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Unblock any website with the world’s fastest VPN. Claim your online freedom today with one simple click - Get Hotspot Shield today!

Image from store Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy - Unlimited VPN
Description from store Surf the web without restrictions and access all your favorite news, social media, and streaming sites with Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy. Hotspot Shield VPN for Chrome - Top Features: 🏆World’s Fastest VPN: Get the VPN rated “the world’s fastest VPN” when tested by SpeedTest. 💻WebRTC blocker: Prevent websites from discovering your true IP. 🌎Unblock geo-restricted content: Encrypt your browser traffic and access restricted content, blocked websites, messaging apps, and social media sites. 🔐Secure all online activities: Mask your IP address and protect your identity from trackers to enjoy maximum privacy and security. 🗞️Trusted by millions: With over 650 million downloads, Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy has been featured on Fast Company, Forbes, CNET, CNN, and the New York Times. 🚀Unlimited VPN access: Stay connected to our secure VPN servers without any restrictions on bandwidth, data, or time. 🎁Premium security features: Block websites and advertisers trackers from monitoring your web browsing activities with additional security features. ■ How Hotspot Shield works Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy provides a fast VPN connection through an encrypted channel between your Chrome browser and the target website, using secure VPN technology. Hotspot Shield masks your real IP address to anonymize your device, and grant you access to restricted websites, even behind the firewalls. ■ Hotspot Shield VPN is powered by Pango: Pango believes in placing consumers in control of their personal information online. Pango provides millions of users with digital security and privacy through all of its security products. Privacy Policy: https://www.pango.co/privacy/ Terms of Service: https://www.hotspotshield.com/terms/ Support: https://support.hotspotshield.com/ Follow us on… Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hotspotshield Twitter: https://twitter.com/hotspotshield | @HotspotShield Learn About VPN Technology: https://goo.gl/tgL10z ©Copyright Aura 2020.

Latest reviews

  • (2021-09-13) Fernando Garcia: Es muy bueno me funciona con todo lo que he probado
  • (2021-09-11) 정택선: good
  • (2021-09-10) Hasan Akdoğan: It gets the job done quickly without even installing a dedicated vpn software. If you're just browsing casually and hit a restriction wall, it does what it promises. Other than that, I wouldn't trust this VPN since nothing is free
  • (2021-09-08) Stephen Townsend: It's very good VPN thanks guy for a wonderful app like this.
  • (2021-09-07) yan wu: 之前有段时间不能用。现在又可以用了!很棒!
  • (2021-09-06) GamingWithStefan: good vpn 20gb/s on speedtest
  • (2021-09-06) M & M Yang: I absolutely love this VPN
  • (2021-09-06) Ruben Alonso: de momento es el mejor q he probado, ya q todos los demas o te dejan un maximo de navegacion y luego te piden subcripción o directamente sin introducir datos bancarios no te dejan acceder a los 30 dias gratis..
  • (2021-09-05) Taiwo Tope: This extension is absolutely okay. Great work. I perfectly recommend. https://bit.ly/3irLeSj
  • (2021-09-03) BigMax Mack: Best vpn
  • (2021-09-01) Igor V.: Очень Хорошо работает! Можно смотреть почти всё! СПАСИБО!!!
  • (2021-08-27) TahazFury: it was good for not really letting anyone get my IP. would completely reccomend.
  • (2021-08-26) Евгений Глушенков: сработало только в первое подклчение. потом все - рутрекер опять недоступен. бесполезная шняга
  • (2021-08-26) 刘枫: 用不了别下了
  • (2021-08-25) Игорь Шкоков: better that others
  • (2021-08-23) Lucas Sun: good
  • (2021-08-23) Nikita Fomishyn: Best VPN I ever used
  • (2021-08-22) Olajide Omilana: Never Fails
  • (2021-08-22) Harish Kumawat: why i cant change the location even after having premium account.
  • (2021-08-22) MAIs MakeUp: good
  • (2021-08-20) ZoHo Top: не работает
  • (2021-08-19) Иван Факов: медленная скорость
  • (2021-08-14) Mr C: SUPER very limited free plan
  • (2021-08-12) yao fu: 这几天用不了了,但愿不是彻底歇菜,哭了,这是我用过的免费vpn中体验最好的了
  • (2021-08-10) jossy es: funciona perfectamente, lo recomiendo
  • (2021-08-10) Shiva: Latest Update: This has stopped working, as mentioned by few others, since past few days. I suspect it to be the latest Chrome update. Now, we get an HTTP error response. Hope the HS team is looking into it as there hasn't been any update from them. Having tried few others (all free or trial versions) such as Hola (more of a P2P network), ExpressVPN etc., I found this Hotspot to be best of the lot. This doesn't slow down my speed (by using some of my internet bandwidth to transmit others' data cos p2p tech), and it worked great on Netflix, Prime until very recently. Now I can't access Netflix US shows anymore, not sure if Netflix found out, or an issue with the latest update. Please fix this. I was even considering using the premium version, but now will wait to see. I am not shifting to a different VPN yet.
  • (2021-08-09) simran gurung: This worked so well. Thank you
  • (2021-08-07) Evgeniy Goryainov: 7.08.21 перестало работать. Думал что просто ошибка какая то, часто так бывало, что приходилось перезапускать хром (или пк) чтобы впн заработал, но нет. К тому же по недавним отзывам не только я столкнулся с этой проблемой.
  • (2021-08-07) Омар Хайямыч: Перестал работать! Стал требовать какой-то пароль. Постоянно предлагает инсталлировать десктоп версию с 7 дневным бесплатным периодом. Переустановка не помогает. Я так понимаю, что бесплатного впн больше не будет. Посоветуйте кто-нибудь что-то нормальное
  • (2021-08-07) 박하치: 갑자기 작동안됨
  • (2021-08-06) r i: Firefoxでは使えるがchromeだとERR_INVALID_HTTP_RESPONSEが出て繋がらない
  • (2021-08-06) NAIMGAMER2020: keep not changing my ip address
  • (2021-08-06) Daniel Ponomarenko: Everything was great till day before yesterday. It just stoped work right. VPN is on but a websites doesn't respond. It's very sad. Please do someting with it...
  • (2021-08-06) TwoTone TigerMan: It's fun when it lasted, it stopped working
  • (2021-08-06) Игорь Беликов: Сдох ХотСпот 07.08.21. До этого хоть с одним сервером работал - теперь вообще не работает. Подключаешься - пишет "подключено". При этом доступа никуда нет. Отключаешь - доступ появляется. Жаль :(
  • (2021-08-05) Addison Williams: I've been using this extension for more than 5 years and it has always worked excellent. Recently, it has stopped working on Chrome as if there was no internet connection whatsoever. Troubleshooting has proved fruitless for now.
  • (2021-08-05) Altairlion: Stopped working recently
  • (2021-08-05) Richard Mattoali: Recently not working at all. can't open a single webpage when hotspot shield is on. other VPN work fine
  • (2021-08-05) Кто я Кте я: Кого пытаетесь наебать, недавно отключив все сервера кроме нерабочего пиндоского? Пишите что теперь он работает только при оплате.
  • (2021-08-05) Владимир Бязров: Best VPN ever. Unfortunately stopped working in Chrome in Russia since few days ago. Now Chrome acts like there's no internet connection at all until this VPN is turned off. Still works in Firefox though.
  • (2021-08-04) Asraf: so good
  • (2021-08-03) Izark Music: me encanto
  • (2021-08-02) Александр Семёнов: best free vpn decision in chrome. fully deserves 5 stars.
  • (2021-08-02) holy magnas: so far so good
  • (2021-07-31) Дмитрий И.: Пользуюсь редко, но пока что это лучшее расширение для хрома. Да тут один сервер, но зато бесплатно и что самое главное, скорость почти не режет, а если и режет то не так сильно, как другие расширения.
  • (2021-07-29) Bugzz onit: Great vpn.
  • (2021-07-29) Farnaz Shamsaei: ای بابا کارنمیکنه ک !!! not working!!!!!
  • (2021-07-26) uTrick: This is a awesome vpn for both speed and stability. Definitely recommended for everyone!
  • (2021-07-26) Guru Gamer001: best better vpn
  • (2021-07-26) Yaman Awad: Does what it says

Latest issues

  • (2021-08-23, v:5.0.4) Bill Fankhauser: bbc iplayer
    Some of the BBC content is now unavailable. Has there been a license change?
  • (2021-08-14, v:5.0.4) Thomas Miller: uninstalled--Mistake
    Dell tech while looking into my computer uninstalled Hotspot Shield. I want it on my computer. Help. Thank you
  • (2021-08-07, v:5.0.4) Yeoh CL: VPN is not working
    HI, for few days already since 29/7/2021 the VPN service is unavailable. I cannot even use it on youtube. But after I turned off the Hotspot Shield VPN, all website is working like normal. So, it is definitely the Hotspot Shield is not working. Please help to fix it, many people also have the same problem like this as I saw it in the comment. Thank you, regards.
  • (2021-08-07, v:5.0.4) oyun manyağ: sorun
  • (2021-08-07, v:5.0.4) Hmza Smlely: No Longer Wrok
  • (2021-08-06, v:5.0.4) Asaladam Asal: No connect
    No connection for two days. I have the same error that many people see. Share a message that you are making an effort to resolve the problem and put people at ease.
  • (2021-08-05, v:5.0.4) Rich A: all websites are currently blocked - comes up with an error link
    I cannot connect to any website in s any setting with hotspot on...
  • (2021-07-22, v:5.0.4) JOE CASTILLO: REFUND
    This app isnt working or downloading the files for my laptop
  • (2021-07-17, v:5.0.4) kiyanoush abbasnejad: kiyan
  • (2021-07-14, v:5.0.4) Knight Wing: COMPLETELY NON-FUNCTIONAL
    Hotspot shield doesn't work. Whenever I turn it on, I try out a bunch of different websites that tell me what my IP address is. All of them still display my regular IP address when the app is turned on. I need help getting it to work properly.
  • (2021-07-12, v:5.0.4) NAO KAMI: About software removal and automatic credit card payment
    Since I no longer use it, I selected Remove from chrome and uninstalled it. Will this stop the automatic withdrawal of my credit card? If the withdrawal does not stop at this rate, please let me know as I would like to proceed with the procedure to stop it.
  • (2021-06-22, v:5.0.4) Hassaan Sahi: VPN not working
    I'm using this VPN for school and I can't log into any websites that the school's firewall blocks.
  • (2021-06-19, v:5.0.4) Оля Филатова: i have a problem
    internal server error(( i dont know
  • (2021-06-17, v:5.0.4) Thomas Gleeson 8: This chromebook Canada user thinks your software sucks!
    Garbage pure garbage for three years!!!!!
  • (2021-06-06, v:5.0.4) alqaisar alshaime: BBCX
  • (2021-05-19, v:5.0.4) Abdulkader Khojema: Bug Report
    Hi there, This chrome extension doesn't even work, like at all! Tried a bunch of blocked sites in my country and it's not opening whereas doing it on my phone using a VPN app works alright. It says connected when turned on and the timer starts but apparently no effect whatsoever. My chrome version is 87.0.4280.141 and mac osx version is 10.10. Please look into it and reply back with a fix. Thank you.
  • (2021-05-18, v:5.0.4) Bagy Akmammedow: MY HOTSPOT NOT CONNECİNG TO İNTERNET
    hello my hotspot shiled is not working i says (something went wrong we're trying to troubleshoot) please fix it
  • (2021-05-14, v:5.0.4) guw nazar: gfd
  • (2021-05-12, v:5.0.4) Bagy Akmammedow: hotspotsheiled not working
    there is a problem on my vpn hotspotsheiled ''there has aproblem please wait'' it is written
  • (2021-05-09, v:5.0.4) mehmet ali Karadağ: THX İ DİD KNOW THAT İT NEEDS MONEY
  • (2021-05-04, v:5.0.4) Takizz Pajaxx: Chrome Extension
    Hi there, i interest with your product, i wondering why only available 9 nation in the extension ?
  • (2021-04-27, v:5.0.4) CodyplayzRBLX: Virus New
    Your extension has a virus on it that it did not have before: Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy - Unlimited VPN Threat Name: Unwanted.SHStealer Affected Users: 2,000,000
  • (2021-04-13, v:5.0.4) Deborah Hickey: How to change browser location
    I can see that I will be able to change my browser location with this extension. I have added the extension, but I can't find any instructions on how to actually change my browser to a different location. Can you let me know how to do that please?
  • (2021-04-10, v:5.0.4) Inamulhaq Jutt: Exception to IDM Extension
    the extension is awesome but its disabling IDM extension and its useful extension so maybe add exception to it? and its not like its a vpn or something so disabling it to use HSS does not make any sense.
  • (2021-04-10, v:5.0.4) unable to connect unable to select ANY virtual IP address.
    support team has sent me about 10 different suggestions yesterday and nothing works a solution would be much appreciated thanks
  • (2021-04-09, v:5.0.4) Robert Levy: Repeated Login
    HSS keeps requiring me to re-login. It never did before. I find this very annoying. I can understand once a month, but not daily. Anything I can do to eliminate this? Thanks RL
  • (2021-04-06, v:5.0.4) MAX G: Chrome extension on windows is interfering with (IDM) Internet download manger extension
    Whenever i enable the IDM extension, hotspot shield free vpn proxy extension show a service interruption massage saying that you should disable other extension
  • (2021-04-01, v:5.0.4) G Man: The vpn turns itself off
    The vpn turns itself off occasionally, would like to restart automatically. Thanks
  • (2021-03-31, v:5.0.4) maksat tmcell: yutub не паказывайт
    yutub не паказывайт
  • (2021-03-31, v:5.0.4) maksat tmcell: yutub не паказывайт
    yutub не паказывайт
  • (2021-03-17, v:5.0.4) Nilanjan Gupta: Why is hot spot shield not working?
    It is connecting but none of the restricted websites are opening and no server besides auto-server is showing. Why not?
  • (2021-03-15, v:5.0.4) Patricia, Pato Torrejon: Patricia
    instale VPN y aun no puedo acceder a alguna páginas. Que puedo hacer
  • (2021-03-11, v:5.0.4) Md Imran: vpn
    websaide not open
  • (2021-03-04, v:5.0.4) eXur: не работает сервера в Premium
    расширение не дает сменить сервер, только авто стоит исправьте пожалуйста
  • (2021-02-28, v:5.0.4) Рыбалка 360: не работает ваш продукт
    Включаю ваш VPN и все равно не заходит на сайт https://www.lostfilm.tv/
  • (2021-02-21, v:5.0.4) Feng Hong: Premium user
    I have paid premium and the chrome extension does not have China server??
  • (2021-01-29, v:5.0.4) Kevin Matherson: Credit card charged
    Hello. I downloaded your app and deleted it immediately. My credit card was charged. How do I obtain a refund?
  • (2021-01-26, v:5.0.4) ian ricca: reinstall
    trying to reinstall currently have premium package
  • (2021-01-05, v:5.0.4) Hiệp Đinh Vũ: Can't login
    After i inputed email & password, i had got "Internal server error". I'm a premium user.
  • (2021-01-03, v:5.0.4) YarugumaSou: Chrome extension
    Why can't I access any website except for Youtube and Facebook when I turn off the extension?
  • (2021-01-02, v:5.0.4) One Frame: The list of servers in the extension does not open
    I am a paid customer, the server list does not open. I took a screenshot. The background page has the following error: Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object at Function.entries (<anonymous>) at Function.parseConfig (background.js:1) at Function.loadConfig (background.js:1)
  • (2021-01-02, v:5.0.4) Silent 32: server issues
    cant change server location and i am a premium user
  • (2020-12-22, v:5.0.4) Someone Finally: Notifications
    how do i stop you from giving me notifications?
  • (2020-11-26, v:5.0.4) Darrell Dean: add my new hp laptop
    unable to sign into hotspot on new laptop
  • (2020-11-20, v:5.0.4) warnakulasuriya lowe: I do not find a download button in the website
    I have opened the website. But I cannot find the download button. Please advise.
  • (2020-11-19, v:5.0.4) Orkay Kivrakdal: I cannot open your website
    I got 1 month registration but I cannot open your website. I dont remember my password for this reason I cannot use my account
  • (2020-11-11, v:5.0.4) PELICAN: Download interrupted
    Как решить проблему? может мой компьютер точнее ноутбук не тянет
  • (2020-11-04, v:5.0.4) Michael Navarrete: web protector
    My mom has a web protector on my pc. And it can see what websites that i got to and on. Dose this block that so she can not see what im on. Cause I don't want her to see me going to websites that she blocked.
  • (2020-11-03, v:5.0.4) Sans Gaster: not workıng
    not workıng lol
  • (2020-10-29, v:5.0.4) Melissa Smith: Browser extension on/connected, IP address still in my country + can't sign in to my account
    I am connected to the VPN and selected United States. VPN interface seems like everything is okay, but wheresmyipaddress.com shows my actual location in this country and I am not able to access any blocked websites. Additionally, I cannot sign into my premium account (probably because URLs associated with VPNs are also blocked). Please help


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