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Easier work with images

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Description from store “The Broom” is for people often using image search engines. It makes it easy to find and collect useful images there. In each search result you can mark these images that, in your opinion, represent the object you are looking for. The collection will be saved in a file, which will allow you to add more matching pictures found in another image search engine. How to use this extension properly: Before the first selection: - Turn on option “Ask where to save each file before downloading” in section “Downloads” (Chrome advanced settings). Without this, the created files will be saved in the same location as all other downloads. - Create a folder for files with saved collections. 1. Search for images using a word (or words) in selected image search engine. 2. Click on the extension icon. 3. Click „Run for this page”. 4. Click: > „Start selection” – when you make a selection of the results for a particular word for the first time or when images are not suitable for saving in any of the existing files. The name of the new file you will be the same as the word used in image search engine. or > „Choose file and continue selecting” – when you make another selection for the same word (e.g. on search results from a different image search engine) (when images are suitable for saving in some of the existing files). The folder with available files will appear from which you need to open the appropriate one. After the file is loaded, the extension will compare the images from this file with those found by the search engine. If they repeat, he will mark them accordingly and you will not need to classify them again. - Two buttons will appear under each of image. 5. Make a selection/classification (of the remaining images). If you think that an image matches the word used in the search engine, click "like". If not, click "dislike". Hints: - You do not need to classify all the images at once. You can take care of a part of them, and you will do the next part later. - Do not rush to classify images. You have time for this, so think about the right classification. In this way, later only few of them will require a re-classification. - In order not to miss-classify many images, think about what images you are looking for (which ones will match) before you start selecting. ! During the selection, the classification of each image can be made only once. How to change the image classification? Go to http://thebroomproject.com/index.php/2017/07/11/additional-infos/ 6. When you have finished selecting the images, click "Save selection". ! If the tab or window with images on which the selection is being made is closed before it is saved (e.g. accidentally), then all classifications will be lost and you will have to make it again. 7. Download file. Save it in the appropriate folder, replacing an existing file with the same name. 8. Close the tab or window with search results, or make another selection (for the same word in another search or for another word) - then repeat 1.-8. If you want to see collections saved in the files or looking for more informations, click "go to website" or go to www.thebroomproject.com


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