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Roblox Catalog and Develop dropdown menu

Description from extension meta This extension adds a dropdown menu to the Catalog and Develop button for easy access
Image from store Roblox Catalog and Develop dropdown menu
Description from store If you want to contact me for some reason like issues, requests, suggestions, etc.: I'm almost 24/7 active on discord in this server: https://discord.gg/KFVS2ub You can also message me at https://www.roblox.com/users/6008603/profile If you have an issue with if its trustable, you can contact me too
Latest reviews (2019-11-03) guy with a sword: very nice but look at when it was updated once you see you might question if it is a joke or not (2019-04-21) gerson valverde: ES UNA GRAN APLICACION (2019-04-12) Brenda Kiernan: I love it. Its easy to use and you can get to catalog easy! (2019-04-01) good (2019-03-22) Spyko: Amazing extenstion but i have a idea you know that robux button its unused but we can do something with it heres the idea basicly make that button customizable with your own links if you think its too complicated add these to the robux menu https://www.roblox.com/Ads/ https://www.roblox.com/mobileapi/userinfo https://www.roblox.com/groups/join (2019-01-21) Artiexx: seems legit (2018-12-05) Uni Uno: Awesome! Makes ROBLOX more Efficient! (2018-10-25) sugarbabe: This is so awesome now i don't have to do extra clicking to get to the audios! :)) (2018-10-11) Ice Slice: This extension. The holy grail. El Dorado, the city of gold itself. All of those have a commonality: pricelessness. This morning, I was sad, depressed, tired and devastated. Nothing could lift my mood while I worked my problems down a spiral. Not even my most beloved Roblox, with its most irrational buttons. So I decided to browse for an extension to make my worries less cumbersome and injurious. I browsed, tediously listening to the female robot voice of text-to-speech, while clacking away with my braille keyboard. And suddenly, light. The moment I discovered this extension, my vision came back. The nothingness that was previously there morphed into shapes, colors and letters. An overwhelming moment, and with it, the waves of nostalgia from my childhood, when I could see and walk. Now, I see the most grandiose, sublime light that this extension shines through my screen. A miracle! The greatest moment I have had to this day. And so, I downloaded it. Oh gosh. MY LEGS WORKED AGAIN. I could walk now, no more wheelchairs, no more dependency! I could run. I could glide. I could do gymnastics, as I have always dreamt of! But really, what I could truly do that was more liberating than achieving my sight and my walking back, was accessing these exquisite, soul-wrenching, mind-bobbling, eye-repairing, leg-fixing, priceless dropdown menu buttons. (2018-09-15) Trevor Bates: AMAZING! It works just like intended! It also is compatible with a few other extensions too! How is it at 4 stars and not higher? (2018-09-05) MythicalPlayz: I love this so much, it's now super easy to get to pages! it doesn't interfere with other Roblox extensions at all. There is one issue. You now how roblox turned Develop into Create well the Create Does not work. But Develop is there for backup! So I rate this 4 stars. c: (2018-09-02) Wesley S: Works great to navigate the roblox site easier and to go to pages with one click, now it doesn't take that long to go to different pages on the roblox site. (2018-08-30) Manet Musta: The develop button was changed to create, so it doesn't work for that button anymore. Catalog works fine though, please fix the develop button. (2018-06-07) MR. 8766: it's good (2018-04-03) stephanie caba: i loved it it was great (2018-03-09) roms: This is really nice! It's much easier to go to the category you're looking for in the catalog or library, and it doesn't interfere with other Roblox extensions at all. The only problem is that when I hover my cursor over, and then go down, the dropdown disappears and I have to keep repeating it until I can get it in time. Otherwise, It's good! (2018-02-24) Donirexian: It worked for me, now I don't have to bookmark the audio page (2018-02-24) BoxCat: i love this so much! (2018-01-13) have: This is actually pretty helpful. It allows you to get around the website much faster. (2017-12-31) duh: Worked perfectly, now I don't have to go to develop then library to get to decals,audios,etc. THANKS! :D 5 Star rating. (2017-11-11) Sømewhat: didn't work. (2017-10-10) Creator Of Fame: 10/10 (2017-10-09) lars metworst: Great extention this makes my flow on roblox way easier thanks!

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Extpose is a service for Chrome extension publishers.
It helps tracking and optimizing browser extension performance in Chrome Web Store.

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