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An Ethereum Wallet in your Browser

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Description from store MetaMask is an extension for accessing Ethereum enabled distributed applications, or "Dapps" in your browser! The extension injects the Ethereum web3 API into every website's javascript context, so that dapps can read from the blockchain. MetaMask also lets the user create and manage their own identities (via private keys, local client wallet and hardware wallets like Trezor™), so when a Dapp wants to perform a transaction and write to the blockchain, the user gets a secure interface to review the transaction, before approving or rejecting it. Because it adds functionality to the normal browser context, MetaMask requires the permission to read and write to any webpage. You can always "view the source" of MetaMask the way you do any Chrome extension, or view the source code on Github: https://github.com/MetaMask/metamask-plugin Enables access to: Web 3.0 Dapps NFTs erc20 tokens ICOs erc271 ...and more!

Latest reviews

  • (2022-05-22) Lizbeth Pintado: Hoy lo instale y a la hora de presionar en la extensión no la puedo abrir deberían mejorarlo
  • (2022-05-20) Azka Younas: i think metamask support take years to response my minting date is near and there is 401 no authenticated wallet found issue i report to matamask and they were not replying
  • (2022-05-19) Angelo Bibo: i have had several issues with metamask, from people steeling my money and metamask not asking for confirmation before the funds get sent, to my latest issue where the transaction failed and i still paid for the transaction to etherscan. they say its not their fault but when you use a "trusted" wallet like metamask you expect to be more secure about your money ad i think for failed transaction the individual doesn't have to pay for external issues that are not his fault
  • (2022-05-19) Aaron Goh: if u wanna get phished or hack... just install this
  • (2022-05-19) Max and Oliver: Well, it ultimately happened. I logged in to my Metamask when it was time to pay node fees and noticed my balance was zero. Odd considering I had $450 of ETH in there as of 14 days ago. I checked the activity and nothing said "outgoing" or "paid". It only showed the transactions I had done properly a month before that. I reached out to support and of course, they said right off the bat they can't reimburse me and did I share my password with anyone. No, in fact, my private key and phrase are only stored in a paper I have at my desk. So long story short this software is not secure, feels quite scammy, doesn't alert you when funds leave your wallet, and doesn't stand behind any type of financial protections at all. It's a chrome extension just like a basic color theme extension. DO NOT STORE FUNDS IN HERE.
  • (2022-05-18) 정동수: 아니 시펄 왜 업비트랑 연동이 안되냐!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • (2022-05-17) Maks Зоценко: "Сделайте копию своей секретной фразы для восстановления, чтобы обезопасить свой кошелек и средства." Просто бесконечно бесит. Очень сильно мешает пользоваться кошельком. Я согласен 1 раз показать, когда я первый раз разблокировал кошелек. НО НЕ КАЖДЫЙ РАЗ!!!!
  • (2022-05-17) Butch Marker: This extension is currently useless. I had it working correctly for a year but then I had to reinstall the extension. Once i installed the extension all Im getting is a blank white screen. No setup no nothing. Ive tried all the basic steps given to me by support with no luck. Supports suggestion was to try a different browers other than chrome. So basically Metamask for Chrome doesnt work on chrome. Ive literally had metamask on this computer before so Idk if theres something wrong with an update or what the problem is. But as it stands I cannot use metamask and i cant access my metamask wallet and all my funds.
  • (2022-05-17) Marvin Navarro: Too slow.
  • (2022-05-15) 코리아머슬머신: 업비트에서 메타마스크로 이더리움을 보냈는데 이틀이 되도록 메타마스크에 충전이 안됩니다. 이더스캔으로 봤을 때 전송 성공이라고 뜨기도 하고 주소도 제대로 확인해봤는데 충전이 안됩니다
  • (2022-05-14) Camden Smith: MetaMask has stalled my transactions. When I went to cancel them since they were preventing me from trading for 2 weeks I decided to cancel my transactions. I remembered reading that there was a cost to this so I understood I would have to pay. However, Meta Mask is in it to rob people. Meta Mask showed that the cost was $0.00 so I was happy to cancel all my back logged orders. However, after doing the majority of my transactions, my ethereum was wiped. I lost over a hundred dollars to this trickery. In the end, what showed up as -$0.00 to my account turned out to amount to over 10 14$ transactions that were labbelled as $0.00 transactions. If you don't want to be robbed, don't use Meta Mask.
  • (2022-05-14) Назар Трач: BEST
  • (2022-05-13) Assirem Hebbadj: doesn't work
  • (2022-05-13) Islamic Videos & Naat: This extension isn't working on Windows 8.
  • (2022-05-12) yas yaseny: کار نمیکند داخل گوشی من قبلا کار میکرد الان از وقتی که بروزرسانی کردین کار نمیکنه
  • (2022-05-11) Gra_ Gra: ПРОВЕРЯЙТЕ АДРЕС ПОЛУЧАТЕЛЯ, ПОЛЬЗУЯСЬ ПЕРЕВОДАМИ В METAMASK!!! Сегодня переводил средства с кошелька Metamask, при введении адреса мне был подсунут левый адрес 0x795957d9753e854b62C64cF880Ae22c8Ab14991b, на который ушли все средства. Адрес мошенника гуглиться, по нему есть даже написанная в 20 году статья и постоянно идут операции. В связи с этим решил впервые почитать отзывы к Metamask, итог печален: уже не первый год огромное количество пользователей жалуется на поддельные сайты, взломы и пропажу средств. Больше никогда не буду пользоваться кошельком, 350 баксов ушли мошеннику из Metamask, на который уже жалуются пользователи, причем именно на эту самую схему - подстановку левого адреса.
  • (2022-05-10) Jay Park: I thought I'd finally give it a go and saw many people recommending metamask. Never shared my seed phrase or password. only used my wallet link for coinbase and openseas to connect wallet. No other activity. For the first time I bought money in coinbase and transferred it to metamask wallet. What happened? within a minute my metamask wallet said it 'received' the ETH but it was still showing me 0ETH. There was no signs of it being transferred out again in the activities. Checked the Etherscan and wow it automatically transferred out to someone else without me doing anything. I was absolutely helpless. Got in contact with support twice. Waiting for the technical support. I don't even know if I should make a new wallet and try to continue because I really want to sell my art as NFTs. This has been a huge blow and the fact I can't contact someone for theft and retrieve my money back is killing me. Welcome to crypto I guess. I just firmly trusted that metamask was well protected. Not that I would be automatically hacked by day 1. I don't even know if I can trust a second wallet because what if that's hacked too without me doing anything. This whole experience was soul crushing.
  • (2022-05-10) Devon Torres: Looking at these reviews leaves me sick, lol. They are all so outdated, and most of all the things users were experiencing issues with are easily resolvable now. So much has been updated with MM, and currently it's my GO TO wallet. I don't think I would even consider another one, because it's such a streamline Crypto companion for me right now. Cross-chain support, nice time stamps, easy UI, and over time I trust it more and more. Thousands of dollars have been exchanged on my wallet, and not one time did I lose my funds. One feature I would highly recommend on the web-browser however would be M2FA. Signing in with a password isn't good enough, and these days it's best practice. Other than what I've said, I'm a pretty darn happy customer. *thumbs up*
  • (2022-05-08) Herzog Zwei: Очень сложная система с этим газом, хрен разберешся, пока купишь цена уйдет, очень большие комиссии. Лучше торговать на бинансе https://www.binance.me/en?ref=HHFWUV31
  • (2022-05-08) Незримый путь: не работает в хром и cent browser
  • (2022-05-06) Nagib Damani: A minha carteira foi hackeada, infelizmente perdi apenas 80 usd, graças a Deus nao é muito, porem ja mostra a falha. Pros iniciantes em crypto que querem usar essa carteira, recomendo vcs usarem a Extensão da Binance que pelo menos é mais segura. O suporte tecnico deixou claro que não tem muito o que eles fazerem, mesmo o erro sendo da propria metamask. O mundo Crypto ainda não é seguro, todo cuidado é pouco.
  • (2022-05-05) Gold Kash: I was hacked out of nowhere, I realized this after trying to put in 30€ of BNB for the first time (stolen in less than 5 seconds). They should improve wallet security with two-factor security.
  • (2022-05-03) This is kukuh: Makin lemot aja nih metamask,, makin update aplikasinya makin busuk
  • (2022-05-02) rafin bhaijan: this can be hacked anytime.be aware!
  • (2022-05-02) Rafael Braga: nao abre mais no meu navegador chrome ja removi da extensao e baixei novamente mas continua sem abrir a carteira nao sei o que fazer mais
  • (2022-05-01) serkan kara: metamask cüzdanımı chrome üzerinde kullanamıyorum açılmıyor başlama ekranı gelmiyor.
  • (2022-05-01) Luis Córdova710: Casi todo bien el inconveniente es que la intento conectar a mintable y no puedo me sale que la direccion es diferente ya pedi ayuda en mintable pero aun asi no puedo, alguien me puede ayudar o sabe si esta fallando la app? Gracias!
  • (2022-04-30) Lastsummer: whitescreen
  • (2022-04-29) ole mental: how about checking these developers out on their good work relating to all crypto and blockchains issues btcs.help @ gmaiL .com
  • (2022-04-28) axie infinity: NEW SCHOLARSHIP AXIE INFINITY Hello, I'm looking for students to play Axie Infinity, You will be able to choose your Axie to play with a team of 40 energy! Axie available: https://marketplace.axieinfinity.com/profile/ronin:559495cea2101a1bdc129137bb828efe5ba16e09/axie/?game=origin Visit our team's website for more information and rules! => https://www.schoolaxie.com/ You can earn at least 1,000 SLP per month, we have places available. Everything is well explained on our website. Site School: https://www.schoolaxie.com/
  • (2022-04-27) Kamran Ahmed: unable to connect , user rejected ?
  • (2022-04-27) mael duchene: I don't know if it's the worst wallet but it is definitly a very bad one. The support is very bad and useless too
  • (2022-04-27) Gene-Paul Russell: Breaks the ability to login to battle.net if you have an authenticator. Doesn't wait for the login to process. Please fix.
  • (2022-04-26) tariq albalgh: لا استطيع سحب رصيدي من هذه المحفظة انها سرقة وغش اللعنه عليكم
  • (2022-04-26) Esteban riosnava: al darle cilck a la extension la me lleva a una pagina en blanco me ayudan
  • (2022-04-25) Lipe Silva: alguem sabe se tem como recuperar a senha pelo email?
  • (2022-04-25) stephanie rosso: I can't even start it. It just gets stuck at explaining phrases to me. VERY frustrating
  • (2022-04-23) Kirill Krylov: I've installed Metamask a few days ago and imported the wallet today, then tried to exchange 10 euros on Plutus.it just to test. Bad Metamask's UX and it bugs made me send the same amount 3 times (THREEE!) instead of one. When the money was already sent, the confirmation window reappeared twice and I clicked confirm thinking I was confirming the same (single) transaction. If you make such stupid bugs that make the confirmation windows reappear, why don't you at least warn that the same amount was already sent to this address today??? See transactions 0xf718d6d4475544ceda8efbff927a6fb6c3d9d05e1856723c41e474c676c4611b, 0xd83638f3380edfd3b74aa8344f1739e9c64a694c17257ef21b25707e4cde0546, 0xd6838cf315e22f377c5d5b958ac527ca94fad403b85fcc24570bfbbec0ddb921.
  • (2022-04-23) Сергей Юрасов: Прикольное приложение. Удобно, что сразу встроено в браузер.
  • (2022-04-22) Alluring Pixel: metamask corrupt in brave
  • (2022-04-21) Setiawan Leo: mudah di hack
  • (2022-04-20) Ahmet Karaaslan: Çok iyi
  • (2022-04-20) Mack Greg: it works half the time
  • (2022-04-20) Nong chu thi: scam, am lost money on MetaMask, but no one support, i cant change prt key
  • (2022-04-20) darshan khona: I LOST 35,000 INR in meta wallet and cyrpto chrome browser ! dont use this app its not safe !
  • (2022-04-19) Doan Tran: Khá nhanh và an toàn. Swap fee chấp nhận được. tốc độ kết nối và định danh NFT khá mượt. Quan trọng là miễn phí và không cần KYC
  • (2022-04-18) Gerardo Amaya: Me robaron cerca de 1000 USD El soporte no hace nada por ayudarte.
  • (2022-04-17) Vadim Aksyonov: Перестал подключаться к сайтам. Просто не реагирует на кнопку "Connect wallet" нигде. Помогите решить. Куки чистила и расширение переустанавливала
  • (2022-04-17) Sergiy Lanovsky: Отвратительно
  • (2022-04-17) Deep Raj: Life in cypto without metamask is useless


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