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Replace your new tab with a minimalistic and customizable homepage featuring a clock, todo list, weather, bookmarks and much more!

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Description from store leoh is a personal and customizable chrome new tab dashboard featuring useful tools, stunning photography, and beautiful design. All information is synced across browsers so no matter if you are at work or at home, leoh will remember your options and preferences. --Best of 2015 Extension!-- **As seen on Product Hunt, CNET** --Features: • Sync across computers • See your Google Calendar • Todo List • Custom background images / colors • Zen Mode: Relaxing video backgrounds! • Custom image albums • Set a goal to focus your day • Clean design and stunning photography • Access to apps, bookmarks and history • Ability to change themes • Five day weather forecast with option to change location • Inbuilt note taker • "Quick Links" which lets you save and access your favorite websites quickly • Top five news stories of the day • View most visited links • Fully customizable to your liking • Disable / Enable Icons & Tools Once again, all this information is synced to your Google Chrome ID so your Todo List and other tools will update at your work PC and at home. leoh offers inspiration and allows you to stay focused throughout the day with the "Task of the Day" option. Every time you open a new tab you are presented with stunning photography, clean design, and elegant font. It really doesn't get much better than that. More information: http://leoh.io Some people compare this extension to momentum, infinity new tab and others. We are more focused on productivity.

Latest reviews

  • (2024-04-17) Michael Tetu: I love the different scenes and quotes. Takes out out of the daily grind for a spell each day.
  • (2024-04-14) Thomas: Very lovely layout
  • (2024-04-08) Kevin Hirum: just amzing tool. notes taker is a winner ..it replaces my sticky notes that I seldomly remember to open. Thank you guys ...!!!
  • (2024-03-28) ty x: 界面很精美,很简洁,目前感觉还不错
  • (2024-03-18) Ivan Kravtsow: Its a very good and free extension
  • (2024-03-11) Richard Lisk: Excellent organizer and very customizeable. Only complaint is the icons for quick links no longer appear on the screen. no big deal
  • (2024-03-06) Casey Chambers: It's a nice way to open the day. Handy and beautiful.
  • (2024-02-29) leanne Duggan: I love it! I've had it a few years now, I love the images and quotes. It's handy to have the time,todo list etc all on one screen.
  • (2024-02-29) Giovani Emmert: ótima extensão.,
  • (2024-02-19) Navaneethakrishna Sridhar: My favourite part is the random motivaitonal quote that appears at the bottom of a Leoh New Tab, there's a huge variety!
  • (2024-02-17) Obby Phiri: I like the Apple Macbook theme! it makes me feel that Im using a macbook.
  • (2024-02-04) Fabiana Bughay: Bastante intuitiva, fácil de usar e customizar, além de bonita e útil. Estava procurando algo que pudesse deixar na tela do navegador que não me distraísse enquanto estudo e de fácil acesso pra pesquisas. Adorei que tenha como um bloco de notas e uma lista de tarefas de fácil acesso, então não preciso ficar abrindo apps e abas extras. Adorei tudo!
  • (2024-02-04) Rajesh Kar: osm .... must recommended .
  • (2024-01-30) Sindhu Balakrishnan: Leoh is lovely!!. It is completely free too. the only thing is that i can't change the background.
  • (2024-01-27) 请先打我队友壮士(warbank): nice
  • (2024-01-24) Megan Jameson: Very happy with this.
  • (2024-01-22) Luis Enrique Romero Cruz: Me encanta
  • (2024-01-16) Cameron Clapper: This extension just makes my day better. Great images, peaceful sounds and scenes. Very cool. So glad I installed it!
  • (2024-01-14) Victoria Dutra: muito lindo
  • (2024-01-05) sadra g: really cool and clean new tab
  • (2024-01-02) Anthony Nguyen: Nice
  • (2023-12-27) Theresa Moore: I love the pictures - always good quality. I don't really use the tasks, etc., but like the notifications from international news sources - don't have a regular source set up otherwise. As I am asked to review again, I still use and like Leoh.
  • (2023-12-13) Saurabh Khanduja: 5 star for nice theme. Please add a feature to only add wallpapers based on current theme. Very bright wallpapers when dark theme is set strains eye a lot.
  • (2023-12-11) B: Leoh is a triumph. If I had the skills it is just what I would write for myself. Every feature is well thought through, smooth, useful, and attractive. I use it as my new page in Win 11. It gives me a safe open tab with a beautiful picture. Excellent.
  • (2023-11-23) Aynul Islam: Calendar Integration is not possible Fixed background color selection is not possible Setting optimization is not saved But as it is a free extension, what they provide, fulfills our needs. 1 star less for working on improvement scopes
  • (2023-11-16) Amber Dirkzwager: Looks great.
  • (2023-11-12) Alfred Minors: I like it. Wish It would update my screen background, as I go in and out of Chrome 5-10 times a day. I have copied the background into Windows 11 Personalization. It would be cool for me to easily migrate the new images to a specific local folder. Open Chrome. New image is copied to \\Pictures\Images for example. Its November 2023...Still using it.
  • (2023-10-27) Шура Марков: супер
  • (2023-10-18) Fullfunnel io: Great minimalistic tool
  • (2023-10-09) Shivam: Very minimalistic Design & Productive too.
  • (2023-10-06) 손소장: 만족합니다. 그런데 몇장의 사진이 반복되는 경향이 있습니다. 다른 사진도 보고 싶은데 말이죠. 그래도 이정도면 아주 좋습니다.
  • (2023-10-01) Will Farrer: One improvement needed: customisation for "random images" background. I only want 4k nature but it isn't supported. I'm so happy with this!!! I really really needed this to prevent new tabs distracting my brain with words and information. I often have a Leoh blank tab open in Chrome by default so when I open it to do a new task I don't get distracted by what I was previously working on
  • (2023-09-15) Sarvjeet Yadav: I customised the home screen and removed the time and thus I love it. Simple and Sweet
  • (2023-09-14) Serge Person: Perfect minimal style. i'm realy like it.
  • (2023-09-10) Manan Sharma: Great. Minimal. I like it.
  • (2023-09-06) Kristin Berg: Great way to be inspired each day!
  • (2023-09-04) Agnes Li: Good wallpapers~
  • (2023-08-28) Erik Nelsestuen: I've tried a number of these new tab page extensions and so far I am enjoying Leoh. My biggest complaint thus far is that it is a little pushy about encouraging you to write a review...
  • (2023-08-19) Kairi Bug: I've used a number of new tab pages and this one has been my favorite for quite some time. Love the simplicity of it and ease of customization.
  • (2023-08-18) Tatiana Recinos: Great!
  • (2023-08-07) Z Marshall: Awesome!~~~
  • (2023-08-05) Kyunghoon Paik: 배경 보는 맛이 아주 좋습니다.
  • (2023-08-04) E CH (SS): 非常好,每次刷新都经历一次心灵洗礼
  • (2023-07-24) grace valdez: no its actually pretty good. What pissed me off tho is the whole customizable new tab thing. you have to have a i.imgur link for your image-which btw doesn't exist anymore its only imgur. Pro-tip tho go to imgur and get the link there then re-write it to be i.imgur instead and add.jpg. That took me too much reddit scouring to find out so there ya go. Once I finally did tho I was fine and now have a comforting image every time I open up my google chrome :)
  • (2023-07-23) o_o (Aurora G.): Really beautiful.. Except it's googling feature is not quite perfect.
  • (2023-07-16) Sashank Achalla: I liked it very well very simple
  • (2023-07-12) Muhammad Waqas: Easy, simple and clean!
  • (2023-07-11) Thư Nhiên: i really like this app and i will still use it next time
  • (2023-07-09) Emannuel Hamir: Google calendar was blocked when I tried to sync I just wasted my time downloading this. THe message displayed was: This app is blocked This app tried to access sensitive info in your Google Account. To keep your account safe, Google blocked this access
  • (2023-06-20) Jamie Pinner: Really good new tab. I tried pretty much all new tab extensions and this is the one i settled on. Its momentum but better basically. My only gripe and would love to find a fix is when trying to sign in to google to sync my calendar its blocked by google so cant use that function. otherwise really good!

Latest issues

  • (2017-02-15, v:0.21.4) Photo Locations
    I love the photos! I would also love to know where they were taken. If this information could be added somewhere on the new tab, that would be great!
  • (2017-02-15, v:0.21.4) Pepe Oviedo: Spanish
    Por favor, si pusieran idiomas estaría de lujo.
  • (2017-01-18, v:0.21.4) Jorge Lugo: Weather Widget
    The text link activating the weather widget in the upper right corner of the Leoh new tab seems to not be working - it has a muddled appearance (like multiple texts overlaid on one another), and when clicked only shows a drop-down window with today's date and no weather information.
  • (2016-12-16, v:0.21.4) Амина Шакарова: Сохранение
    сделайте так , чтобы можно было сохранять картинки на рабочий стол
  • (2016-12-14, v:0.21.4) MarkStormShard: Top visited
    Is there a way to clear the Top Visited Eyeball thing?
  • (2016-12-12, v:0.21.4) Michael Denning: Auto Refresh
    Is there a setting to have the background auto refresh after a certain period thus bringing up a new image/background?
  • (2016-11-18, v:0.21.2) Nuno Reis: TODO list
    Enable user sorting for todo list
  • (2016-11-08, v:0.21.1) Sara I: Custom backgrounds won't work
    Custom backgrounds won't work unless I put them in with the album. They are imgur links and they are correct, but upon saving the link becomes "undefined".
  • (2016-11-01, v:0.21.1) Gerilynne M: options ./ settings no longer working
    also, i did delete and then re-add to chrome, to see if that would help. It did not.
  • (2016-10-31, v:0.21.1) Gerilynne M: options window not working
    no weather, zen mode etc, what happened? was working for awhile . . . now nothing. Is this extension defunct (i.e.) no longer being monitored or managed for glitches?
  • (2016-10-13, v:0.21.1) RA TA: options & settings don't work
    When I open the 'options & settings window' I can only see the menu on the left side (General, Backround, Quick Links...New Update, About). But I cannot read or see any chosen menu - the right side of the 'options & settings'-window is just black. I've cleaned up leoh, cookies and cache & reinstalled it, but options & settings don't work! What can I do? Please help me - I really love leoh and I've found nothing comparable for me! greets from Austria


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