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Description from extension meta Hide everything from the new tab page without removing theme background.
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Description from store ★ Theme background Clear New Tab removes everything from the new tab without removing theme background. If theme background is too big or too small you can fix it (set "Background size" to "Cover the screen"). ★ Your own background You can upload your own background (image, video or solid color) as a background in new tab. ★ Cycle through different backgrounds You can make Clear New Tab cycle through your backgrounds, showing you different background every time you open new tab. ★ Random solid color Clear New Tab can show you a randomly generated solid color background every time you open new tab. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Permissions: Read and change your data on clients2.google.com and clients2.googleusercontent.com Allows extension to dowload a theme crx package which contains theme background and other data about theme (background repeat, сolor of area around background etc). Manage your apps, extensions, and themes Allows extension to detect when theme installed and gives it information about theme (theme id, theme name etc). Theme id used to download crx from sites above. For example here is the link to one of my theme: https://clients2.google.com/service/update2/crx?response=redirect&x=id%3Dijmngnbmmkdnafollkndolmfngimbaek%26uc&prodversion=32 ---------------------------------------------------------------- GitHub: https://bit.ly/clear-new-tab-github 🖼️ Follow my Facebook page: http://bit.ly/browservery Localized to Brazilian Portuguese by: https://steamcommunity.com/id/N4G45H1
Latest reviews (2019-10-04) Nicholas Monreal: I've been using this extension for a while. I'm not sure if it's a change on Chrome's end or on your application's end, but recently it has been hanging for a moment upon the launch of a new browser. Opening a new tab works as quickly as ever, but launching a whole new Chrome browsing session causes the screen to remain white for about 3 seconds. I am a vampire and cannot handle this much light. Halp. (2019-10-02) Drew Drentlaw: The latest version of Chrome seems to have broken 'Clear New Tab'. I really liked it when it was working. (2019-09-05) Viedais Manels: по принципу такси, если водитель трезв - 5 звезд (2019-07-22) Павел Павел: круто (2019-07-17) george jetson: up until about a year ago this app was great...no problems....but ever since they've been 'upgrading' it i get nothing but a blank black page for options and a blank white page for a new tab...i'm sick of waiting for some genius to fix it properly...i just love the human nature attribute of totally screwing something up because it works fine...i'm out...deleting this exercise in futility (2019-05-17) Robo Hand: Does what it says on the box, can't ask for much more. It removes the stupid Favicons (and everything else), so it does what I wanted it to do. (2019-04-30) Yury Murzin: Минималист в восторге, спасибо)) (2019-04-13) Tootie LW: Nice & clean!!! No more BS forced on me... (2019-03-31) Abraham Marshal: Just what I needed (2019-03-19) Jorge: this is great i even added a short video so when i open chrome first thing i see is a cool waterfall , thanks for your work (2019-03-17) Nagashi: That's some good stuff right there. (2019-01-09) с этим расширением темы не работают, а просто белый экран, лучше пусть белые квадраты будут((( (2019-01-02) 神押し平手友梨奈: does the job for what you are looking for. (2018-11-08) Angel: Great extension. Allows me to keep my theme and remove the most frequently visited sites and google search box in a new tab window. Also let's you upload any image from the PC or via link and have it stretched, fit or cover to the new tab. Solid 5/5 (2018-10-28) Stian Hegglund: Just what I was looking for; a simple extension to remove EVERYTHING except my personal wallpaper in new tab. Perfect, thank you! (2018-10-19) Amazing Cowboy: great work ..Can i have speed dials? (2018-09-28) Francois Barabe: It's good but too bad my favourites are not showing up. There should be an option to activate it or not. I can see it in the examples, so either they had it always on or the problem's on my side. (2018-09-21) Daniel Kim: Works as said. (2018-09-10) XD Cedar: Perfect! It is so nice being able to hide the most visited and other Google elements from new tab without removing the theme image. (And actually that's all I need) Now I am satisfied with all the features. Really hope that updates in the future could keep app simple and fast. (2018-08-29) Teguh Hebat: Its good, but I must be setting, if I open the PC. (2018-08-24) Japheth Majaw: great! AwesomE.. (2018-08-23) Vuong Le: its good, but before the update, i was able to close the chrome browser and reopen it with the same picture i had before it closed, now its just white screen now, no theme, just white and i have to set up the theme all over again. (2018-08-22) 99lool: Was already wonderful to use, then they updated it with more features! Awesome, thanks a lot. (2018-08-22) супер!!!то что надо!!! (2018-08-21) Quang Minh Nguyễn: perfect

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