very well optimized for PCs and has poor functionality. This extension aims to improve the user experience by displaying short videos in the regular video player. ...utube.com/shorts/"video-id"; ↓↓ ...utube.com/watch?v="video-id"; Change the URL to something like. v1.4.1 features # Added - German translation from @golgorath # Changed - Support new subscription page(Hide shorts video) v1.4.0 features # Added - Support mobile (m.youtube.com) - Enable "Hide shorts video" by default v1.3.4 features # Added - Block shorts reels (if Hide shorts video is enabled) v1.3.3 features # Added - French translation from @Rathmox v1.3.2 features # Added - Italian translation from @gioxx v1.3.1 features # Changed - Fixed a bug that redirected links that were not short videos containing the string "shorts" v1.3.0 features # Added - Added "Open in regular player" button in the Shorts player - Block Shorts-related feeds (if Hide shorts video is enabled) - Add a Release notes # Changed - Fixed the problem that the load spinner does not disappear when "Hide Shorts video" is selected - Optimize "hide shorts video" If you have any bugs or requests for this extension, please feel free to report them to the author's Twitter (@itachi_yukari) DM (or review). We may be able to help.

Latest reviews

  • (2023-11-12) Jim123bcb HD: This extension works great, it does what it says it does. I wanted the regular video format because I like it more and it's easier to do things like look at the comments, as well I'm able to scrub through the video which you can't do with the current YT shorts format. Whoever made this extension, thank you!
  • (2023-11-08) Peter W: I wanted to use this extension to convert shorts to regular videos. But it blocks all shorts. It says there is an option to change this behaviour, but I couldn't see how to access any options for this extension. (This is in Chrome 118.0.5993.118 64-bit - it seems to have changed the structure a lot, so maybe the extension needs updating for this version.)
  • (2023-11-08) Bill Li: Didn't know I needed this but this helped me so much
  • (2023-10-28) 박상윤: 유튜브 ui업데이트로 버그가 발생한거 같습니다 확인바랍니다
  • (2023-10-24) Are you real? !: its saving all my productivity thank you
  • (2023-10-24) Mike Ch: Works, thank you!
  • (2023-10-20) Евгений Новичков: Вот это круто! Я только что сидел другу жаловался, что эти дурацкие шортсы - болезнь, потом подумал, что можно ж расширение написать, которое будет эти шортсы удалять с экрана. Сел писать, но додумался проверить, вдруг есть) И все, прощайте шортсы, прощай рабство! Интересно, как я теперь буду прокрастинировать?
  • (2023-10-18) sno8: 他に2つ試してみましたが消せず、こちらで消えました。ありがとうございます。
  • (2023-10-18) Eyvan Walker: 좋아연
  • (2023-10-15) polar bear: Thank you to the developers so much. Best extension ever!!
  • (2023-10-09) Jonas Natvig: Great!! I'd waste so much time on shorts and the content is always absolute dogshit, glad I found this
  • (2023-10-07) Timothy Bassett: Fantastic - best plugin ever
  • (2023-10-06) Øystein Baarnes: Great extension, the pest that is shorts has gone away. The code is clean and simple, just perfect !
  • (2023-10-05) Didi Cardoso: Doesn't block anything. Instead, shorts now play as normal videos (landscape player).
  • (2023-10-01) water games: THANK YOUUU, FREE AT LAST
  • (2023-09-30) Aaron Hansen: YouTube shorts are TERRIBLE! Thank you!
  • (2023-09-29) Third Last: Useful if you are cutting away youtube addiction and internet addiction and are trying to undo the damage of things like tiktok and youtube shorts.
  • (2023-09-28) anton grekov: perfect
  • (2023-09-28) mjc0961: Does not work. Installed it, made sure it's running, and my YouTube feeds are still absolutely polluted with shorts.
  • (2023-09-26) Daren Neat: Awesome job for hiding away those annoying shorts! Thanks for the extension!
  • (2023-09-26) Luiz Silva: great extension, was doing this manually. Perfect. Thank you!
  • (2023-09-25) sxak_bestermann: thanks man youtube shorts ,tikok and other platfroms like that are so trash this is a usefull addon
  • (2023-09-25) Aiden: Love it It works perfectly. Only problem is that it makes it so that Youtube ads just turn into a black screen. But besides that it works perfectly
  • (2023-09-24) Gimena Austin: Funciona perfecto, ahora se puede controlar como un video cualquiera.
  • (2023-09-22) قمر: brilliant, thank you!
  • (2023-09-17) Albert bob: awesome man. I go on YouTube to find how to fix a door and next 4 hours later i see myself watching a YouTube short of a guy on his Lamborghini chasing a guy who is trying to leave after hitting him cause he did something to his pet goldfish in ww2 at the battle of Stalingrad in 1945 after the Japanese successfully defeated the red army in the great war of 1868. This extension solves that problem thank you so much.
  • (2023-09-16) 1TGF43T1TGFFGT143TR UEFHROWHEF0931434: it work for now now short became normal video easy to click and foward the timeline video. please keep update for security safety.
  • (2023-09-16) Brother Ben: Amazing, finally some peace n quiet.
  • (2023-09-13) karan jindal: wondddddeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrfullllll appp but slow
  • (2023-09-12) Machine129: 👍
  • (2023-09-12) V L: 検索結果やホームからショートが消えて大満足。 消す機能を使うと動作に支障をきたすと警告があるが、自分の環境では大丈夫だった。 最高の拡張機能です。リリースに感謝。 M1 macbook air mac os 13.5.2 メモリ16GB
  • (2023-09-07) Simon Liimatainen: Works perfectly at the moment (September 7, 2023). The "hide shorts video" (play as regular video) is great. Just what I was looking for. Updates are usually needed from time to time, when YouTube makes changes to their systems, so if it breaks occasionally that's completely understandable.
  • (2023-09-07) Cena Bale: Thank you
  • (2023-09-06) Name: Дякую! що створили це розширення. Shorts забирали багато часу(
  • (2023-09-04) Kay Cetoute: damn bro tysm!
  • (2023-09-04) Clive Dinosaur: Does exactly what it says by default, no configuration necessary.
  • (2023-09-03) Oakshield: Working. Nice replacement for Hide Youtube Shorts.
  • (2023-09-03) Deja Vu: works so far
  • (2023-08-30) YuhsiAng Hsu: 終於解決這她媽ㄉ白癡東西 :)
  • (2023-08-30) Owen Ganson: Causes infinite render loop like many of the alternatives. WIll update this review once fixed
  • (2023-08-30) Anishek Chaudhary: Good
  • (2023-08-29) Vlaka X: as of 29.8.2023 STILL doesn't do anything. shorts STILL showing up. Don't waste your time.
  • (2023-08-29) Paul B.: Actually works to completely hide the detestable Shorts, once you figure out how to access the strangely hidden second menu (the three buttons on the first menu). Thanks for a nice piece of work!
  • (2023-08-28) Robert -: doesn't work anymore. (works only if i logout out of youtube) youtube redirects back to /shorts/ so it creates an infinite redirect loop
  • (2023-08-28) JustinnR Zellet: Simple, effective.
  • (2023-08-27) Methrafn Hrafnsson: THANK YOU
  • (2023-08-25) Thomas Levy: Allows me to watch shorts just like every other video, I like how I can watch them in x2 speed and rewind.
  • (2023-08-25) morgz mum: gud extension
  • (2023-08-25) zSaid Miranda: Was getting tired of not being able to timeskip during yt shorts.
  • (2023-08-24) Sあmurai: Im not addicted to youtube shorts anymore, thanks for the devs who made this.

Latest issues

  • (2023-09-16, v:1.4.1) Tuna Can: Don't hide shorts from search results
    The extensions seems to hide/block YT search results of shorts. If this is an intended feature, I hope it will be made optional.
  • (2023-08-28, v:1.4.1) Evan: other options to customize link
    Hey there, as youtube is beginning to roll out anti adblock policies, I've found that changing the "watch?v=" to "embed/" skirts around their adblock-blockers (for now). However, it is kind of tedious to do this manually for all the videos I watch, and I'm not quite smart enough to implement this myself so an option/some advice on how to automate this would be cool
  • (2023-08-22, v:1.4.1) Тайлер Дерден: Пон
    Есть Исходник на гитхабе?
  • (2023-07-25, v:1.4.1) 86 abaile: Completely hides short.
    Hi I wanted this addon to treat shorts as normal videos, but now it only hides them completely and I can't fine the option to turn them back on.
  • (2023-06-29, v:1.4.1) Sakit Kumar: Facebook
  • (2023-06-16, v:1.4.1) Robert Bromberger: Shorts are broken.
    When I try to play shorts on desktop. The page keeps reloading. Shorts on my subscription page don't showup. It looks awful.
  • (2023-06-14, v:1.4.1) Nick: v1.4.1 didn't fix the problem
    Absolutely nothing has changed. Shorts are still displayed.
  • (2023-06-14, v:1.4.1) カワラ: Short videos won't be hidden
    It is said that it was fixed in v1.4.1, but short videos were displayed on the "subscribed channel" page.
  • (2023-06-10, v:1.4.1) Murilo Geraldi: The place where Shorts is hidden now has an empty spot in the "subscriptions tab"
    After the update that YouTube made to make the thumbs bigger in the "subscriptions tab", the Shorts are still hidden, but there is an empty spot where another normal video could be. This detracts from the experience of having a less polluted tab :(
  • (2023-06-06, v:1.4.0) Radittsu Bardock: doesn't work anymore
    hi. since today, it doesn't work anymore :/
  • (2023-06-05, v:1.4.0) Dark Aspect: Not blocking shorts when entered youtube.com/shorts
    This extension works perfect when we click on the short through homefeed or search but it doesn't work when we directly enter youtube.com/shorts on the browser please fix this asap
  • (2023-06-05, v:1.4.0) Kelsey Martin: extension broken
    shorts are showing everywhere again
  • (2023-06-02, v:1.4.0) 4Wadim: Ads on new tab after opening chrome
    Sometimes when I open Chrome, I get a new tab that opens some extension's website, like an advertisement. It doesn't happen everytime. I would like to know if your extension is the cause of this.
  • (2023-06-02, v:1.4.0) Ignacio Miranda: Showing shorts again
    It starts to show shorts in the feed, it was working well some weeks ago. Browser: Brave v1.52.117
  • (2023-05-16, v:1.4.0) Sam Locicero: Support for the minimized player in the corner
    When you click Add To Queue on a video the video will go into a minimized player in the corner of your youtube page and you can click the Expand button (or "i") to go to the actual video. However if the first video you queue is a short, the Expand button will not work. If you first queue a normal video OR if the queued short has already been converted to a normal video, the Expand button will work but if the short has not had time to get converted into a normal video, the Expand button will not work
  • (2023-05-14, v:1.4.0) The Ghost Of Fred Zeppelin: Doesn't work anymore
    As of today it doesn't work anymore, shows shorts everywhere
  • (2023-03-24, v:1.4.0) Ktigre: Hides shorts and doesn't show as a video without refreshing
    I have turned off the shorts blocking, but it still hides the shorts row from the homepage. Also when clicking on a short it now still shows it as a short unless you refresh the page at which point it will show as watch?v= instead. This is in the current version of Edge chromium running version 1.4.0 of the addin. I'm not sure when this started as I had uninstalled when it started blocking shorts as I didn't know about the toggle. I just tried reinstalling it and found the block toggle but the other two issues cropped up.
  • (2023-03-15, v:1.4.0) Janne Andersson: Shorts not showing up in subscription
    Shorts not showing up in subscription flow anymore, just the channel of the poster. I'm using PC and Chrome
  • (2023-02-26, v:1.3.4) Ezy Bruker: doesn't work on mobile version of the site
    doesn't block under the m.youtube url I am currently using kiwi browser on Android and when I switch to desktop version of the site it works fine but it breaks when I use the normal mobile version of the page.
  • (2023-01-10, v:1.3.4) Saad Jokharash: Doesn't work
    This Extensions doesn't word anymore on my device, i don't know why
  • (2022-12-08, v:1.3.3) D K: shorts feed autoplay disable?
    I would like to be able to browse the shorts feed page and have it not autoplay any videos. This does not seem possible on desktop. Also, it would be useful to be able to disable the 'scroll-assist' that centers the video on the screen. My mousewheel is already sensitive enough, and this 'feature' is super annoying.
  • (2022-11-14, v:1.3.3) Gustavo XB: Also block Youtube TV
    They could block Youtube TV. There are also a lot of shorts there. It's a very bad! https://www.youtube.com/tv#/ Can you please do!
  • (2022-10-03, v:1.3.0) Chris: Stopped working
    The plugin is no longer working as of today. Videos are playing as "shorts" again.
  • (2022-10-01, v:1.3.0) a a: ショート動画のリストが表示できない
  • (2022-09-17, v:1.3.0) Sam Cajampa: Block low views recomendations?
    Hi, Shorts block is a great tool but i need a block for a bunch of low viewed videos youtube have started recommending me recently. It is just random garbage with almost zero interaction. And have nothing to do ever with what i usually watch, it is just random. I have no idea why yourube started recommending me this garbage but it just won't stop, i have done the not interested thing hundreds of times but the algorithm keeps giving me garbage below 1000 views video in the 3 or 4 slot in the right side all the time. Please add a feature that blocks for example every video with under 1000 views.
  • (2022-08-13, v:1.2.1) Ghaith Khlifi: idk what to put here XD
    can you plz add like a button to open the shorts in a new tab where its displayed like a normal video (like for example im browsing shorts and i see a video i want to be displayed in the normal player i just press that button and it does that, preferably in a new tab)


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