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Description from extension meta Easy soundboard downloads from archive!
Image from store Grateful Grabber
Description from store This extension will make downloading your favorite Grateful Dead soundboards from archive.org easier than ever! In just one click you can download an entire show. It's that simple. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Feel free to reach out to me and request and features, bugs, or new artwork images and I will be happy to chat! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2.4.3 - Fixed an issue where broken track titles from archive would make the extension not appear on the page 2.4.2 - Never realized that individual song downloads were broken. This was something that was changed in a recent version of chrome back in October, and I had no idea it affected grateful grabber. This should be fixed now, but the single downloads unfortunately won't be as fast, but they will work now! Sorry for any inconvenience over the past few months, and I hope everyone will be happy again! 2.4.0 - Fixed an issue where certain shows wouldn't download multiple versions of the same songs - Added numbers to the song titles so they appear in order and you know what track number they are 2.3.0 - Thanks for the PR Jeremy! - Cleaned up a ton of code - Fetch files from the server rather than scraping HTML - Looked into FLAC material - Any users who have been requesting FLAC files, we may be out of luck as they don't even seem to exist on archive's server - They're either missing or completely blocked off from the public. 2.2.4 - Publication/show date selector changed on archive's end, resulting in broken filenames. Should be fixed (100% on mac, any windows user's email me if it's still broken there) 2.2.3 - Turns out regex broke everything, should be back to normal 2.2.2 - Some songs weren't getting downloaded because of special characters. Regex should fix this. 2.2.1 -Text files with source information and taper notes added! 2.2.0 -UI Updates. Much cleaner and simpler look! -Included a fun little random stealie every time you visit a show! (Email me with any repository of cool pictures and I can incorporate more!) 2.1.1 -Fixed issue on windows with songs that had a '>' in the track title, all songs should download now! 2.1.0 Version release -Collapsible panel to access GG
Latest reviews (2019-11-05) Willie Slavin: I.. Can't.... Believe............. This. Actually. EXISTS! Huge ear boner right now. (2019-05-08) Thomas Sweet: Priceless and has always worked, since the Chromium daze. However, don't be a cheapskate. Donate Archive.org some dough and if you really like a mix buy the mixer a cup of coffee. (2019-03-06) David Phillips: Works great for downloading whole shows. The individual song option does not appear to be working. (2019-02-10) Luser: Use it religiously, best one out there (2018-12-31) Chase: You just made my day!!! Works perfectly. I work over 60 hours a week and don't always have internet access at work. (2018-12-30) backlineman: Never worked. Icon is grey, appears as an extension icon, bu clicking on it does not open an app. I removed the app , than reinstalled it and has same issue. won't open. (2018-11-02) Terrapin Flyer: I love this extention. It works perfect on LinuxMint 19 Tara. Thank you developer. Only one question to ask the developer. Can you please port this to Firefox too? (2018-05-25) manikenpis: Was working for a while but, even tho the extension is enabled, it doesn't show on any archive pages and therefore I can't grab anything. (2018-04-30) Shawn Bibby: Hey! Its still working wonderfully! I was wondering, if you could add a note pad or add in the notepad all the comments tat are currrently on the show. I like reading them. Theyre always so vivid. Anyways thanks so much gent! (2018-02-08) Ryan Atkinson: Excellent - works super well, fast and reliable. Yeah, being able to download FLACs from archive.org would be nice, but I'll definitely take what I can get. THANK YOU!! (2018-01-06) Aiea Slippers: It only worked once. after I used it once, I cant get it back on the archive page. Also, no directions (no directions needed for the initial download, but after, I cant get it to appear on any archive page.) (2017-12-08) H Annen: This is an excellent program that works very well. (2017-10-18) Whitney Shroyer: There are very few ways to listen to the Grateful Dead on the internet. Grateful Grabber fills that nightmarish void. TY,GG! (2017-09-02) Brad Ditz: You must be the angel I thought I might never find. THANK YOU, Grateful Grabber, for a real good time! Now the kids can dance and shake their bones to any Dead show!! 🌹💀 (2017-08-22) scott malek: EVERY TIME i use this app to download grateful dead shows, IT CRASHES MY COMPUTER, very poor, i need a reliable downloader, this one sucks balls, dleting it AGAIN (2017-05-11) Rus George: So Glad ya Made It!!!! (2017-04-13) Jeff Fishman: It's very cool. Would love to see if it could download FLAC instead of mp3 (2017-04-04) Greg Davidson: THANK YOU THANK YOU!! You have now made Archive.org complete. Sending virtual fist bumps! Time to get me those GD and Furthur shows I've been streaming (but only dreaming of downloading). Kudos to you! (2017-02-15) Jd Martin: Dude, this is the best thing since sliced bread. Major kudos to you sir - I have all these soundboards sitting around on cassette from almost 30 years ago, trying to figure out how to put them on something to listen to. Fare thee well, friend! (2017-01-11) Collin Moore: Awesome program! I see that allowing users to download in FLAC looks to be in the works, which would be awesome! In addition, the ability to specify that you want 320 kbps MP3 would be very cool as well! (2016-12-07) Tim Harber: This app is amazing. Major props for writing it. It is a huge time saver to download shows. (2016-11-19) Theemeraldwither: IT IS THE WORST THING I HAVE EVER USED (2016-09-30) steve clarke: i love this but since the new release IT DOES NOT WORK (2016-09-07) Samuel Godsey: I love this app and appreciate whoever created it beyond words, but ever since the update it will not download all the songs from a show, just a few. Is there any way I can fix this? (2016-02-20) Randall Justham: cant find after installation

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